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Hi! I'm Missy and I've been "lucky" enough to have fibromyalgia since 1996 and rheumatoid arthritis since 2004. To add to the fun of my life, in October of 2009, I was diagnosed with severe ridiculopathy (sciatica) and 3 bulging lumbar discs that compress the nerve roots in both legs and send shooting "electrical" type pain down to my toes on both feet!  I also get that lovely pins and needles type sensation, too. I can't have surgery to correct that yet, until I undergo a lap band procedure to lose enough weight to be a better surgical risk. So now not only am I miserable with my constant pain and am taking a pharmacy of medication, but I'm forced to go on a DIET, too!!  Oh, well. I have a wonderful, supportive family I wouldn't trade for the world. We can deal with whatever life throws our way......I think!  LOL....
I am married to a very supportive husband and we have no children, except for our "kitty" son Jack. We live with my in-laws as a temporary arrangement, until I either go back to work or I get approved for disability, whichever comes first!  I've been turned down twice, so I hired a lawyer and am now waiting for a hearing.
I started this blog as a way to "empty my head" of all the random thoughts that race through it! I've always been much better at writing than speaking, but that is due to a severe stuttering problem I had until I went to a month long intensive speech program in Norfolk, VA that literally saved my life.  Before the course, I was so desperate because I couldn't say my own name, I used other names easier for me to say!  And I was doing that at work.....bad, bad, no, no sign!  So my mom, grandma and I went to Virginia.
Having fibromyalgia has given me one wicked ride the whole time since I was diagnosed back in 1996. I'm hoping that learning about the syndrome and understanding what we go through will help promote that fibromyalgia is REAL, with REAL pain and fatigue.  So not only will this blog help ME by writing down my thoughts and experiences, but it will educate the public as well.  You can't ask for anything better than that!  I hope you enjoy your stay at my blog!
Don't we look hard at work?  My mom and I working on our website featuring desktop themes.  We had the site up for 5 years, then called it quits because we ran out of material to theme.  We had so much fun on that site!!!
I am happy again that I can be back "online" and can decorate my blog with the graphics my mom and I loved so much to use.  Helena is very special and makes not only graphics, but other goodies as well.  So scoot on over (after you finish here, of course!) and take a look at     her site.  Tell her Missy sent ya!!  :0) 

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