Saturday, January 29, 2011

Painful Weekend

Howdy, everyone!  I'm so sorry I haven't blogged in awhile, I just have had so many problems with my back and left shoulder that sitting up in a chair for any length of time is torture!!  I figured I'd come and spend a short while on the computer while my hubby is taking a nap.  Now, if I had my laptop (which is in laptop heaven) I could lay in bed and compute in comfort.  But not any time too soon.  Gotta get the surgery, then a job, then I can get a laptop and a Barnes & Noble Nook e-reader.  I've already got my wish list!!!

My hubby is doing "status quo."  He has had some periods of nausea and vomiting since coming home from the hospital.  We never really "fixed" anything while he was there!  We had to go to get his prescription pain patches at the pharmacy and when I came home, I read the little insert that comes with the prescription information.  I read off the side effects and Frankie had almost EVERY ONE of the side effects.  Painful stomach, nausea, vomiting, constipation, diarrhea, ect.  And those are just the side effects Frankie has we are going to ask Dr. P about this.  He is Frankie's pain specialist and orders the patches.  Maybe if he tried something different, he could stop heaving up his breakfast and lunch every day!!!  It has to be something with the medicines he takes.  He's had about every test known to man and they keep coming up negative.  Which is good news, but also news that we haven't found the source of his misery yet.  Poor guy!!  Keep your fingers crossed that his appointment on Wednesday of next week will go OK and maybe get him on something else.

I've been hanging in there.  I've been on 10mg of Prednisone for about two weeks now.  It's horrible.  I'm so stiff in the morning, I feel like the tin man in the "Wizard of Oz."  I need some joint oil to spray on......I wish!!  And next week I should find out if my bariatric surgery is covered.  If it is, then I start all the tests and I work on going down to the final 5mg of Prednisone.  That would make it going from 20mg (which I've taken for years now) to 5mg a day.  I think I'll have to go in for my surgery on a stretcher!!  Which, if you think about it, I will be doing that anyway!!  LOL.....  don't mind me.  I'm demented!!

We've been having a beautiful weather snap, too.  It was in the 70's today.  But I hear we are due for rain on Monday and cooler temps.  Of course!  We just had the car washed!

Nothing else to report.  I'm just tryin' to survive and get through each day with hope that my insurance will cover my surgery.  I never have hoped or wished for anything like this or as strongly as I do now.  I NEED this surgery to help me back to a healthy weight.  And then I'm gonna STAY that way if it's the last thing I do!!

Hope you all are well and enjoying the weekend!!!
Big hugs,
God bless,

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Howdy, everyone!

Sorry this update is a little late.  I've been enjoying my hubby's time at.....HOME!!!  He came home yesterday from the hospital.  Unfortunately, we didn't get the answer we were seeking for in why he is always nauseated and vomiting.  I think it's just going to be something we have to live with - like his leg and muscle pain from taking his cancer drug, Gleevec.  He couldn't have that upper GI test again due to there was still too much barium inside his system.  So the doctor said he could have that as an outpatient and said that if he could eat some regular food and keep it down, he could go home.   So they sent him up a tray with a chicken salad sandwich (which he wouldn't eat....he doesn't do "salad") and replaced that with a ham and cheese sandwich and some chips.  It was between lunch and dinner, so he had to take what he could get or wait around for supper.  I didn't want that....I wanted to get out of there!  So did my husband.  He said that earlier that morning, in his old room, his new room-mate flipped out and it was really quite scary.  Security was called and they had him in restraints.  So they moved Frankie out to another room.  With a much nicer room-mate!

So far, so good.  No vomiting since he has been at home.  He found that if he takes his nausea pill with the Reglan, before he eats, he is OK.  He's had sandwiches, some Pop Tarts, iced Tea, chicken and soup.  I'd say he was a little hungry after four days of nothing!

I'm just glad he's home!  My shoulder is killing me after lugging that damn walker in and out of the trunk.  My hubby is so kind to take care of that for me.  But when he's in the hospital, it's all me!  I tried going up to his room on the 6th floor without the walker and regretted it so much.  I was in even worse pain, because of my lower back.  When I use the walker, it helps keep me "aligned."  If I don't have it, I hunch over and with having all my weight on me, it really hits my back something awful!

Well, that's about it.  I better get off the computer and put my feet up before they start swelling.  I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow and don't want to go all swollen up!  I have enough problems to deal with!  Hope you all have a great day and thank you for your thoughts, prayers and comments.  And please do sign my guest book down at the bottom of this page.  I LOVE seeing who stops by!  :0)

God bless you all,
Until next post,

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Howdy, everyone!

STILL NO NEWS from the hospital.  Frankie is still there, still bored and still hasn't had any food.  He tells me he definitely is hungry and all they show on TV is FOOD!!  Isn't that just life?  Same goes for when you are on a diet.  EVERYWHERE you look is food of some sort.  He is supposed to have the upper GI test today and if all is normal, my boy is comin' home!!  So please pray that will be the case.  He's had every test known to man and they all are coming up clean, so he might as well come home and we'll start over again.  But this time, I'm going to make sure he eats smaller, more frequent meals and doesn't move around too much right after he eats.  He tells me that is when he gets nauseated.  It will work out perfectly if he is released today, as he has his primary care doctor appointment tomorrow.

You noticed how I named this post "PRAY"?  Well, yesterday, I received a call from Banner Bariatric clinic and guess what?  They have ALL my records.  FINALLY!!!  After all the calling and visiting of doctors to have them fax their reports to the clinic has paid off.  So the next step now is they are going to submit my records to the insurance agency to see if they will approve the surgery.  This is where I need your help.  Please pray with me and my family that they will approve the surgery.  I told my hubby that the NEXT person in the hospital is going to be ME.....for my surgery!  Sooooo.....if the insurance approves, then I have to go to the educational class about what to expect with the surgery and life AFTER the surgery.  And I've also got a whole page full of tests to do....labs, upper GI and doppler studies to make sure I don't have a blood clot again.  I already had the IVF filter placed (to prevent blood clots in my lungs) when I was in the hospital with the blood clot in my left leg in 2009.  That was so much fun having that sucker placed, too.  I kid you NOT!  I'm just glad it's in and I decided to keep it in, as you can have it out in 5 weeks after it is placed.  I chose to keep it in.  I went through hell getting it there, it's staying!

I'm so nervous.  And scared.  And excited.  So many emotions swirling around me.  I keep thinking, this is so drastic, removing 85% of my stomach.  But it has to be done or the statistics aren't looking too good that I will make it to 65 yrs old if I don't lose this weight.  And I'm excited in that I can take "belly" photos too, like I see on the pregnancy blogs.  Except in MY case, we all clap when my belly goes DOWN, not UP!  Lol..... no, don't worry, I won't gross you out.  I'll just show before and after pics.  :0)  With me clothed, of course!  And, of course I'm scared.  Who likes surgery?  But I tell myself this is just one moment in time.  I keep going forward and with the good Lord above watching over me, I will be OK.

Well, gotta run.  (I wish!)  Shall I say, gotta move?  I'm not moving too well these days due to the fact I'm on just 10mg of prednisone a day.  I used to be on 20mg.  I have to get down to 5mg for surgery.  Man, this is a bummer!!  Anyway, before I go, wanted to share with you a cute pic of Jack.  He is underneath my computer desk and I was just typing away, not a care in the world, and I go to put on my massager slippers and I'm having a problem putting my feet into them.......
I swear, there is NOT one thing in this house he has not laid his furry body on!!!  What a cat!
Oh, and before I leave, please notice my fancy new guest book below.  Please sign it!  I'll love you for life!!  OK, don't wanna scare you.  :0)  I would appreciate it, though.  Right now I feel like a dork because the only entry there is mine.  I'm signing my own book....reminds me of high school!!!

Have a great Tuesday, everyone!
God bless,
Thanks, Gina, for my nifty siggy logo! :0)

Monday, January 24, 2011

Meet Me On Monday Blog Hop!

Howdy, everyone!!!!

Still NO news to report about Frankie.  He is bored as Hell in the hospital and actually, feeling better than he has in a long time.  We just don't know why he is vomiting at home so much!!!  I told him yesterday it may be a psychological thing.  I mean, since his surgery in June, he's done nothing but throw up after most of his meals.  Your brain gets used to one way of life if it's lived that way long enough, so breaking that "habit" is hard.  So he eats and then thinks, "I'm nauseated, I must get rid of this nice food I just ate!"  You can do that and not even be aware of it!  So when he comes home, and when he eats, he's gonna have smaller, more frequent meals and remain still for awhile after eating.  See if that helps.  Who knows!

He couldn't have the upper GI test yesterday due to too much barium in his system from the CT scan contrast.  So he'll get a suppository to help him "evacuate" the barium.  Sounds fun!  I am sooooo glad he is in the HOSPITAL bathroom and not ours here.  I love him dearly, but with how my shoulder is and my legs, I just can't clean another thing!  I'll keep ya posted on how he is coming along.  Thanks for all your prayers and thoughts.  We apprecriate it.  :0)

I'm in the midst of washing up all our towels.  "Mount Towel" was spilling over the top like a volcano that had erupted so I figured it's time to dig in and get 'em done!  In the meanwhile, I thought I would give "Meet Me On Monday" blog hop a try!  You answer five questions and get to know your fellow bloggers.  Try it with me!


1.  What is your favorite kind of fudge?
2.  Is there snow outside your window?
3.  What is your favorite meal of the day?
4.  Do you text on your cell phone?
5.  Waffles or pancakes?
------------------------------------MY ANSWERS--------------------------------------
1.  Most definitely peanut butter chocolate fudge!  Yummy!

2.  Nope!  I haven't seen snow in over 15 years now, since moving to Arizona from freezing Michigan.  I will always remember the white snow flurries of my childhood, though!  :0)
3. I LOVE lunch.  Club sandwiches, grilled cheese & turkey, name it!
4.  I probably am the ONLY one in America that DOESN'T text on my cell phone.  In fact, I hardly even USE my cell phone.  I keep it only for emergencies.  Am I out of date or what??!!  We can't afford those "smart" phones or the deposit we'd have to pay for any other plan, so we'll stick with Trac Phone for awhile more.

5.  Oh, no doubt about it...........
The more fruity, the better!!  :0)
OK, your turn now!  Below is the linky for this fun blog hop.  I haven't been hoppin' in awhile, so this will be fun and get my mind off my troubles for awhile.  Have a great Monday, everyone!
God bless,

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Another Update!

Frankie just called me and he had the scope test and they found NOTHING.  While that is good news, it's also discouraging because we still don't know what's wrong.  He will be having an upper GI series next, to check his swallowing.  Maybe there's something there.  Who knows!!!

When he called me, he sounded like a drunken soldier.  He has NO PAIN at this point in time!  LOL...I told him to enjoy it, having no pain.  So he's going to sleep and I'll go and watch him sleep....or probably fall asleep with him!!

Please pray we figure this mysterious puzzle out soon.  We're getting desperate!

God bless!

Testing Day

Hello, everyone!

Just thought I'd give a little update on my favorite "patient."  Frankie just called me and they are taking him down for the endoscopy of his esophagus and stomach.  I bet they find some strictures there (narrowing of the esophagus or stomach) and hopefully the scope will widen the blocked areas up so food can pass into the intestines and NOT remain in his stomach!  Won't that be nice?  So I'll keep ya posted as soon as I know things.

My mother-in-law goes to this neat accupuncturist and he taught her some massaging techniques that ACTUALLY helps fibromyalgia pain!  She has started doing the techniques on me and I feel better pain-wise.  I mean, I still have pain, but a least it's not so debilitating that I can't go see Frankie and wrestle around with the walker, too.  Heck, I got the walker down pat.  I heft it up into the trunk all in one smooth motion.  It doesn't do much for my shoulder, but I'm wearing one of those lidoderm patches on my shoulder.  That helps to soothe it.

I slept like the dead last night.  Took me a long time to fall asleep, as I hate being in the bed alone.  Jackie, the little turkey that he is, slept in his OWN bed last night.  I guess because Frankie is gone, there's no need to sleep on the big bed!!!  Little turkey!  I could have used his furry company.  Cats are so funny.  And Jack has gotten used to his sleeping with Frankie every night.  Oh, well.  I put the "Weather" channel on and it droned me off to sleep after awhile.

Well, I'm gonna be off to the hospital soon, so I'll close this post.  Hope you all have a good Sunday.  And thank you for all your thoughts and prayers for my husband and me and my family.  God bless you all!  :0)

Until next post,

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Here We Go AGAIN!

Hello, everyone!!

Well, as the title of the this post reads, HERE WE GO AGAIN!  Back to the hospital for Frankie.  Ever since he had his surgery in June (for all you that are newbies to my blog, you can read about all his surgery complications in the June and July posts in the archive) for the AVM in his intestines, he's had problems with severe nausea and vomiting.  At first, it just was every other week or something like that.  Nothing too serious, I thought, as he is on a lot of medications that can cause some stomach upset.  But this past week, it has been very severe and he has been vomiting after every meal.  And I don't mean a little heave....I mean a GIANT heave and I'm cleaning it off our bathroom wall and floor behind and around the toilet.  I don't know where it all comes from, since there can't be too much more down there!  He can't keep anything in!  And his blood pressure was low, lips pale and very dry, he showed all signs of classic dehydration.  Sooooo.....we called Cigna, his insurance and they sent us to their urgent care.  I brought along my camera to break up the boredom as we have been down this road so many he is in the urgent care.  As you can see, he looks just thrilled to be there!  LOL....
I even took a little video, too, of the experience.

I hope nobody thinks I'm goofy or anything....just a little something to break up the time.
We waited for quite awhile in the urgent care and then saw this really nice young doctor that told us there wasn't much he could do there.  Even if he got a CT scan right there, he'd have to send him to the hospital anyway if it found anything.  So off we went to the hospital.  We went to the same one where he had his surgery in June, since they had all the records there.  It was a zoo in there!!  I knew we were in for quite some wait and I was right.  I took another picture of him when we finally got a room.
Doesn't he look all nice and comfy with a heated blanket, TV remote and nurse call button planted in his right hand?  Meanwhile, poor wife is in the corner shivering and snapping pics and videos like some kind of maniac!!  LOL!  To make matters worse, my diabetes decides to act up and what do I have in my purse?  Sugarless gum!!!  So Frankie was a dear and asked for some juice and crackers for me.  The nurse wasn't real thrilled with this and I only got two packages of crackers and one very small juice.  Oh, well.  I treated it like it was a rib-eye meal!  Neither of us had eaten in quite awhile and I completely forgot to stock my purse with some sugar candy for when my sugar gets low.  I hate diabetes!!!  I hope, if I ever get the bariatric surgery, that the diabetes will go away.  It has been known to happen with a lot of people who have the surgery.

Anyway, Frankie had blood work, an IV placed and then he had to have some yummy contrast for a CT scan of his abdomen.  The contrast was berry fusion and he wasn't too excited about it, as he hates fruit.  I took another pic of him and his "cocktail."
Look at how thrilled he is!!!  :0)  I had to coax him every "sip" of the way!!  And he had two bottles to guzzle down.
He finally got the contrast down and then waited for a really long time for the CT scan. It was getting to be very late (around 11pm and we had started this adventure at 3pm) and it felt like my rear end was one with those comfy plastic chairs!!  My shoulder and legs were killing me.  I think what saved me was having my Literati e reader there and while Frankie watched TV, I read my book on my reader.  It was soooo nice!  And really did make the time go a little quicker.  

The ER doctor was really nice, too.  He stuck his head in at one point and said that even if the CT scan showed nothing, he was still going to be admitted because his heart enzymes were elevated.  He thought it had something to do with all the vomiting.  I'm glad he told me that plan, as Frankie was falling asleep and I was exhausted myself.  So I left him like this:
He looks so serene in this picture, don't you think?  He's in good hands.  I kissed him good-bye and left.  I actually could find my way to the front lobby without any instruction!  The ER is like a rat's maze and I usually get so lost!!   I found the car, hefted my walker into the trunk and I zoomed off.

When I got home, it hit me.  I missed Frankie already.  Do we know how to ring in 2011 or what?  I hate this so much, I could scream.  I want them to FIX MY HUSBAND NOW!!  And have it last forever!!!  I want my surgery NOW and lose 150 pounds.  I want to go back to work NOW and get money so we can move out on our own.  I want so many things, yet it seems like we keep landing in the same spot.  Nowhere!  Anyway, my sweet mother in law met me at the door with a nice bowl of soup and a grilled cheese and ham sandwich.  She is so sweet to me! :0)

Jackie was really confused to have just me in the bed.  He laid on Frankie's side for almost the whole night.  While I was gone, though, he got "mad" and bored and climbed on top of the computer and my desk and knocked over our external hard drive and left kitty litter trail on my keyboard.  I may have to close Mr. Jack out of the computer room while I'm gone!!  So then he wanted into the towel cabinet and the second I opened it for a towel, he rushed in.  I went to scold him and he looked at me with his cute, killer face and I ran for the camera instead!
The little stinker wouldn't look up when I called his name....he knew he wasn't supposed to be there!!  But he looked adorable, all the same.

Frankie called me this morning and said he didn't get into a room until 3:30am last night.  And the CT scan was normal.  So the gastro doctor came and they are going to put the camera scope down his throat and into his stomach and see what's up...or down!  He'll have that tomorrow.  They have the poor guy NPO (nothing by mouth).  I'll be going to see him soon, so I'll close this post.  Please keep us in your prayers and I will do the same for you.

Hugs to all!!
God bless you,
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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Me? Self Confidence?!

Hello, everyone!

I want to apologize for the totally depressing post I left on my blog yesterday.  But I guess that is what a blog is for, right?  Getting it all out on your chest.  And boy, do I have a big chest....ooops, maybe I said that wrong!!!  LOL... I have A LOT to get OFF my chest!  There we go.  Anyway, among one of our wonderful Christmas gifts we got a web cam which I love playing with.  I still learning the very basics and have signed up with Skype and Google Talk and Yahoo Messenger.  I talked with my dad and his girlfriend like that the other day and we had a blast.  So I'm gonna like this web cam, I believe!!

Any hoo, I've been doing self portraits and found that I can add flowers or finger prints around the border of the photo.  I LOVE the finger print one (I can't believe I'm saying this about a picture of ME!!) and will post it here on this blog.  I've already gone and used it for my profile photo on all my things...blogger, Yahoo, Google.  It feels good to be true to yourself and I do believe the prednisone is helping by not making my face as "roundish."
Here is the picture in question, in all its glory.......
So for all you "web cammers" out there want to connect on the web with me, I'd love it!  So far I've only talked to my dad.  If so, drop me a comment or email (found in the "about me" section in the side bar) and we'll set up details.  I'm so excited.  I hope my friends Lorie Bronson and Ellen Barttells has a web cam.   So please let me know if you want to join the fun!!!

I also got another great Christmas gift from checks my in-laws gave to Frankie and I.  It's called a "Sharper Image Literati E Reader" and I am totally in love with it.  For one thing, it's in color and has a gorgeous full 7 inch screen.  It doesn't play music, but I wouldn't want that anyway.  I find music very distracting when I'm in the middle of a good book.  The only thing is, I can't use the wireless here in the house because Qwest's code is too long for the Literati to understand.  So we have to go out to the Library or someplace that offers free wi-fi.  Bummer!  But I've bought about 7 e-books so far and all went in without a problem.  I'm about half way to having my full Janet Evanovich collection into the reader.  It just is sooooo, soooo cool to have my whole library at my fingertips.  I've seen the negative reports, but frankly, people are awfully picky.  We all want different things.  And so far, the Literati meets my needs.  I just need to figure out how to have the computer write to the SD memory card so I can get more room in the reader. I purchased "The Guinness Book" and that takes up almost all the memory space on the Literati!  So I took it off and am now trying to figure out how to save it to the SD card so I can play it on the reader.  If any of you are a computer buff, and would like to help, thank you!  :0)  Here's some photos I took of my new "gem."
The box is most unique I've seen...a gigantic book!!
Here is the Literati itself.  It even came with its own leather case.  Wow!
So if you are like me and love to read, but don't have the $240 dollars for a COLOR Nook from Barnes & Noble OR even the $139 NO COLOR Kindle from Amazon, then this is for you.  It cost me $79.99, plus shipping. I ordered it from Boscov's Department store in Pennsylvania and they were very quick to get my order out.  Thank God!  I about assaulted the Fed Ex guy when he delievered it!!  :0) Can't beat a fantastic deal like that!!!

Now on to some somber news.  I called the Social Security Disability court to cancel my hearing for the 26th, and I have to write a letter to the judge and let her know and why.  I stated my reasons being about the bariatric surgery (which is going NOWHERE again!) and that I have no lawyer at present because I fired the last because we couldn't see eye to eye on everything.  No even eye to NOSE!  LOL!  I just couldn't let it go on my records that I am severely depressed and needing psychiatric care every month....I would never get another job as a nurse no matter where I went!!

AND, Dr. Wigal still hasn't sent her part of the records, so I had to play phone tag again.  First with the bariatric clinic to see if they, HA-HA, got anything.  Then if not, I'd call her butt again and see what the hold up is.  Good thing - I see her next Thursday, so I can get things moving in person, hopefully.

I will end this post with a very favorite song of mine, sang by a very favorite Irish boy band of mine named "Westlife", that raises my spirits every time I hear it.  So go away depression and don't come back any other day!!!!!!
Hope you all have a great day!  :0)
God bless!!
Siggy bar by Helena!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I Would Die For That

Howdy, friends.

I had a different blog post planned for this morning, but something else just popped out that I can't hold in much longer.  I thought I was over this issue in my twenties when my husband got cancer and is on a life-long chemo drug and I thought I was over this issue when I got the fibro and arthritis and knew that I couldn't carry a baby for nine whole months with my back the way it is.  I thought so many, many things...but now the yearning is back, the hollow ache inside my soul, the bitter tears upon my face.  If I live to be a hundred and thirty nine, I still will have ONE regret.....never being pregnant.  Feeling something inside me, "kicking" and living and breathing.  Taking cute belly pictures every week (I could do that, sure, but it would be my FAT belly with no baby inside!), thinking up nursery themes and buying clothes.  Of making my dad a grandpa and my in-laws grandparents, too.

Man, I have it bad today.  I guess I've been reading too many pregnant lady blogs recently.  I can't help myself, though.  I love hearing the stories and seeing the pictures.  It amazes me what God has created.....but not for me.  Why?  Oh, I've asked myself this so many times that it's a given.  Would I be a bad mother?  Why do so many drug-addicted teenagers get to have babies and I don't?  I'm married, I'm educated and as soon as I lose my weight, I'll be back at work.  I just don't understand God's ways sometimes.  But it bums me out every time I think about it.

To all those that read this, please don't get me wrong.  I am soooo glad for every baby born to healthy, beautiful and caring parents.  You deserve it!!  I've been following "Kelly's Korner" blog (you can find her in my blog roll to the side) and she posted on her blog a beautiful song that so gets where I'm coming from.  It's called "I Would Die For That."  I cry my heart out every time I hear it, which so far has been three times. :0)  I will post it here so you can hear the beautiful song, too.
Isn't that a gorgeous song?  I'm not sure who sings it, my eyes get so teary I can't read most of the words on the video.  I just know it is my mantra of not being a mother.

I don't think my husband is much affected by our plight.  He never really cared one way or another.  If we did have kids, great.  If not, who cares?  He gives me support, but not being a woman, he just can't understand that "nesting" feeling that goes on in a woman's body and soul.  I get very upset at my body that it has so many things wrong with it, I can barely carry MYSELF let alone a baby, too.  I'm only 40, but feel 90....and that's a GOOD day!!  We have no money to adopt or foster parent, so that is out.  Adoption is so risky anyway.  You get a child, they take your heart away, and then the biological parents are at the doorstep wanting their baby back.  Surrogates are the same way.  Nine months of pregnancy, they see the baby's face for the first time, and she keeps it.  I don't blame her.  I would do that, too, probably.

OK, I feel slightly better talking about this.  Thank you for listening.  If anyone is like me, I'd love to hear from you.  How you deal with knowing you will never be called "mom?"  Are there any support groups out there for this?  I'll have to look.  I think my "nesting" urge is even worse than when I was in my twenties.  I believe it's because I'm running out of time and menopause will be soon.  And I had that endometrial ablation procedure last year because of my blood clot I had in my leg.  They were afraid I'd bleed too much with each period, so they stopped them all together.  Heck, I figure if I am not going to use my "baby parts", why have them?  I'd have a hysterectomy if they would let me.  I remember signing the consent form for the ablation procedure and it saying I would be rendered "sterile."  I had no choice anyway, so I signed the consent.  So now I am a mommy to my cat, "Jack."  To cheer me up, I'll post this cute picture I took of him recently.  I got one of those "pillow pets" for Christmas and Jackie had taken a liking to my lady bug.  He's such a stinker of a cat!!  But I love him so!!
He may be short and fuzzy and speak another "language", but he is my "son" nonetheless.  And I do thank God for all the other blessings I have in my life.  My family, being one.  And it's about to grow, too.  My father and his girlfriend, Gina have announced their engagement awhile back.  They promised me they would wait for the wedding until I had my surgery, since I'm unable to travel at this time.  I'm so excited for them!  They make a really sweet couple and it is so apparent how much they love each other every time I hear them on the phone.  We use our webcams sometimes, too.  I am so thankful my dad is no longer lonely and in grief.  We will never forget mom.  God, HOW COULD WE?  She was our everything.  But she is gone and life must go on.

I hope you all are well and happy and having a good 2011 so far.  I appreciate each and everyone who reads my blog....even when I'm depressed like I am today!!!

God bless you all!
Big hugs,

Monday, January 17, 2011

Oh, Better Day!

Good day, my friends!

I can happily report that we are having a better day today.  No vomiting for Frankie in two days (of course, I probably just jinxed him really badly now!), but he does complain of an occasional pain in his stomach.  I think he just is constipated!!  Luckily, I KNOW the cure for THAT!  LOL.....

As for myself, physically for me I'm a nightmare.  I think it's easier to list what I DON'T have than what I do.  But I learned well from my dear mom in Heaven about living in pain and still surviving. (My mother-in-law, too, is a phenomenal lady with living with Juvenile Arthritis for over 6o years.) And she would do it with such grace and always a smile, no matter what bad news was coming up.  And it always did....I'm so glad she's in a comfortable place, but God, do I miss her badly!  I think of a million things I want to say to her but I can't.  It's just not fair!!!  OK, better get off this subject or I'll be needing my Kleenex again.  I've been nostalgic like this all weekend.  When Grandma was here and got me the camera for Christmas, it came with a coupon for a free 8X8 photo book from Shutterfly.  I compiled up my favorite photos with mom, dad & Frankie.  It came to me in a beautiful 20 page hard cover book in which I named "Down Memory Lane."  I am a new believer in Shutterfly!  So if you are looking into a special gift for someone, photo books are always GREAT!

It's been two full years without my mom and I can't begin to tell you the ways my life (and my husband, father, Grandma and in-laws) has changed.  It's just amazing how the absence of ONE person just completely threw us all off track.  For my whole life she has been there, protecting me, shielding me from trouble (as much as what a mom can do, anyway!) She took complete care of my dad and made sure that all our needs were met before her own.  I could never lie to her and tell her I was OK when she knew I wasn't.  Boy, she REALLY should have consulted with us before just taking off into the while blue yonder!! I will be talking to Mom about that when I see her in Heaven!!!  Anyway, I was looking through some photos and found a little video of Mom playing with Jack in her favorite recliner chair.  It has no sound, as I didn't have a fancy camera back in 2003, when we very first got Jack.  My mom so loved Jack, and he loved her (and all the attention.)  I've never seen such a sociable cat!  He could be the greeter at WalMart....nah.  Make that Petco..."where the pets GO..."  OK, I'm being weird now so I'll see if I can upload that video clip into my blog.  Sometimes the 'net is my friend and others it is my worse enemy.  So here goes:
I titled this clip "No Biting" because here she was trying in vain to stop Jack from biting her hands.  He has good teeth and he knows how to use them!!  Below is a precious picture of my mom and Jack.  Gee, I'm so glad I decided to change the subject!!  Hehehehe.....
Jackie came to live with us after our beloved Toby died at the age of 12 due to kidney failure.  He was a BIG cat and the vet told us they tend to have more kidney problems.  But they can't lose weight too fast, or it will hurt their liver!  What can ya do????  Anyway, the day Toby died we were bawling like babies over the phone when I called the vet to see how he was doing.  They gave him IV's overnight, but when they came in the next morning, he had died.  My dad said, "well, if we are gonna get another cat, let's get one now."  I was determined to name whatever cat we got "Jack."  I just liked it.  A nice strong, boy's name.   We trooped down to the Humane Society and they have only five cats, and Jack was up on his first day of adoption on the day we came to get a cat!  Because he was found on the streets, they always hold them for 30 days to make sure he isn't previously owned and just lost.  But nobody came in, so he was ours!!  The vet attendant picked him up out of his cage and said, "You will LOVE Jack.  He is AWESOME!"  We just could NOT believe it!!  The odds of a stray having the same name that I was going to name him are probably a million to one!!  Since my husband and I cannot have children, we adopt our "furry" kitty sons...we always got male cats for some reason.  I'd love a female kitty one of these years....

Well, gotta close and get ready for a busy afternoon.  Hubby has a psychiatrist appoint he has to go to and then we are going to return the webcam.  I was using it the other night and the damn base broke off of the camera.  So now it's just sitting on top of the monitor.  One little movement and its off the monitor!!!  It has a receipt. so we'll just exchange it.  Should be no problem.  I LOVED talking with my dad and Gina over the webcam the other nice.  It was like they were right in the room with me.  To bad I couldn't reach over the web lines and give my dad a big hug!!  I haven't seen him in almost two years now.
Gee, does that make me an orphan?  :0)

Hope you all are well and happy.
God bless ya!
Until next post,

Thanks, Gina, for my new siggy logo!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Please Pray For Frankie

Hello, friends.

My husband and I did NOT have a great night.  Frankie kept breaking out in fevers and I'd give him ibuprofen and then he would start sweating like crazy.  He's been doing this cycle now for a day.  I am SO worried about him.  I've been giving him fluids like mad, but if this continues, I will have no choice but to take him to John C. Lincoln Hospital.  They are so kind there, EVEN THE EMERGENCY ROOM!!  That is a rare find indeed.

He has two small wounds that he has been picking at over the course of last week.  So glad that counseling is helping him not to pick at his skin!  Ha!  Anyway, one sore is more red than the other.  Yesterday they had some drainage on the band-aid but then today when I changed it, both sores had no drainage, but the one was still very red.  I'm thinking infection?  He DID have that staph infection last year from picking at himself.  I don't know what I"m gonna do with him!!!  Please pray for him and his healing of whatever is ailing him.  He has a doctor appointment next Wednesday, but if he is not showing signs of improvement very soon I'm going to take him to the hospital.  :(

And then to add to the situation, last night I woke up on my bad side, ON THE FLOOR.  I can't move over far enough on the bed because it hurts my leg so bad and I'm so weak with my leg muscles, that I end up sleeping near the end of the bed.  Last night, I went over the side and on to the floor.  I can't begin to tell you how much that hurt!  I could barely even breathe and saw stars there for awhile.  I slowly and painfully tried to get up on my feet.  After what seemed like an eternity, I had managed to get back into bed.  I couldn't fall asleep, though, so I stumbled into the computer room and logged on.  I'm just so miserable with my body and I know my husband is miserable with his, too.  They don't seem to want to cooperate!!

Alrighty, that's all (that's enough!) of our adventures for now.  I hope you all have a blessed weekend.  :0)
To close, here's 2 pictures of our sweet kitty baby with his "buddy."  He's been on the bed with Frankie almost non stop.  I think animals know when you don't feel well.

What a cute little life Jackie has, wouldn't you agree??  :0)

God bless you all!
Until next post,
Signature bar by Helena.

Friday, January 14, 2011

The Body Box

Good day, everyone!!

Whew, has it ever been busy these past few days.  What with seeing the pulmonologist for the bariatric surgery clearance and re-applying for my state funded health insurance, it was enough to keep my eyes crossed for a year!

I'll start with the pulmonologist first.  We get there, I fill out the paperwork and then the receptionist gives me three of the forms back to me and tells me to give them to the doctor.  OK, I can do that.  He then sends me upstairs on an elevator (thank goodness or I don't know how I would have managed to get my walker up there!!) and while it's moving, I see a sign that this floor does the pulmonary function tests (PFT) and "Body Box."  Well, I wasn't too much liking this "body box" thing.  I"ll do the PFT, but forget anything else!!!

We trudged off the elevator (my right leg has just been absolutely KILLING me!) and went down a narrow hall.  I passed an open doorway and there was a lady that called out if I was there for the PFT's.  I said yes and she led me into another room after telling my hubby that he could wait in the waiting room with my walker and purse.  We get into the other room and in the corner was this box like contraption.  It had windows on each side and had all kinds of valves attached to it.  I asked the lady (who wasn't very friendly!) if I was going into that box.  She said yes, "I would have to complete the test.  But not to worry, we'll go nice and easy and you will do fine." Ha!  I didn't share her enthusiasm.  My husband has very bad seasonal allergies and is on all kinds of inhalers and he has done the PFT's, too, but NEVER this "body box" thing.  It looked like it wouldn't even FIT me enough to close the door, let alone being easy to breathe in!!  Yikes!  What have I gotten myself into?

She started me through a series of little tests with some kind of nozzle contraption and a nose clip to keep air from escaping during the test.  I did that test about 49 times!!  Then she got out a medication called "albuterol" and I took it by inhaler.  I had no clue if this was a normal part of the test, or was I really having lung problems?  I didn't have a lot of time to stew about it, though, because then it was time for the BOX.  I sit down on the seat in there and I kid you not, it was wall-to-wall Missy in there!!!  I had no clue how they would close the door!!  But believe it or not, it did close.  When it closed, all noise was gone and she spoke with me via intercom.  I felt like I was in a space shuttle or something.  You know those stories about martians zapping down to earth and choosing their "subject" to do tests on?  I felt like that subject!!  Luckily, there wasn't too many tests in the box and she let me out.  Thank God!!  One more second in there and I would have gone ballistic!
I couldn't get her to tell me what the results were to the tests.  She was very tight-lipped.  She said I'd need to speak with the doctor first.  I know that, of course, being a nurse myself, but it never hurts to see if someone has "loose lips", so to speak!

She prints out the report in some jargon I didn't understand and told me to put it in the little bin by the nurse's station down stairs.  No problem.  We trudged back down via the elevator and put the letter in the bin.  It didn't take long for me to be called back into an exam room.  I think there were only two other people in the waiting room!  I followed another guy who wasn't too cheerful, either, into an x-ray room for a chest x-ray.   Good....another thing I can cross off my checklist for surgery!!  I had the x-rays then went to an exam room where I'd see the doctor.  He wasn't too long in coming and he said everything looked GREAT.  No cardiac or lung issues.  What a relief!!

I fired that disability lawyer yesterday.  We were getting nowhere and our personalities clashed!!  I felt instant gratification to have that done.  If and when I need to have a lawyer again, I will turn to someone else after thorough investigation!!

And then, yesterday, we got a letter from my state funded insurance that they would be canceling me on the 31st of this month!  They stated I failed to report to an interview.  But they never mailed me anything like an interview date!! So my hubby and I again are out and about in 45 degree weather to  stand in line with all the other down on their luck people.  The office was so small and not enough room, especially for the 30 bald babies making their voices heard by shrieking at the top of their lungs.  We waited for about three hours, was called up for a short interview and dismissed.  But my (and my husband's!) insurance and food stamps will continue!!!  I told the guy nothing had changed: I still can't work because of my back and I haven't won the lottery yet.  He smiled at that!  Ha!

I have saved the most serious part of my news for last.  Actually, it's a prayer request.  Frankie is not doing to well at the moment.  He has shaking chills, fever, upset stomach and vomiting.  The later two he has had since his surgery in June of 2010.  The doctors/surgeon don't seem too concerned about it.  But it is NOT normal to be "tossing your cookies" everyday!  And he is pale as a ghost. All his labs come back as "mild anemia."  I am just so very worried about him.  I lost my mom to a serious infection that shut her kidneys down within a 24 hour period and now I sometimes fear that will happen to Frankie.  He has a doctor's appointment on the 26th of this month (soonest he could get in) and I'm going to try and get to the bottom of this.  So could everyone please pray for my husband to be well again?  I'd really appreciate it.

I'll close this long post with a few pictures.  The first two are the Phoenix skyline that I shot going to the pulmonologist.

The air quality wasn't too bad downtown when these where taken yesterday.
Jack is "guarding" my brand-new purse I got as Christmas gift from my sister-in-law.
Choices, choices!!! Jake can't decide whether he should have some yummy salmon treats (just don't smell them!) or his seafood cat food.  Pampered kitty indeed!!
Hope you all are having a good week.  Oh, I don't know if I mentioned this before, but I got a Sharper Image Literati e-reader.  I love it!!  I've wanted one for a very long time and Santa was very kind with me.  And my family, of course!!!

Have a great one!
God bless,
Signature bar by Helena.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Another Wordless Wednesday

Here's a cute lil' photo of my goofy mom wearing some kind of styrofoam "hat."  I think it came out of the box of the laptop Grandma had to buy because Mom's desktop got ruined by being jarred over all the uneven roads leading to Virginia.  :0)

One little note:  I actually got my "Wordless Wednesday picture on the RIGHT day!  Yesterday I was going to the pulmonary doctor and I was a day early!  The receptionist told me my appointment was tomorrow....Wednesday the 12th.  Yikes!!!  Where is my mind going?  Am I too young for a senior moment?  LOL.......

Until next post,
God bless you all.


Monday, January 10, 2011

Another Monday Rolls Around

Howdy, ho!  I can't believe it's Monday again.  These weeks have just been flying by!!  Hope everyone is having a good start to the New Year.  Believe it or not, but I am having a good start.  My feet are not near as swollen anymore, unless I leave them dangling down for all I sometimes do while on the computer.  Yeah, I know!  I shouldn't do that.....but the computer is so addicting and one thing always adds to another!!  I have been better, though, at using the computer in spurts.  And I got a lovely foot massager that I use while I'm computing.  It feels soooooo good.  And it helps to move the circulation around and hopefully gets the water flowing back UP to my heart instead of laying stagnant around my ankles.  Here's a lil' picture of what my new massager looks like:
As you can see, I still do have some swelling left.  In the morning when I wake up, I have virtually NO swelling because I keep them propped up with the wedger pillow.  For some reason, today has been a bad day for swelling.  Yesterday I wore my size 9 1/2 shoes again (yay!) but I think it was just a fluke.  Today it will be back to the size 11 shoes again.

I'm still trying to figure out what to do about the disability hearing.  Should I go, even though I think the lawyer is going about it all wrong, she won't listen to me and to beat all that...she HUNG UP ON ME!!  She wants to call ME nuts....hah!  I think she has me beat in that department!!

I haven't heard anymore about the surgery, either.  I will give the doctor a week more to write out that statement she is supposed to do then call her next week and start bugging her.  I will start bugging the bariatric clinic, too, and see what they want all the cotton-pickin' tests!!  I just want things done and over with.  This waiting is torture.

Well, gotta go and see my hubby's oncologist.  Then tomorrow I see the pulmonogist.  Gee, we lead such fascinating lives, don't we?

Have a great day!!
God bless ya all!!


Saturday, January 8, 2011

Goodbye, Holidays!

Hello folks!!!

I always find this time of year very depressing for me.  Even though we didn't do much in the way of decorating, it still is sad to see all the decorations go back to their hiding places until next year.  A lot of houses down our street were very festive, and then, last night when my husband and went to Walgreens to get my prescription, we noted that almost all the houses are dark  Boo!  It's over with!!  Now comes the snowy, cold winter we all love and know so well.  Even though here in Phoenix it doesn't snow usually, we still get cold!  It was down to 27 degrees last week for quite some time.  Who knows how the produce will be for next week.   And then poor Flagstaff always gets dumped on with lots of snow.  But, they have a few major ski  resorts up there that are making a lot of money!!  My husband and I went up to the Snow Bowl when we were dating and I loved the scenery.  Neither he or I tried skiing.  I was absolutely HORRIBLE in high school when our gym class took us out skiing.  I was last in line and my poor class had to wait an hour for me to show up with all kinds of bruising on my arms and legs.  My legs were so heavy, I couldn't even lift them.  As you can guess, I never went skiing again.  The following day, I felt like someone had beaten me and I looked even worse---like I had fallen into a tree.  So NO skiing for me!!!

Anyway, back on point.  Christmas is such a magical time of year.  For just ONE day you can feel like all your problems have melted away.  Your family and friends are close by, you are eating great food with NO regrets over calories and fat today and you can frolick with your friends and families over what they are doing now, past Christmas', and so forth.  My grandma thinks Christmas is mainly for kids, but I disagree.  Either that or I'm a BIG kid.  I've ALWAYS loved Christmas!!!  We had such a fabulous time over at my brother and sister in law's house that I took oodles of pictures.  I'll put a few more up for you to see.
I figured my grandma wouldn't be able to kill me since she is back in Texas!!!  :0)  She got gifts from both the Sr.'s and Barb and Jay.  She said to me, "Great!  I didn't get gifts for anyone and I told them that!!) She is so funny about things like gifts!!!
Jay, with a little kitty helper watching, to keep the tree together.  :0)  Looking good, boys!
Mr. Santa Schranz here earlier that usual to spread out the presents under the tree!!
Barbara with her kitty babies.  She rescued them from her shelter, Sun Valley Animal Shelter.  She helped get her parents two dogs that are just adorable....Tuffy and Jingles.
Here is Grandma and her "new friend" Tuffy.  He would be so funny in the morning.  He would do his business outdoors, then come galloping in and slam right into grandma on the couch.  She was a good sport though, and didn't say too much.  :0)
Isn't this a good photo of Grandma?  Even she couldn't complain about it.  She even had me send it to a few a of her friends!!!  You can't beat that!!  :0)
I guess Mr. Jack here thinks he should be paid to lay guard over my purse!!!  Yeah, right!!
Jackie and his new buddy, Frankie.  He's been laying with us like that for a few months now.  I guess he thinks it's his bed, too!!!

Well, that's pretty much all I gotta report with this blog.  I'm bummed about the Social Security Disability, but my lawyer has sent a letter to the court that someone will testify in my behalf.  OK, like who? She never lets me know this ahead of time.  And like I said before, she is the "phantom lawyer" as I never have met her face-to-face.  That is grounds for dismissal, I think!!!

Okay, everyone have a great weekend and enjoy taking your decorations down.  Just think....we can do it all over again next year and still have the magical feeling....I hope!!!

God bless ya all,
PS...My sweet hubby and I figured out how my new Literati reader works and boy is it a beaut!!!  Only $79.00 plus tax and shipping free.  All for a reader with a 7' color screen, a key board and storage for ooodles of your favorites.  You can even add more storage with a SD card up to 8GB.  Sweet deal.  I found mine online and at Boscov Department Store in Pennsylvania had a sweet deal on it.  So if you love reading, this is for you!!  :0)

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Questions, Questions and More Questions!

Hello, good friends and family!  Hope the first week of the New Year is going well for you.  I've had some ups and downs, so I don't know how to answer that appropriately yet!  I visited Fed-Ex's site and finally they updated it.  My reader should be in today.  Yay!!  I just hope the blasted thing works OK.  I have to set up the internet for it, so wish me luck.  I figured I would blog first and then play around with the reader when it comes.  It probably will take me a couple of days to set it up and get my e-books.  I'm so excited!!!  It will be the perfect thing to take with me to the hospital when I have the bariatric surgery.  (Provided that I WILL have the surgery!!)  I lost 25 pounds at my last doctor appointment.  I was so proud of myself, as I have been "pretending" I've had the surgery and doing severe portion control with everything.  So I can still lose weight, even without having the surgery.  I figured I'd start that just in case the insurance doesn't approve of the surgery.  The insurance I'm on has banned organ transplant procedures, so you never know what they will and will not cover.

Speaking of weight loss, I have NORMAL feet again!!!!  Both of my ankles and calves are back to what they used to be.  Yay!!  Unfortunately, the neuropathy is just as worse as ever.  Pain and hot prickly surges go up my legs, starting from my toes.  I don't think that will ever leave, unless I have surgery to de-compress the nerves that are pinched in my lower lumbar vertabrae.  Ugh!!  It's always something, isn't it????  At least I can go from a size 11 woman's shoe back to a 10.  Horray!!

And, yesterday I got a letter from the "lawyer from Hell."  She sent a subpeona (hope I spelled that right!) to an evaluator (she never said who....what's up with that?  It's MY case and she's keeping secrets from me!!) about my case.  This person will provide medical records in my case.  He/She will also testify at the trial.  I've got so many questions for this lawyer, and she won't listen to any of them.  I've got mixed feelings about this trial.  Should I still go?  Even though she said over the phone I didn't have a good case?  And if I DID  win, what would happen then?  I'd lose my state issued insurance for sure.  And I can't go on Medicare for another two years.  So I'd lose all health insurance.  My medications ALONE would cost most of the check.  It's not like we would benefit any from me getting a check at this point.  I just don't know what to do!!!  My family is putting it all up to me.  Yikes!!  If you've got some advice for me, I would love to hear it!!

I was taking a peek at my new camera and downloaded a few new pics of Jack that I took.  One is perfect for "Wordless Wednesday."  You will see that tomorrow.  :0)  But here is a close up of his adorable "lion cut."  I paid $55.00 on that so I love to show it off.  I also love spending time with Jack.  His world is so simple.  Eat, drink, potty and then lay with his "people."  That being me and my hubby.  No worries, no cares in the world.  Where do I sign up for that life????
Isn't he the cutest?  He knows it, too!!!  I just love the little plume on the end of his tail.
OK, I guess that is enough of my ranting for now.  Hope I didn't bore everyone into a coma about my goings-on with the Social Security and Medicare.  It bores me sometimes!!!

Hope you all have a great Tuesday.  I'm thinking about you all!!
Big hugs from me to you!!!
God bless,

PS....I EMAILED THE WINNER'S ADDRESSES TO THE CONTACT PERSON SPONSORING MY CHOCOLATE GIVEAWAY.  Big Thank-you to Sandy who sponsored me.  May we do this again soon!!  :0)

Monday, January 3, 2011

Yes, I'm Still Alive!

Howdy, everyone!!

Sorry it has taken me FOREVER to blog.  I really love it, it's just that I am having really big problems sitting up recently.  My back and legs are just killing me.  I can stay up for max, 15 minutes, then my back starts up and it seeps down into my legs.  And then the neuropathy starts up and ends in both feet.  It feels like I've got someone down there with a fire torch or something.  It's just miserable!!!

I miss having my laptop in times like this.  I had one for years and then a year ago my laptop motherboard decided to take a hike.  We didn't have the money to replace it, so I had to let it go to the "laptop graveyard" in the sky.  We have a beautiful desktop model, thanks to my sweet brother and sis-in-law, but unfortunately I can't use it in bed how I am used to with the laptop.  Maybe someday I can get another one.  Or, even better, maybe someday my back and legs will stop hurting and I can use the desktop in total comfort.  Which do you think will happen first?  :0)

I hope you all had a great new year's eve.  My hubby and I did nothing but lay on the bed and watch "7th Heaven" on DVD.  We just purchased the final season, so we have a complete set now.  I love that show.  We began watching it together 3 months before we got married.  So it's a special show for us...."our show."  OK, I'll quit being a dork.  :0)  Anyway, we fell asleep shortly after midnight, to the sound of illegal fireworks shooting outdoors.  The sub freezing temps didn't deter them at all from doing the fireworks!!  The following morning, it was 27 degrees here in AZ.  I expect that up in Flagstaff, NOT here in Phoenix.  We even had a tiny flurry of SNOW!!  Yikes!!  It was warmer in New York, than here in Phoenix!  It is now starting to warm up a bit.  But we had a historic new years day with those temps being so low.

We got some money for Christmas, so I decided to order one of those electronic e-readers.  I ordered a "Literati" e-reader from some department store in Pennsylvania.  It was very cheap at $79.99 and it is in color!!  I couldn't pass up on that!!  My problem remains with Fed-Ex.  The damn thing, to this day, still has NOT come and they haven't updated their website since Dec. 27th.  It shows still being in Pennsylvania.  My hubby called them up today to see what the deal was.  The lady there stated that it is on ground and won't be "scanned" in until it reaches a major checkpoint.  She said I should be receiving it tomorrow.  I better!!  I've NEVER had this problem with Fed-Ex before!!  I can't wait to get that reader.  I even have some money left over for some e-books.  :0)

On an earlier post I said I'd tell you why I fired my Social Security lawyer.  Well, to make a long story short (plus my back is starting to really hurt again!) she insisted on trying my case on the premise that I am majorly depressed.  She didn't want to hear at all about my bad back....I've even got proof with the MRI....but she shrugged it off and went on about how I'd need to get a psychiatrist and all that jazz.  I'm NOT depressed!!  AND, I've never seen the broad, either!!  She insists on doing things by phone and letter.  Well, I was talking to her the week after Christmas and again, I tried to tell her about my back.  She wouldn't listen.  I told her I was NOT depressed, so therefore, NOT getting a psychiatrist.  She went into a tizzy and then when I asked her the chances of getting disability with this case, she said it wasn't very good.  So why do it?  I've got the bariatric surgery with all its tests and appointments coming up and that is a major stress for me.  I can't do BOTH in January!!  I was still talking when the lawyer just up and hung up on me.  SHE HUNG UP ON ME!!  I hate that!!  So bye, bye lawyer from Hell.  I can't work with someone I can't talk to!!  So I don't know if I will pursue disability or not.  I really want to return to work after I lose weight.  We shall see.

That's it so far.  And I really have to go lay down with my heating pad again.  My damn back!!  I think it's this cold that is seeping into my bones and making me feel worse.
I hope you all are doing well.  I will visit blogs tomorrow, when I can use the computer hopefully pain free again.

Have a great day!!
Hugs n' blessings to all.....

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