Friday, February 11, 2011

Lazy Day

Hello, everyone!  I'm so sorry about my last post where I got so excited over so many things that NOBODY can fix, it seems.  I really appreciate y'all listening to me, though.  And thank you Dad and Gina for calling me last night, I needed a big lift and you two did that.  Sorry to cut the call short, though, to go to the bathroom.  And then I got really nauseated and stayed that way all night.  I kept waking up and feeling even sicker.  My joints were stiff and the neuropathy in my feet were on fire!  I got up for awhile and rubbed lotion into my feet and legs to get circulation going and it did help a little bit.  I took a pain pill and a nausea pill and went back to bed.  Oh, if only I could sleep on my sides or stomach like I used to!!!  I've been laying on my back for over a year now.  And I'm so tired of it!!  If I move that way (on my sides or stomach) in the night, the "fire" and tingling in my legs wakes me up.

That pretty much is it in my world.  I still feel "half mast" today and am taking it really easy.   I think I'll go put my feel up and read a book.  I finally got that Literati figured out, so I'll read from that.  Hope you all have a great day!!!

I'm going to close this post with the newest single out on my all time favorite band's new album, "Gravity."  So without further ado, here's WESTLIFE singing "Safe."

God bless!
I found this wonderful siggy in my mailbox
this morning from my almost-step-mom, Gina.  Isn't it beautiful?  I LOVE it!!  Thank you, Gina!!!


  1. Wow-I can feel for you-I have restless leg syndrome but trying to hack it w/o meds since having my kidney & spleen removed.

    I think I also may have an undiagnosed case of arthritis....My 13 y/o has juvenile rheumatoid arthritis. I think I had it as a child too because her sypmtoms mimic what I felt as a kid, but my mother blew it off....

    Who would have thought 40 years ago that a kid could get arthritis? I've had problems since, but no doctor has seriously looked at it.

    I go to the docs next week, so we'll see. I grew up with a brother and uncles who had hemophilia....everyday pain must suck......

    Anyway, thanks for stopping by my blog,

    Come on home

    I have a couple of others (and then some...)

    Blogging Biz Mom

    Working at home advice

    Have a great weekend, Missy!

  2. Hi, Thanks for stopping by and following. I'm happy to follow you.

    I read your blog and hope you feel better soonest. My neighbor was up all night the other night with the same thing you wrote about. Perhaps there is a bug going around in the U.S. what with all the air travel and so on. (I'm in Virginia.) Anyway, she is fine now and back into her normal routine. But she also had the fire in her legs last year that you wrote about. It was her siatica (sp). She did some special exercises for her legs and, about six months later, the fire went away. Good luck! It's no fun not being able to sleep properly!!

  3. Missy hun your blog is beautiful 8) your dad and I will always be here for you and it makes me happy knowing that your happy when we call. hope you feel better soon

    hugs n love
    Gina n dad

  4. hi missy, we have very happy memories of mother, and they are always with us to share. i hope you like your new surprise gina sent you tonight, it was her idea and a great idea at that! you have a great blog, as always and keep up the great work!!
    ((((((((missy)))))))) hugsss
    with much love,
    dad and gina:)

  5. Missy, not sure why this post came on yesterdays blog (the previous comment was for Thur)
    your blog is wonderful, keep up the great work. The bracelet that Gina sent to you looks fabulous I am glad you like it, and the colors, stone teddy bear is cool....this was completely her idea, she told the designer what she wanted and this is the result. I hope that you feel better soon, and looking forward to getting you into chat sometime soon.

    Gina & I will be praying for you! Please say hello to everybody and jackie too
    Dad n Gina with love

  6. Missy
    thank you for sending the warm weather my way was 48 today and spose to be up in the 60's over the weekend and upper 70's next week yee haw!!! come on spring.

    Thank you also for the comment on my blog and yes it is fun making pages....I just wish you could comment on those pages.

    Hugs n love

  7. I hope you start feeling better soon, Missy. Thanks for sharing that lovely song and video. I'm your newest follower.
    Deb @

  8. Hi I finally made it here to return your follow. My hubby & I went out tonight to celebrate Valentines day. We went to a theater to see this Jazz band. It was awesome. Have a great weekend, and nice to meet you.


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