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This is our "baby", Jack. He is KING of our universe, the whole world revolves around him. Aren't all cats like that????  He is the sweetest, mouthiest and most playful cat we have had so far.  He loves to lay on top of everything and demands attention at every turn. He has given us so much love, though, even when he is "naughty", we can't seem to punish him. He also gets himself into impossible the shelf I had on my wall. I still, to this day, have NO clue how he did that! What did he step on to get up there?  I grabbed the camera and took his picture up on that shelf. I've included it below.  Jack is sure the charmer.....and the star of his own show! :0)
  Thank goodness we don't have a fish tank, or the poor fish would suffer a similar fate like the fish above!  Jack loves anything that moves.  He especially loves ribbons and strings. So when I play with Jackie, I'm careful with those items because I don't want him to swallow them.  He only gets those when I'm playing with him!  
Jack loves to cuddle up to my hubby in the middle of the night.  I'll wake up at 5 am and see this type of scene!  See the white pillow next to my husband's arm?  That is that wedge pillow I keep talking about.  I love it so much and it keeps my legs up.  Jack loves it, too, so it's a race to the pillow...will I get it first or will Jack?  I won this time, Jack is too comfy right where he is.
I just LOVE this picture!  OK, I love 'em all!  What can I say?  We had just gotten a Dell Desktop Computer and no sooner than the boxes where emptied, Jack has jumped in them and found a new home.  I call this picture "Jack In The Box." 
Whew! Computing is hard work!!  Every now and then a kitty needs to rest!
Like Jack's new house (AKA his carrier, but shhh....Jack doesn't know that)?  He sleeps in it everyday.  He's such a silly boy!

 This is Jack in his "condo" and his very first toy, "Ollie."  When we very first got Jack from the Humane Society and brought him home, he immediately took a liking to this stuffed owl with yarn tied to its feet.  We had to take it everywhere Jack went....even to the vet!  Now, I guess "Ollie" is all grown up as I haven't seen him in years now.  Oh, well. Eventually we all have to fly away from the nest!
 Thank you for stopping by our page! Continue on down the page and you'll find more critters at "The Schranz Ranch."  Before you do, though, Jack wants you to know he is accepting donations into his kitty shaped bank.  It takes lots of money to keep Jack, treats, toys......LOL!

Woof! Woof!  That is how my good friends, Tuffy and Jingles say hi to you!  Who are Tuffy and Jingles, you ask?  How could you NOT know....they are two very famous pooches in our neck of the woods.  They belong to my father and mother -in -law and live in what we call "Schranz Ranch."  We've got the four of us, Jack and Tuffy and Jingles.  We used to have another kitty, but he died last September of heart failure and left a big hole in our hearts with his untimely departure.  I will always miss him.  But we have such a lively animal group in the house, it gets your mind off things fast!!!  Below I've attached some pictures so you can see Tuffy and Jingles and the hard life they lead, too.  Hmmm....sounds like Jack's hard life, huh?  LOL!!
Tuffy taking a MUCH needed doggy nap!!  Security of a big home is HARD work, ya know!

 Here is a photo of my mother-in-law, Carol, with Jingles.  Jingles is such a sweet little doggy, but boy does she has a bark on her!!  She has a set of lungs and she knows how to use 'em!  If she doesn't get what she wants, she'll stand in the middle of the floor and stomp her back feet and bark.  It is so funny!!  You'll find Jingles on anyone's lap...she's a snuggler.  Right now Jingles is in "no bark" school and is trained with a rolled-up paper to her rear...nothing hard, just a gentle reminder to not bark at meal times.  Sometimes it works, other times not.  Tuffy must have had a traumatic experience with paper because he high tails it into the bedroom at meal time!  The picture below is Miss Jingles on her purple "throne."
Here is our main security watch dog, Tuffy.  NOTHING gets past those ears!  He has the BEST hearing of any dog I've known.  He always knows when his mommy and daddy are back, even before they've hit the driveway.  I kid you not!  Tuffy is sooo adorable with his beady, bulgy eyes and perked up ears.  Jingles has one ear that flops down and the other ear is erect.  Tuffy is also a snuggler.  My mother-in-law says at night both dogs are in bed with them and they mold their bodies against THEIR bodies, so turning around is very difficult!!  They will sometimes lick the sheets, too, so they get all wet.  Ewww!  Ah, the price of doggy love!!
 Here they are together....which is where you will more than likely find them all the time.  You'd think they came from the same litter!  Tuffy is VERY protective over Jingles and when she is sick, he is by her side.  It's so sweet.  Tuffy is like that when his "parents" don't feel well, either.  He'll lay on the bed with you.  Heck, who am I kidding?  He's by Jingle's side whether she is sick or not!  LOL..
Jingles is all dressed up with no place to go.  Isn't she pretty in her fashionable blue sweatshirt?  It was cold that day, (YES, it does get chilly in AZ in the winter!) and Jingles was shivering so her mommy got her shirt on that keeps her nice and toasty warm.  You just cant beat life here in "Schranz Ranch!"  :0)
 Wow! They both lucked out and found space on Frankie's lap for both of them!  The ONLY thing missing is food....maybe a club sandwich or a pizza will do real nicely....
Last, but not least, Tuffy getting his daily massage from whomever he can con it off of them.  Look at that face....who can resist a face like that?  And if you should, God forbid, stop for a moment, Tuffy will take his paw and place it on your arm and scratch it for you to keep massaging him again.  What a crafty dog, that Tuffy is!!  Well, that pretty much is the life of Tuffy and Jingles.  Thank you for reading and we hoped you enjoyed your visit with us.  Tuffy and Jingles don't have their own collection container shaped like a dog for contributions, so they are borrowing Jack's and will worry about splitting up the proceeds later.  Then, it's every dog (or cat!) for themselves!


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