Saturday, March 12, 2011

Where Do I Begin?

Howdy, friends!

My, oh my.  We've had so much happen in the past two days, it's enough to make my head spin!  First, to my dad and Gina, I'm so sorry I missed your call last night.  We had to take our baby Jack to the Emergency Animal Hospital last night - I'll get more into that later in the post.  I look forward to talking to you the beginning of next week.  Hope Dad's internet is back up!

OK....I think my last post left off with me going for the diagnostic tests for my bariatric surgery.  I had to do six million labs (did I say million?  I meant six TUBES of blood! Ha!), an Upper GI with small bowel follow-through, an arterial blood gas and EKG.  Geez...this surgeon will know me inside and out!

Anyway, we get to the hospital in Gilbert and I get all checked in at the radiology desk.  I even had to wear one of them lovely ID bracelets.  I had the Upper GI first.  Let me tell you, that is one test that a person should have only ONCE in their lives!  And here the radiologist said I'd have to have it AFTER my surgery, too, but not as intense.  Anyway, they explain the test.  I drink this lovely barium that tastes like melted chalk while they take a bunch of pictures of my abdomen to track its progress through to my small intestine.  This checks for any obstructions or "leaks."  First I had to drink this fizzy like substance and they told me to not burp, if at all possible.  I tell you, that was ALL I wanted to do!  Ever drink a warm soda and then get that satisfying burp at the end? Ha!  That's what this felt like.  I managed to restrain myself, though, and I didn't burp.  Or puke.  Which after three glasses of barium, puking didn't sound like a bad idea!  The test took three hours!  My poor hubby was out in the waiting room the whole time.

After the Upper GI test, they took me for the EKG.  The technician was very nice....and very handsome! Ha!  He had a way of putting on the EKG stickers without me having to take off my shirt and bear all!  He just reached into my shirt and applied them like that.  I thought I'd had a bad EKG with my heart pounding, but luckily it came out normal!!  After that, I had the arterial blood gas.  It was right around this time when I felt that barium hit my colon.  If this test didn't go fast, they'd have a big mess to clean up!!  The respiratory guy comes in and explains the test.  Now, let me tell you, I've been worried about this test for WEEKS!  My mom had it once and said it hurt like the dickens!  First the tech says, "Have you ever had this test?"  I said no.  And then he says, "I've never done this test."  Oh, boy!   I said, "Great!" Then he gets the biggest smile on his face and says, "Just kidding you.  I've done this for 22 years!"  He was soooooo good, I didn't even feel the needle go in.  After that test, I ran to the bathroom to expel the barium.

By this time, I had a headache the size of Toledo, my leg was practically immobile, my feet were burning, I had a terrible taste in my mouth and I couldn't take my morning pills yet until after the labs.  So I was about 6 hours late on my morphine and boy, could I feel it in every bone and joint in my body!  Forget the walker, the tech wheeled me to everywhere I needed to go.  He was so nice!  The whole hospital is a wonderful place.  I loved the teamwork they showed and how they treated each other and the patients.

So I go to the lab and while we are there, Frankie says, "I have to puke, honey!"  His face was blood red, he was sweaty and all I could see in there was a wastebasket by the door.  He ran to that and puked for all he was worth.  I felt so bad for the guy.  And he didn't even have the barium! Ha!  The lab girl opened the door and said, "sir, you can use the bathroom in here."  So he went in there and freshened up.  The lab gal changed the trash bag in the basket.  Good for her! :0)  I had my lab drawn, but I couldn't do the urine test because the barium was still running through me at an alarming rate.  So that test would have to wait until tomorrow (Friday).

I could barely make it out to the car.  By this time, it was well past noon and it felt like the top of my head would come off.  I took my pills at the drinking fountain and limped out to the car with my walker.  It was about 88 degrees at this point and sweat was building up.  I finally made it to the car and we got in and went for lunch.  Hooray!!!  One more easy test and I would be done with the testing!!!  Next stop, surgery date!  At one time, it seemed that list of things to do would be impossible to accomplish and now here I am, one test away from completing!  Thank you, God, for getting me through!

The next day, I did the urine test with NO problems.  And I made a doc appointment for Frankie with his primary doctor for a referral to a gastro-intestinal doctor.  He needs one for evaluation of this vomiting.  It's gone on long enough.  He goes to that on Monday.

OK, now for Jack.  It was about 7:30 last night and he starts to meowing.  I mean, really meowing at the top of his lungs.  It was a meow I never heard of, either.  And he kept going back and forth to the litter box.  He finally peed and pooped, but he was still meowing.  And doing the litter box trot.  Poor kitty.  So we bundled him up in his carrier and took him to the 24 hour emergency clinic in town.  The place was a zoo in there - no pun intended!  They wisked Jack away into the back area and we filled out paper work.  I was so worried about him.  He had never been sick and I wanted him well, NOW!  The waiting room was full of people with the same sick looks on their faces.  The "I am worried about my pet and will I have to re-mortgage the house to pay for this" look.  Just walking in the door is $105.00.

We waited and waited.  We saw this lady walk in with her dog, crying, the dog a bloody mess.  He was attacked by another dog, a pit bull.  I felt really bad for her.  And then another dog with difficult labor, and then some guy brought in a stray cat that had just been run over by two cars.  The staff was going back and forth like chickens with their heads cut off!!

The vet finally calls us back and said that since Jack had used the litter box tonight and pooped, he probably wasn't obstructed.  He was going with since Jack is a male cat with a short urethra, that puts him at risk for a urinary infection.  He said those can be really dangerous because if the cat can't pee, the toxins build up and the kidneys fail and we could lose our kitty.  So he suggested a urinalysis.  We said that sounded good and he went off to do it and we went back to our favorite waiting room with the torture chamber chairs to wait.  The vet comes back after an hour and said that Jack had a pretty good infection in his urine.  So we went home with Jack, an antibiotic that he gets twice a day and little kitty pain pills.  The total visit cost us $250.00 so our savings is officially kaput! Jack is worth it.  I'd sell everything I own for him!

When we got home, I gave him the antiobiotic (which is two dropper-fuls of liquid) which he did NOT like.  I gave him his kitty pain pill and all three of us went to bed on our bed.  Jack slept a little, but I think the kitty pain pill makes him loopy.  He lays by his water dish and stares at all four walls over and over, like watching a movie or something!  His appetite is good and he peed this morning.  After I write this post, I'm gonna do a complete cleaning of his litter and vacuum the floor around his box.  I don't know where he picked this up at, but I'm taking NO chances.

Whew!!!!  I'm tired thinking about the last two days!!!  And then that awful earthquake in Japan.  I feel so badly for them and am praying for their plight.  I wish I could help, but all I can do is pray at this point.

OK.  Gotta run.  A litter box needs my attention.  And maybe I can get Jack interested in something than staring at the walls!  Here's a cute pic I took about a week ago when I picked up a vaporizer at Wal Mart.  May I present Jack's NEW home!
He looks comfy cozy in there, huh? Ha!
Hope you all have a great weekend!
My next post will be in a few days and I will be reviewing some all natural pain drops and will be having another giveaway!!

God bless each and every one of you.  AND GOD BLESS JAPAN!


  1. Hope the cat is doing better, I once had a cat with the same problem and had to give hin a pill a day for like 5 years.

  2. I was so excited to see your post. Wow..what a trooper you were, getting through all your tests! I have not had a barium swallow but had one at the south end!!! Boy was that awful.
    Glad everything went smoothly, hope you find out what is going on with Frankie. Poor Jack, I know what you mean about vet bills.
    Can not wait to hear when your surgery date is..keep us posted!

  3. Thank you so much, Shawn. No, I don't think ANY way of taking that Barium test is a good way! :0) Love ya!

  4. Glad you had all your tests now! Now, on to the surgery!!!!!! I do hope Jack is feeling better today! Poor kitty! I hope you have a restful day tomorrow.

  5. Missy, I changed my background so I could add your falling shamrocks!

  6. glad you're finally getting close to getting your surgery-who knew it would be such a big hassle. hope your find out what's wrong with Frankie soon and tha things clam down for all of you--love and prayers to you both

  7. Missy hun
    I am so glad your test are done ;) and very glad Jackie is ok (he is to you like my dogs and caz are to me , my children) we will call you this evening.

    now how do I catch the shamrocks and put on my page ???
    I found a new blog place and thought you might enjoy she assigns you to blogging buddies how cool is that? allows you to blog as a guest on the site also. Let me know what you think

    hugs n love ((((missy))))
    gina n dad


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