Thursday, March 24, 2011

My Surgery Date!!!!

Howdy, folks!!!

The most incredible thing happened to me today, made almost all my pain go away for a minute or two.  And boy, did I wake up with an incredible headache.  I thought I might be seeing a trip to the hospital in the future, it was that bad.  And then the phone rang and guess who it was?  Banner Health System calling me to SCHEDULE MY SURGERY DATE!!!  YIPEEE!!  I crossed all the hurdles and finally came out on top.  My surgery will be April 18th, little under a month.  The lady said that the bariatric clinic will be calling me soon with the pre-op instructions and I'm on my way.  I've already got the protein drinks and vitamins and am all set to go.  I'm so excited to be on my way to a new life.  Where I can hopefully get back to work again!!!  Yipppee!!!!

Big thanks to Lorie and Shawn for constantly writing in my comments with your thoughts and prayers.  I greatly appreciate it.  I'm so sorry I haven't been writing much lately, I've just had the monster flare-up from hell and couldn't even sit in the computer chair for more than a minute or two.  But I've been thinking about all my blog buddies.  Oh, speaking of which, when I switched my blog theme over, I mistakingly lost half of my blog buddy list.  So if you don't see your blog on my list and would like to be added on to it, please add your name and URL in my comments and I'll get that up.  Promise!!!

Tomorrow I am going to go a giveaway for some pain drops that work pretty well.  I feel OK enough to do that and can sit for a longer time in the chair.  So be looking forward to that!  Another news tidbit:  I can no longer get my mail in the new mail server I signed up with at  So please send your email to me by viewing my blog profile.  I'm going back to google mail.

That'll be it today.  Just wanted to let you know about my exciting news.  And here's a pic of my back to normal Jack.  He's really enjoying his gourmet cat food served on a dish!  He's too cute!!  And I'm glad he's back to normal.  He's done with the antibiotic right now. Yay!!!
Does this cat look a little TOO cozy to you?  What a life.  Where do you sign up??

Y'all have a great day and talk with you tomorrow.  And don't forget about my giveaway!


  1. So glad you have your date! That is great news! Whoo hoo!!!!!! I can't wait to hear how it goes!!!!

  2. I am so excited you probably heard me screaming YIPPEE!!!!
    When do you start drinking the shakes? Wow, just think, next month at this time your main hurdle will be over. Will you have your surgery in, oh now I foget, where you had the testing?
    Blessings my friend,

  3. I am so very thankful that you heard about when you will have your surgery. Funny. It is on my hubby's birthday. I will keep it in prayer that all the pre-op goes well and the surgery is a complete success with minimal recovery. I wish I was nearby that I could give you a great big (but soft) hug. Love you always, Lorie

  4. hi missy, i am so happy you finally have a surgery date. it is so nice to read, your hurdles are finally behind you. i like the picture of jack...he sure looks like a king at his throne huh? lol gina and i will be calling see how your doing. take care and will keep you in our prayers.
    we love you,
    dad n gina:)

  5. Oh yayyy! So glad you have your surgery scheduled!!! Praise the Lord!


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