Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Howdy, folks.  One question:


Yesterday I got a call regarding my surgery clearance note from my primary doctor.  It was the nurse's assistant who called and she was very sweet.  She told me my primary doc was out of town and due back in, but she was having plane issues.  So the assistant talked with the physician's assistant who was taking over her patients while she was gone if he could write my note.  Well, he said he'd have to REPEAT all the tests I've had in order to safely write a note.  He doesn't know me, so I can kind of see his point of view.  No problem, I thought.  Hopefully the doctor's plane will land soon and she can get my note whipped up to take on Thursday to Gilbert when I finish the diagnostic tests.

Well, think again, Missy!  This morning the phone rang and woke me up, so I'm trying to break all records without hurting myself by sprawling to get the phone.  It was the sweet nurse's assistant again and she said the doctor was in, but before she could write the note, she needed to see the consults from the lung doc, heart doc and psychiatrist and also the results of my diagnostic tests.  I gave her all the numbers to the above doctors' offices and told her I only had the ultrasounds here (and she HAD the results to that as they called me saying I had a fatty liver.)  I couldn't get the Upper GI until March 24th.  So I scheduled it in Gilbert for March 10th and I would get my labs, EKG and wonderful ABG there.  So my dreams of having that note in hand to take to Gilbert to the clinic have just blown up in smoke!!!

What I don't get is on my last appointment with my doctor, she wished me luck with the surgery, said everything is great, had all the consults and she even said I could skip a month in seeing her, in hopes that would be when I'd have have surgery.  She even gave me a post-dated prescription for my percocet and morphine and said she would see me in the end of March.  Now, if she really does need all that crap again, I won't be having my surgery until God knows when!  It's been one thing after another, I'm starting to get big time cold feet, and I'm soooooooo tired of being on the phone begging doctors to fax reports off.  That's what takes so much time!!  I told the sweet assistant that when the letter is done, please call so I can pick it up and take it to Gilbert.  I don't trust faxing at all.  Nothing against her, but there's a black hole that hovers over Phoenix where all the faxes go, never to be heard from again!

I'm just so bummed.  Anyone got any Ben n' Jerry's Boston Cream Pie ice cream?  I could use about a pint right now!  Or some cake.  Anything!  At this rate, if I don't get that surgery soon, the wonderful governor is going to cancel AHCCCS insurance (which I have) to couples with NO children.  Pure discrimination!  Please pray that this surgery gets done soon my doctor will write that note soon!!!!  She OK'd it before her vacation....wonder if she has jet lag or something that is giving her temporary amnesia?  UGHHHHH!

Hope you all are having a good week so far.  :0)
Thank you for listening to my ranting.
Have a great day!
Super big hugs,


  1. Missy
    OK this is all the Devil trying to get in that loophole...Just remember when you are praying to tell satan to get behind you that he is not welcome!!!

    Your dad and I are praying for you !!! Your dads' net will be back on Wed they sent him a new modem. As for your dad moving here *I was meaning hopefully by the end of the month we will be together* smiles but you know anything is possible its getting really hard on the both of us not being together.....your dad says hey :) we will try to call you at 8ish your time.

    Gina n Dad

  2. I do hope you get everything ready and you will have the surgery without any problems!

  3. Thanks, Heather. I appreciate that! :0)

  4. Good luck, sending prayers your way.

  5. Hope your dr's amnesia gets better and you get your note-I've been through fights with insurance companies myself so know how frustating it can be but don't give up Missy -you've come so far and you're so close to finally getting it. Just hang in there-you've got a lot of people praying for you and Frankie-Strong prayers and gentle hugs to you-love ya

  6. Thank you so much! I appreciate the love and support. God bless you all!

  7. Thank you, Shawn. I can always count on you!!! God bless you!


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