Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Dad Update

Howdy, everyone!
Thank you so very much for your prayers for my dad.  He is now back on his seizure medications and is at Gina's house for the time being.  He fell on her porch and had to go back to the hospital for x-rays on his shoulder!  Poor guy!  I'd say, what can happen next, but we ALL know to never say that!!

As for me, my fibro is acting up a bit.  Gee, wonder why?  I ache all over and sleep in little bits and pieces and have been having very strange dreams.  The Savella I take for the fibromyalgia can sometimes cause strange dreams, though.  My hubby is doing better after his fall over our kitty gate, but his ribs are so sore that he is using those lidocaine patches that help numb the area.  Hey, Dad, you should ask for a lidocaine patch or some lido cream for your shoulder.  It really does work!!

Jackie is his usual self, in "his" cabinet with my towels and vitamins.  Dont' worry, everything is sealed tightly to keep a furry kitty face out of things!!  Here's his picture:
He just cracks me up.  I think he is the most special kitty to date that I've had the honor to own.  He's so very spoiled on kitty treats, though, and loves to snuggle.  Very affectionate for a cat!!  Don't tell him this, but next month is his grooming session.  How he loves those!!!

That's it for now.  Just trying to survive the 115 degree heat.  And we have to go to the grocery store in that!!  Thank God for air conditioning.....

Hugs to all,

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Please Pray For My Dad

Howdy, everyone!

My hubby and I just got home from driving our new car to Prescott to spend a little time there.  The drive there was great.  The drive back not so great....we had to stop four times so I could go to the bathroom for diarrhea.  And I mean the EXPLOSIVE kind!!  I know when you eat too much sugar at one time, it will cause "dumping syndrome" and I did treat myself to some cookies.  Bad Missy!  Guess this is my punishment.  I will take it and never do it again, promise!!

When we got back home, I received a phone call from my dad's girlfriend, Gina.  She said she and Dad were in Oklahoma City at the Memorial and he had a grand mal seizure (the most serious kind) and had to be rushed to the hospital.  Now, I have seen my dad have seizures since I was in nursing school in 1991.  The cause has never been determined, but he is supposed to be on a lifetime regime of medication.  I don't know what his doctors are up to now, but I know they took him OFF the medication awhile ago and started something else.  I don't like that at all.  If one medication worked, why fix something that isn't broken?  Yesh!  Gina is going to find out what is going on.  But I could use everyone's prayers.  My dad's seizures sometimes don't stop and that is very dangerous if he were left alone.  His heart could stop.  I thank God he is not alone. And I thank God Gina is there to help.  I just feel helpless that I can't do ANYTHING but pray.  I can't even be with him in this time.  Luckily they do call me once a week.  But I feel like I did when I lost my mom so suddenly....and I was WITH her.  But the feeling still the same.  I just couldn't do anything to help her and she died anyway.  I want my dad around for a long time!  He can't leave me an orphan!  Who would adopt me?  LOL...a little humor helps at a time like this!

So please pray that everything will be OK and my dad won't be in the hospital long and he will be back on his usual regime that worked so well.  He hadn't had a seizure before this one in a long time.  It's such a shame that some of his visit to Gina's has to be spend at the VA Hospital.  You practically have to move in there the lines are so slow.....

Hope everyone is having a good day.
Big hugs,

Friday, August 19, 2011

Ask And Ye Shall Receive

Howdy, all!

Guess what?  I was cleaning up in the bedroom and found the little quilted garbage bag that I use to collect litter in the car.  It was from the old car and survived the crash, too.  I opened it up and image my surprise but to find MY GLASSES!!!  Completely intact.  A little dirty, but nothing a little soap and water won't cure.  So THANK YOU JESUS for answering my prayer!  And thank you all for praying for me, too.  I also found $20 bucks and three pens in there.  I have it all cleaned out and set up to go out to the car.  My hubby thinks I should wait to drive for awhile, I think he is nervous about me doing it.  So I will wait for a few more weeks.  Then I should "get back on the saddle" and get moving, as they say!!

I have a little prayer request.  Please pray for my husband.  He fell over our kitty gate a few weeks ago and inured his ribs and NOTHING is helping.  You know men when they hurt.....it's the end of the world!!  He has been a major crab this week....but don't tell him I say so!  Hehehe.....

Before I go, I just want to introduce you to a brand new web site called "Rockindogs."  You can find it at www.rockindogs.com and it has all kinds of pet apparel and leashes.  They are all hand made with love by my other wonderful sister-in-law, Patty.  So if you love your pets and want to dress them up, head on over and take a look.  Tell her Missy sent ya......

That is pretty much it for now.  Hope you all have a great weekend.

Down Day Today

Hi, friends!

I am just in such a funk over how my life has been going recently.  I AM very grateful to be alive after my car accident and to have such a beautiful new (used) car in such a short time AND to not be seriously injured.  But it has done something so severe to my head that I am afraid to drive again.  I keep telling my husband that I THINK I'm ready, but if I am honest with myself, I am not really ready at all.  First of all, everything survived in the crash EXCEPT for my glasses.  How could it be possible to not get one mark on my face from the accident, yet the glasses that I was wearing on my face got totally trashed?  Go figure.  And my husband and I are paying a lot for car insurance and can't afford to get my glasses replaced for quite a while.  I am terribly near sighted, but I can still see the red stop sign!!  I just have to be wearing them while driving, it is a stipulation on my license.  So I guess I have a good excuse to not drive yet....but I do miss my glasses.  I remember having the GPS up on the windshield that morning and that survived with me with only a few minor scratches.  Again, go figure!!  I thank the lady and man from the bottom of my heart for getting me out of the car and for sitting with me while I shook so badly on the side of the road.  That day was the worst day of my life and I can't seem to get over it.

OK, on to other things.  Sorry to drone on about the accident.  It was the scariest thing I've been through, so if any of my readers have similar stories, I'd love to hear them.  :0)

I lost another 12 pounds, bringing me down to 257 pounds.  I've officially lost 100 pounds since my surgery in April.  I wish I felt better.  I feel weak as a kitten, and that accident didn't help much, either.  I had a MRI in the ER and it showed a bone spur on my back.  So I've got that to contend with now.  I try going to the gym, but it's so hard with my back.  The only exercise that feels good is my sister's pool.  Thanks, Barbara, for sharing it with us!! AND HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!! We love it and it takes the weight off my joints.  Maybe we can start coming over twice a week after dinner?  That way the sun isn't so bright as Frankie and I can't go out too long in the sun because of the medications we are taking.  You are the best sister I've ever had in my life....and that's coming from being an only child!  :0)

I'm also having a lot of problems with my diet, too.  I get bloated fast and the protein shakes I MUST drink give me diarrhea for most of the day.  What a way to lose weight!!  But a least it's coming off!!!

That pretty much is it for now.  Sorry about the tone of this post.  Everyone gets the blues sometimes.  I just want to start looking for work and being able to find a good job that I like and can keep.  Please pray for me for that.  I would really appreciate it.  I'd love to get out alone with my hubby and give my wonderful in-laws a much needed rest of having their home back!!  I can never thank them enough for their generosity.

Hope you all are having a good one.  I'll post again soon.
God bless,

Saturday, August 13, 2011


I can't believe I forgot to tell you the great news....we got the check from the insurance adjuster and it was for a lot of money!!  We could get another Camry, since I was so impressed with how it held me together after the accident.  Our new Camry is white and gold and a 2002 XLE.  We got it from a mechanic who completely rebuilt it with a new engine and air compressor,  among other things.  It rides like a dream, the air conditioning is ICE COLD, it's more roomy inside and we love it.  I'll include a picture my next post.  I haven't driven yet since my accident.  I'm still very scared...and my glasses were a casuality in the accident and were broken.  So I'll be taking things very slowly.  But thank you all for your thoughts and prayers for me and my hubby.  We are both doing better.

Love you all,

I'm Back And Still Kicking!

Howdy, friends and family!

I'm so sorry about taking so long to blog.  I've had so much happen to me and needed some time to myself to sort out what happened.  As you know from my last post, I was involved in a roll-over call accident that completely totaled our car and I had to go to the hospital in an ambulance.  My first time ever!  I had never even been stopped by the cops before since getting my license at 16.

That accident scared me so bad, I've been having nightmares about it.  I believe strongly that I fell asleep at the wheel while going to my early morning doctor appointment.  My mother-in-law Carol kept having to wake me up and she thought I shouldn't go, but strong willed and stubborn me just didn't listen.  I was up until 2:30 am the previous night with my husband in the ER with a bad case of pneumonia.  He looked so bad and couldn't breathe, the doctor thought he might have collapsed a lung.  They had him on a face mask and still his oxygen levels were very low.  I was scared witless!!  I finally had to leave him at 2:30am and got home and in bed by 3am.  I remember rushing out the door, getting into the car and then BOOM....all of sudden I'm laying on my left side, the air bag popped out, and I was hanging upside down by the seat belt.  I will NEVER forget waking up like that.  I could have killed not only myself, but somebody else!  I remember undoing the seat belt and falling down to the roof of the car (as it had flipped over.)  I remember panicking because I couldn't get the door open and then I heard a bystander say something about "gas."  I was so afraid my car would start on fire on top of everything else!!  The ambulance came and put me in full C--Spine precautions and on a back board.  I couldn't even move my neck.  My ribs hurt.  I was scared I had hurt someone else.  They reassured me that all I bumped into was a brick wall and nothing but me, the car and the wall had sustained damage.  I spent a very long day at the ER getting MRI and CT scans to make sure everything was OK.  All it showed was a bone spur on my back.  Great...one more thing wrong with my back!  But I was very lucky that nothing else was wrong.  Thank God!!!  And I do thank God each and every day!!  He watched over me and saved my life.  I am so glad that I was wearing my seat belt, too.  I didn't always when I was growing up, but now I always do.  So my ultimate message is this:  PLEASE ALWAYS BUCKLE UP.....WHETHER YOU ARE THE DRIVER OR PASSENGER.  They DO save lives.

I just finished my mandatory traffic school so my fine should be waived. The lady's wall I creamed has long since been repaired.  It took a month to heal my ribs and bruises. I'm sure my insurance will go up.  I feel so stupid doing what I did.  Another lesson learned.....BEING EXHAUSTED IS ALMOST LIKE BEING DRUNK.  DON'T DRIVE!!

OK, lecture over.  :0)  I lost another 12 pounds!!!  Yeah!  I'm now 257 (with my shoes on. We all know that shoes add at least 5 pounds! Hehehe.....)  I have lost 100 pounds since having my surgery in April.  Here is a most recent picture of me in my new nightie....
Pretty soon I am going to start applying for work as a nurse again.  That will feel so good to get back to normal again.  I haven't worked since my mom died.  I think it's time to face the music.  I know she would be very proud of me.  I am proud of me for the weight I have lost.  It hasn't been easy....I still have cravings for the foods I used to eat, but now I just don't have room inside my tiny stomach for them!!  I'm not having as much pain, either.  My doctor and I are going down slowly on the morphine so when I'm ready to work, I won't need it at all.  So I think with God's help, things are looking up.  My dad has found a very nice woman to love and Frankie and I are ready to be on our own soon.  So life is finally turning the right way!!  Frankie is all healed up from his bad bout of pneumonia and was only in the hospital for about 4 days. 

I hope all my blog friends are doing well.  And to my family, I hope you all are doing well and I love you all. I've changed email addresses, so please get my new one off my profile if you want to email me.  I got rid of gmail because of all the hundreds of spam I kept getting.  I'm only giving my new one out to my friends and family.

Hope you all have a great day and I'll blog again soon!!

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