Saturday, August 13, 2011


I can't believe I forgot to tell you the great news....we got the check from the insurance adjuster and it was for a lot of money!!  We could get another Camry, since I was so impressed with how it held me together after the accident.  Our new Camry is white and gold and a 2002 XLE.  We got it from a mechanic who completely rebuilt it with a new engine and air compressor,  among other things.  It rides like a dream, the air conditioning is ICE COLD, it's more roomy inside and we love it.  I'll include a picture my next post.  I haven't driven yet since my accident.  I'm still very scared...and my glasses were a casuality in the accident and were broken.  So I'll be taking things very slowly.  But thank you all for your thoughts and prayers for me and my hubby.  We are both doing better.

Love you all,

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