Sunday, December 4, 2011


Howdy, dear friends & family.  I hope everyone had a great thanksgiving and didn't eat too much!!  This was the first Thanksgiving since my surgery and it was quite an deal.  I just took a little of this and a little of that.  To take me to a restaurant would be a totally waste!!!  My husband and I would have to split a dish, but he could eat TWO dishes alone!!  Oh, I remember those days.

Well, I'm now officially (according to the Bariatric Clinic that I saw 2 days ago) 106 lbs lighter at 240.  The doc said my ideal weight should be around 150 lbs.  And this time, I'm gonna do it if it kills me!!  I just wish my mom could see me know.  I'm thinner, can do a lot more things like shopping with the hubs and walking through stores WITHOUT my seat walker.  In fact, I'm selling it.  So if you or someone you know needs a walker, I've got a nice one.  It's burgandy in color and a basket up front to hold your things.  It is a nice walker.

OK....Let me show you something astonishing.....
First pic of me BEFORE THE SURGERY, topping out a close to 356 lbs.  I really hate this picture, but it's the best way to do a comparison.  So promise you won't laugh too hard!!  Isn't that a horrible picture?  And needless to say, I couldn't breath, walk stops, and every joint in my body screamed pain.

Here I am AFTER THE SURGERY, now weighing 240 on the bariatric scale.  The doctor says I'm doing very well....they don't usually get results this quick and I would fall into the gastric bypass category!!  I think I set a new record for the gastric sleeve (where they take 80% of your stomach and leave the intestine alone).   Cool!!!  I just took this picture today.  Remember that sailor's shirt I put on my blog a year ago, gazing and hoping I could wear it before I died!!!
Isn't that a great pic, if I don't say so myself?  And I typically HATE having my picture taken!!

I am so very glad I had bariatric surgery.  It wasn't no bed of roses and the first six months, I was hoping the Good Lord would take me out of my misery.  I was always nauseated (probably because I didn't eat too much and I take a lot pills with my yogurt.  I couldn't even take my pain meds because I kept heaving them back up.  Come to find out, I had a bout of diverticulitis with I had not ever had in my life.  But that is what the CT/MRI said.  So now I had to add two more pills to take.  I cut them in half and take them with yogurt.  That's the ONLY downfall to this way to diet.  I have to crush all my pills like a baby and drink them down with milk or the yogurt.  But, I'm happy the surgery will last a lifetime, unlike so many other "diets" out there.  This is NOT a diet, but a new lifestyle.  And now, I'm loving it!!  I can even walk the dog down the full length of the street and he loves it.  I wish I could get Jack to do that!!!
I'm so sorry I haven't been able to keep the blog going as much as I wanted to.  There were days I literally could not get out bed, I felt so puky and aching!!  Not an environment good to think of blog writing.  But, I'M BACK!!!  After the six month went, I stared to feel better.  I guess my "new" stomach was getting used to handle food again and I've been taking it really slow.  My hubby & I went out for breakfast the other day and I had eggs.  Oh, man, those made me sick!!!  And I can't have bread until I've reached my goal rate.  She said I could actually regain the weight and I surely don't need that!!!

Santa Clause has already left me a gift.  It's the new Kindle Fire with color.  I cannot tell you how much I love it.  I can surf the web, listen to music and read books and magazines.  It's a godsend....I can check my email more frequently and keep up with the blog now.  Maybe Santa will come back and give me a gift card for the Amazon Store.  I can't seem to get all my Janet Evanovich's onto one device....and I tried everything!!  I've got 5 Evanovich's on the Kindle Fire and the rest on my Kindle 3.  Bummer!!  So I need to buy them again at the Kindle store, very slowly as we don't have much money to through around.  But as soon as I get all the Evanovich's on the Kindle Fire, I'm putting my old one up for sale.  It still works fantastic!!

Alrighty, I've gotta stop here.  It was really nice to post another blog.  I missed it and seeing yours, too.  Now that will change!!  Hope you all have a great week!!



  1. You're doing great.Keep it that way :*

  2. Missy I am so very proud of you keep up the great work.
    I think if you contact kindle or amazon...and tell them that you got the new kindle they will allow you to re-download them onto your new one. OR go to where they are at on your other one and copy them to the new one via usb through your computer then back to your new one.

    GO to amazon or kindle help there has to be a way so that you do not have to buy them again.

    Glad to see you back on the blog.

    Love n hugs
    PS will call you in the week

  3. How great, you are doing amazing. Keep up the good work.

    KILLA WATT...he's got...the KILLA BURGER GRILLS with GILLES and LES!
    KILLA WATT...he's got...the 106 of STARSCON- GRADSTARS- INGESTAR!
    He's on FLAKEST with COCKS- CHO!

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