Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Semi-wordless Wednesday

Howdy, friends!  Before I put up the picture for this Wednesday, it WILL require a LITTLE explanation.  You see, for as long as I can remember, my dad has had really bad teeth, but we couldn't afford to get them fixed.  Heck, ALL our teeth aren't the greatest.  Anyway, when we all moved to Yuma, AZ in 1993, Dad immediately hi-tailed it to Mexico and got his much needed and much awaited for dentures, both upper and lower for about $800.00.  He has been happy as a clam ever since.  So when we were in Mexico again, I couldn't resist taking this picture:
Is he adorable?  He knows it, too!!!  Only HE would stand outside the dental office and LOVE it!  The man was born in a dental chair, I think.  Me, I don't go....unless somebody knocks me out!!!!
I won't be doing a post tomorrow, since I will be off to Gilbert the WHOLE entire freakin' day.  I've got the upper GI test, my labs, the dreaded ABG test and the EKG.  The upper GI test is at 8am and I can't have food, water or pills before the test.  I'm gonna be in agony!  I'm taking them with, though, so right after the test, you bet your bottom dollar I'm sluggin' them pills down!  And then the EKG is not until 2pm.  So in between is the labs and ABG.  Fun.  I hope and wish I will have my doctor's approval note at that time.  But something tells me I'll have to wait until after tomorrow's results and then she'll sign off.  So that means the hubs and I are traveling BACK to Gilbert for the third time this month.

Hope you all have a great Wednesday and Thursday.
May God bless & keep you, my friends & family!!


  1. good luck tomorrow!!

  2. Missy, I will be praying for you. I hope everything goes smooth and you pass all your tests!

  3. Missy
    I love your blog ( i really enjoy seeing the older pics of your dad :)
    Thank you for being there for me too, I think we know what happend
    out of habit your dad took the noon blood pressure pill it happens everytime
    hope your dr visit goes tomorrow. We will call you Friday evening

    Hugs n love
    gina n dad

  4. hi missy, i remember that day well.....all i could think of is teeth, teeth and more teeth. lol never too many teethe is my motto <smiling i hope your feeling better and gina and i can talk with you soon. you have a great blog and keep up the good work.
    we love ya,
    dad n gina :)


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