Saturday, May 14, 2011


Howdy, everyone!
Like my dramatic title?  It is so very, very true.  I can just taste it now.  But I can't have it now.  It would more than likely get stuck in my "pouch" (the new name for my new stomach) and I'd have to go to the ER like an idiot and confess I had a taco and have it surgically removed!  Big sigh.  I don't know if I am glad I had this surgery or not.  Too late to go back, but I'm so tired of pureed food.  I feel like a baby!  My stomach won't even tolerate an egg, let alone the beloved taco!  I tried eggs twice and got a monster stomach ache.  I can have eggs, pureed, clear liquids and bariatric full liquids.  I've had so much protein I feel like Popeye!

Don't get me wrong.  I'm not complaining and am so glad I am losing weight.  It's just getting used to the new life style.  In one more week I can have soft meat loaf, mashed potatoes, stuff like that.  It just seems it's been forever on this "diet"!!!!  And I still don't feel like myself before surgery.  I'm tired, cranky, sore, my arthritis and fibro is in flare which makes exercise impossible....and then I realize it hasn't even been a month since I had the surgery.  So I'll be patient and rely on God.  You think HE will give me a taco?  Ha!

Sorry to make this short.  My back and feet are killing me.  My neuropathy is acting up, too, and I mean BAD.  The neurontin I take tastes sooooo bad in applesauce (which is how I take ALL my pills is crunched in applesauce!), I make sure to have a "chaser" behind it like something good to drink or a popcicle.  I'm hooked on those!  I do things in stints.  Later on or tomorrow I'll check my email.  I can sit up for about 15 minutes and that is it.  Life just has to get better as I lose weight, doesn't it?  Pretty please?  Hope you all are well and I wish the love of God upon all of you.
Thank you for all the support.  Speaking of which...I'm going to a support group next week.  Maybe that will help, too, to bolster my spirits a bit.

Since everyone loves Jack, I'll post another pic of him:
Jackie with my husband.
PS...Hi, Gina and Dad!  Hope you are both doing well.  Love you!


  1.  I am so glad you are doing okay!  I have been wondering how you were doing.  I hope the support group is good and you find it works for you!

  2. Keep at it, it's bound to get better. 

  3. It Sounds like the depression monster has a hold of you, which is normal when you are not feeling well. I think the support group will be so good for you and allow you to vent your feelings around others that are going through the same thing. I bet you find the same worries and complaints that you are feeling!

    Take care my friend and I pray you feel better soon.

  4. Congrats girlie. I am tickled pink for you. Long time coming and I know how hard you fought for it. My sis (also a nurse, she works at Banner Desert) is going to have it done, I hope. She has talked about it for years , but someone elses's needs always seem to come  in first. I will look forward to seeing how you come along. Thinkin of you, Celeste 

  5.  Missy ;) keep up the good work your dad and I are proud of you.  You will get to have that Taco in due time, 

    We are doing good :)

    Hugs n Blessings
    Dad n Rainbow (like my new name?)  ps ck your gmail we sent you something

  6. Missi, sorry I have not checked in in a while.  New meds for me and things have been a bit haywire and goofy for me.  New meds make me sleepy, shaky, and just plain out of sorts.  Hoping it gets better, but now to you.  I can not tell you how many times I wished for something after my surgery.  It is so normal.  You are technically going through withdraw, remember that food is used by many of us as a drug and it is taken, you will crave it.  Sure does not help make things any easier though.  One thing I can tell you is it will get so much easier.  When you can eat "normal" food you can take care of the cravings and learn how to eat the things you love in tiny portions and not feel like you are depriving yourself. And yes, you will start feeling stronger, walk better, stand taller, and hopefully have so much less pain.  I can tell you that I now for sure if I had more weight on my frame, I would hurt more.  I am thankful everyday for my surgery, and even though it has changed my world, and how I am able to eat, I would do it again in a heartbeat. It has not taken the pain away, only a cure for fibro and a few other things will do that, but it did help.  Keep moving forward, don't look back.  It is history for a reason.  Today is to enjoy and tomorrow is yours to have.  One step at a time will turn to a couple steps then a block then a mile.  It is all a journey only you can make in whatever way works for you.  Smile and seize the options ahead.  It is completely in your hands.  Good luck!


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