Sunday, May 1, 2011

Happy May Day!

Hello, all!

Well, today is the first day since my surgery that I have felt half way decent.  I didn't wake up with the usual nausea and retching and I could lean up out of bed and not have my tummy muscles protest like they used to.  I felt like I was majorly beat up after that surgery!!!  Last week I felt so bad, I just could NOT believe I let myself go through with this surgery.  I even had to call the bariatric surgeon as I had such bad gas pains in my shoulder that I couldn't get rid of and I kept dry-heaving over the wastepaper basket.  Nothing was coming up, but it hurt like hell to be heaving on a freshly stapled stomach.  It scared me so much, I was shaking from head to toe while I was talking to the surgeon on the phone.  He made me feel much better by saying that the gas pain was probably due to me taking too BIG of bites or drinks of food/beverages.  I can only SIP at things now, because my stomach pouch fills up very fast and needs time to empty out again before putting more down.  Man, I tell takes me all day to take my pills, eat and drink!!  The doctor gave me medicine to help the nausea, and it has.  I have only had to take it about once a day now, and only if I forget and eat one bite too much!

This is definitely a new life style.  I think after I get used to it and start to lose weight, I will like it better.  It's just so new and the rules are endless!  No wonder I forget what I'm supposed to be doing!  And I hate with having to take my pills are crunched up and in applesauce.  Some of them have really funky tastes!  Sometimes I miss the "old days" but then again, those days weren't so great with my weight.  So, with God's help, I'll get through this.  Everyday my husband and I take a walk down the street when the sun goes down.  I know it isn't much for right now, but with all that weight crushing down on my bones and my arthritis out of remission because I had to stop my pills for surgery (I just now have resumed them), it's the best I can do.  And as compared to BEFORE the surgery, I'm doing good!  At least I'm up and moving around more.  I am going to be joining a gym soon so I can work out at various other machines and tone my other muscles.  I want to lost weight very slowly, enough that my skin will "spring back" in and I won't need plastic surgery.  I don't want surgery ever again!!!!  I went to my primary doctor the other day and I lost another two pounds.  I go to the bariatric clinic on Wednesday, so I'll let you know what happens there.  Hopefully I'll see the exercise person for some pointers about exercises for my back and to strengthen that.  It is so very weak.

My "diet" is going along.  I have a popcicle and I'm full.  I have a HALF cup of soup, and I'm full.  It doesn't take much!  And my need for chocolate has been TOTALLY wiped out after the surgery!  I had some chocolate pudding and it gagged me.  I couldn't even have a chocolate calcium chew as it gagged me so badly.  So I take my vitamins in liquid form and they taste like orange juicy.  Yummy!  Unfortunately, the price tag isn't so yummy...$33.00!!  But, I need the vitamins and they don't gag me, so it's worth it.

I hope and pray that all of you are happy and well and out of "Tornado Alley" way!!  Keep safe!  I think and pray for all of you.  Thank you for reading my blog and praying for me.  :0)
I'll post again soon, and maybe with some new pictures.

God bless and happy May!


  1. Sounds like you are doing better! From now on, each day you should feel stronger. I am so proud of you for taking walks in the evening, Keep up the good work.

  2. glad you are doing better this week! I hope everyday it is better for you!

  3. hi missy,
    im happy to read your doing much better, and i enjoyed reading your blog. gina and i have you in our prayers, and hope you get back to normal soon.
    we love you,
    dad n gina:) ((((((((missy)))))))))))) hugss

  4. Friend. You must be careful to buy prescription drugs - vicodin, Lortab, or oxycodone - because in line mentioned have side effects. I read an article where mentioned that these medicines cause liver damage and affect the nervous system by which suggest that you consult a doctor before taking them.

  5. I just stopped by today to see how things were going for you. I know it is a slow process, but if it was fast and easy nothing would be worth it in the end. If you have any questions feel free to ask. I did not have the bypass but I did have the stomach stapling and all in all they do the same thing as far as shrinking the stomach, I just did not have any major issues with the "dumping" syndrome some people with the bypass get when they eat to much sugar. I had mine done in 2002 and to this day if I overeat I get sick. I am proud of that because that means I did not overly stretch my stomach back out. I can eat more than I was able to when I first had it done, but nothing even close to what I could before I had my surgery. Well, here is hoping things are moving forward for you. Take it slowly and one step at a time. You will see results faster than you realize soon and just wait til you can go shopping for the first time and buy a size or two smaller. There is nothing like it. Take care.

  6. Missy
    Good to see you back :) glad you are doing better. we will call you later in the week

    Love Gina and Dad

  7. I ALWAYS get my medications through the approval of a medical doctor. I take them because I've got severe arthritis and fibromyalgia.


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