Thursday, April 21, 2011


Howdy!  Guess I'm a restless soul....three blog posts in one day!  I just was thinking about Easter and how one of my most precious memories of my mom and I was when we would go see Michael W. Smith in concert.  We saw him two times and the last time we went, I swear he looked right at my mom and I (we were standing/sitting in the middle row of the arena) and smiled.  I will never forget that.  One of her all time favorite songs, Easter or not, was "Above All."  I will leave you today on that note.....

She so loved Easter, and we would watch "Passion Of The Christ."  I cannot watch that movie right now as it's stuck in San Antonio with the rest of our junk as we can't afford to have it shipped back to Phoenix.  I remember, always, the movie and my dear mom.  How I miss her so!  Here is her picture with a bouquet of flowers she got from my dad...probably when she was in the hospital with her hip replacement.  Anyway, you can see how happy that made her.
This is for you, Mom....


  1. Missy ;) thank you for the post today ;) love the pics of your mom, and that Michael W. Smith (says alot) I Love that song. OH girlie, Passion of the Christ is one of those movies I love to watch. I am awarding you with another award, please stop by my page its another stylish award.

    Gina & Dad

  2. I have seen Michael W. Smith too, years ago. Once he was in the young messiah concert and the other he opened for Amy Grant for her Christmas tour. both times he was so great! My favorite song he has ever done is Friends. That is such a great song. So is the song Emily. I hope you are doing well and that everything is going okay for you.

  3. So good to hear from you, each day you will feel stronger. I love the picture of your Mom and the song is one of my favorites!
    I am asking for prayers, my eldest grand daughter, Summer, lost her baby which was due to be born on May 30th. Please pray for her as she will be induced tonight or tomorrow morning.

  4. Missy...I loved your mom. She was such an awesome person, and I am so sad she is gone. BUT, I know one day we will all be together, with our risen Saviour!

    Shawn, I will pray for Summer. That is so very tragic and sad. I will also pray that the family remains stong around her and supports her through the coming difficult times. I don't know you, but you seem a wonderful person, and if you are a friend of Missy, I would like to consider you a friend of mine. ((((hugs and prayers))) Lorie

  5. hi missy,
    yes, mother and you sure loved seeing michael w. smith in concert. i know both of you really enjoyed his music. we sure have some good memories huh? i hope your getting stronger each day, and your soreness slowly leaves you. gina and i are keeping you in our prayers and grats on your new award. i think it was very kind of gina, and your in our thoughts.
    we love you,
    dad~n~gina :)

  6. Hey Missy -I'm so glad the surgery went well and now you are on your way to better days. Miss your blog and will be glad when you get back "on your feet" and are able to feel like blogging again. Wishing a a quick and speedy recovery...Gentle hugs and strong prayers to you both, Sharon Ballentine


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