Sunday, October 17, 2010

An Ocean Of Memories

Hello, everyone!

My Sunday is going along OK, although I'm still having a lot of pain in my right leg.  Every day is a new day of torture.  It definitely has gotten worse.  The muscle in my calf is rock hard, a result of constant muscle spasms. Even my muscle relaxer, Soma, is not helping much.  I can't stand long enough to shower, so tomorrow, we are going to go look at shower chairs.  It might be a problem because our shower is so narrow.  I hope we can find one or I'm in serious trouble....nobody will want to stand by me too much longer! LOL!

I don't know why my leg is doing this to me.  I'm on so many medications to help and they do....or I'd be literally SCREAMING my head off in pain, but I still do have the severe pain enough that it inhibits my walking, bending, and standing.  Is it all the pinched nerve roots or from my weight?  Maybe both.  I don't know. All I know is it HURTS.

I was looking through my family photos again and the memories just swirled around me.  I remember when my mom, dad, me and my husband piled into the car and headed for my favorite city, San Diego!  We went to the beach and took about a roll of film's worth of pictures.  Here are some of those pictures:
They look like gang members, don't they? :0)  This is a photo of my dad, my mom and Frankie.  They take up just enough space you can't see the ocean behind them.
Yikes!  I look like an absolute WHALE!  I'm with my dad and mom in this picture.  I can't wait for my weight loss surgery!!!
Here's a good shot of my mom and dad. Dad always had his hat and sunglasses on, rain or shine!  :0)  Behind them, you can see the beach patrol pick-up truck.  These photos were taken on Mission Beach.  The next batch are from Pacific Beach.
I think this is one of my favorite pics of my parents.  I've titled it" Ocean Dreamers."  It looks like they are dreamers, doesn't it? 
I'm also rather fond of this picture, too.  It took Mom a long time to get to that rock, but she was determined.  She had a lot of help from Dad, too!!
And, to end the show, here is myself and my husband, Frankie.  Two peas in a pod!

I hope you all are enjoying your Sunday.  Spend lots of time with your loved ones.  As the saying goes, "Live, Laugh, Love" or something like that. I may have the order reversed, but you get the idea!!  ;0)

The blog hop below is also for today, too.  So add the URL of your blog and go blog hoppin' and you'll be amazed at how many return the favor and visit your blog.  It's just all around a neat way to meet new friends and read fantastic blogs.

God bless!
Until next post,


  1. I won't even pretend to know your "fibromywhat" here but I do have chronic pain from a back injury so I do feel your struggle.

    Be blessed....Relax and Surf--following you now.

  2. Hi there :) I'm following you back :) I really appreciate you stopping by and I'm so excited to read more about your story :)


  3. thanks so much for reading my blog and for your sweet comment. I am following you back.

  4. Thank you for following me! I am now returning the follow. I look forward to reading more from you!


  5. Oh I had a friend that has this. So painful! Good luck to you, following you back from the BH! Thanks for visiting me!

  6. Dear Missy

    Thank you for joining me at Create With Joy and leaving such a sweet comment! I'm delighted to follow you back and look forward to getting to know you better.

    I am sorry to hear of all the pain you are going thru right now. I can relate. I have been living with fibro for over a decade now. I am sending you big hugs and letting you know you are not alone.

    I love San Diego and enjoyed your photos. I look forward to exploring your blog, and hope you'll be a regular visitor and contributor at Create With Joy!

    Hugs and blessings,

  7. I too have so much pain in my leg....although i don't have what you have, I can totally relate...i'm sure yours is worse so I'm sending lots of love on getting it under control! :) that fam looks pretty darn good if you ask me!:) have a good day friend!

  8. Thanks for stopping by Sueberry Lane. Love your Halloween blog header.


  9. New follower! Looking forward to hearing more from you!

  10. I'm your newest follower from the Monday Blog Hops. Come check out my blog at:

    Have a great day!

  11. Great pics, thanks for sharing! Thanks for stopping by and following my blog from Making Friends Monday spotlight! I'm following back. ;)

    Have a great week!
    Jennifer @


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