Saturday, October 2, 2010


Good day, everyone!

I woke up with a revelation today.  The problem with the world today is everyone is so stressed out, their bodies are trying to adapt to the stressed out state, but they can't and that is what brings on flare-ups.  At least in my case.  But I'll bet it's the same in your case, too!  When you get really stressed, your body releases a hormone called "cortisol" and that brings on weight and water gains.  NOT what we need right now!!

The plan?  What I do when I get really stressed or worried about something, I think back to the past at similar situations and how I handled them. I take nice, deep, cleansing breaths, close my eyes and think about another time or place that made me feel really good about myself.  That works almost 100% of the time.  I get to laughing about funny things that happened in the past, that I forget about the here and now.  You should try it sometime. Hopefully the same thing will happen and you'll forget what you were worried about in the first place.  Everything has a way of working out....that I learned the HARD way!!

I joined the "Ultimate Blog Challenge" where I write a post a day for the month of October.  I figured I could do all kinds of posts on relaxation, stress management, fibromyalagia coping tips, ect.   If you have a blog and wish to join, just click on the button above on the left hand side and it'll take you where you need to go to join.  I hope to see you there!!!

Today I'm going to practice my relaxation method and think of a time where I had a lot of fun.  That would be with my grandma, ma and me when we went whale watching in San Diego, CA.  We had sooo much fun on that boat, and laughed so hard because we couldn't walk a straight line due to the choppiness of the waves.  Grandma tried using the bathroom downstairs (we were on the top deck, of course!) and she said she had a heck of a time trying to sit down and the stall door kept slamming back and forth.  Here's some photos of that whale watch adventure:
Ticket booth for HornBlower Cruises and Events. This is where we turn our internet vouchers in for tickets for the cruise.
My grandma and mom getting ready to board the ship. 
 Isn't this beautiful? I couldn't resist getting a quick photo of it flapping behind our ship, the ocean wake foamy white......USA all the way! :0)
As you can see, the San Diego Bay is getting farther and farther away.  It was chilly that day, as whale season is December to March.  It definitely was light coat weather out on the ocean waters!!
  Grandma searching in vain to find at least a tail fin of a whale!  We all were, but the whales must have been sleeping.  We did see otters and dolphins, though.  That was cool how they weaved in and out of the water by the boat.  The captain was so nice, he said that because we couldn't go out as far as other trips because of the choppy weather,  he would give us  a voucher for a free whale trip!  Cool!!
  Grandma deciding to move her search over to the other end of the boat.
  Taking a much needed break.  It's hard work, looking for whales and then not seeing any!!  Mom and grandma on deck, all bundled up in their jackets!
    Coming back to San Diego Bay.  Granny & ma's heads are all popped out over the side and read y to be on solid land again.  I know I was glad.  I get sea sick a lot, but this time I took Dramamine and it helped (I might have taken more than what I should have!), but made me so damn drowsy I could barely keep my eyes open!!
    And here we are, the trip completed.  We had so much fun, that we will definitely be going again next season!!

Thank you for coming along with me on our whaling trip. Even though we didn't see a whale, just the ride out there and back was super fun. I will never forget that trip.

Okay, that is my relaxation method.  Do you think it's something it might work for you?  You can use any memory that brings you joy and it will help you to relax.  You will find you can deal with any problem or stress when you are relaxed and not all knotted up in a big ball!!

That's it for today's post. Tomorrow we'll work on more relaxation tips.  I hope this post was helpful and finds you all in good health today.  With the exception of my head and the goose egg I have from my fall and my right leg, I'm no worse for wear.  Today I'm going to do a light shopping trip with my husband, so wish me luck.  Geared with my walker with the seat, I can go almost anywhere!!

Have a good Saturday!
God bless,
Until next post,

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  1. I wish you had seen a whale. I would love to go whale watching and see the dolphins and sea lions and such. I am really glad you have good memories of your mom because some people I know don't. I am trying to make good memories with mine because she won't be here for much longer.

    We are both having a better day today. She has had about 1 1/2 ensure so far so I am really excited about that. I am hopeful she might actually finish two for the day. She sleeps in the hospital bed in the living room now. Her walking is getting pretty bad so I don't have her walk much. It just all of a sudden she couldn't do it. It was very weird and unsettling. Because wednesday she could walk to the car, into the store, down the stairs and up the stairs, and thursday she couldn't do any of it. I don't get it. I just don't. Anyways, I am keeping my blog award on my blog because I like it. It was so cool to get one.

    Hope you are having a good day.


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