Thursday, October 14, 2010

Today Is THE Day!

Hello, everyone!

Well, today is THE day I've been waiting for - my bariatric clinic appointment to hopefully get things rolling.  I'm kind of nervous I don't have the right forms, though.  Yesterday I got a call from the clinic and they didn't have ANYTHING on medical history, no referral, no labs, nada!  The referral is what we had to go down there and get in person from my doctor's office.  When I had my doctor's appointment last week, I was told everything was taken care of, so I didn't think anymore of it.  Until the call yesterday!!!  So hopefully what I have is what they need and we didn't just  drive 80 miles round trip to get to the clinic to find out I have to reschedule.  That would be crushing to me....again.  I might be so inclined to think maybe God is telling me something, here.  One shouldn't have to go to this lengths just for an appointment!  I've gone to my rheumatologist without a referral and he saw me, while the receptionist worked on getting the referral faxed in.  Why can't this clinic do the same?  Ah, all these worries and doubt.  No wonder I've got acid reflux!!!

Do you remember seeing on my new posts something called a "blog hop?"  They are the COOLEST blog tool if you want to look at some awesome new blogs and meet new friends.  I would be absolutely lost without it.  I've signed up my blog for a number of them and my site traffic has doubled since I've done that!  I've seen so many cute blogs and met a few friends, too.  So I strongly urge you to enter in some of the hops if you have a blog.   

Well, I better get ready for the day.  Hope you have a great day and I'll post as soon as I can after the appointment.  :0)

God bless!
Until next post,


  1. Following you from Thursday Hop..I love your blog...I too have Fibro, and your blog is certainly something I need to read...Thanks Kat

  2. I am now following you thanks to Traveling Through Thursday blog hop, and it would be nice if you could share the love back on my blog;) Also don't forget, if you need any help increasing your blog's traffic or easy blog design tips, you know where to come!
    Today we teach a bunch of new useful tips to improve your blog's traffic, so make sure you don't miss it! Happy Thursday!

  3. Missy, do you have a blog button or anything...I want to list you in my fav reads...also I would like to Spotlight you for the week for all my new followers...I love your information...and would love to get the word out on Fibro...Thanks, Kat

  4. Thanks for the visit at 2 Boys + 1 Girl = One Crazy Mom today.. following you back :-) I will e-mail you about the giveaways.. :-)

    Hope to see you around


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