Friday, October 8, 2010


Greetings, dear friends!

I don't know what is up with Blogger recently, but I'm having a problem with linking an image to a another blog.  I'm having to put the image on without the link, and add a hyperlink underneath my image!  I don't like it at all!!  And then, I wrote out some of the post for today and had to go to another site for the link and when I came back to my draft, it wasn't there and the copy and paste didn't work, either!  ARGH!!!!!! 

But, my problems are NOTHING compared to the story I'm about to share with you.  I was having breakfast while reading blogs, when I saw a button to "Pray for Leslie Joy Evans" on one of the blogs.  I clicked on it and it forever has changed my way of looking a things.  Life is so incredibly fragile, that it must be preserved and kept safe inside each one of us.  You never know, in a fleeting moment it can be lost forever.

Leslie Joy Evans was a beautiful woman, recently married to a man she utterly adored.  He had a previous wife who died of cancer 2 years ago, leaving him with three children.  Leslie loved those kids and wanted to feel the experience of pregnancy and raising a child of her own.  So she got pregnant and found out she was having twins.  Then, at 21 weeks into her pregnancy, her water broke.  She was rushed to the hospital and it was found to be a tear in baby A's amniotic fluid sac. The baby (a girl, I believe) was still born.  The other baby's lungs were too under-developed and died as well.  If THAT isn't enough, the mom (Leslie) had a heart attack!  They were able to revive her, but she was without oxygen for 17 minutes....way too long for the brain to not be damaged.  Leslie died on October 7th, 2010.  My heart just breaks for this young couple. So much to live for, over in a fleeting moment.  I know God has His reasons for ALL things and He doesn't give you more than you can bear, but sometimes He comes awfully close to that breaking point!  Her family has a blog about Leslie, click on my link: Leslie Joy Evans

ATTENTION TO MY FELLOW BLOGGERS:  PLEASE, please, please join me in the Blog Hop!  It's fun!  Down below, under the discussion labels and above "Patients Like Me" is the "linky" on which you enter your blog's URL.  Your traffic will DEFINITELY increase....mine has!  And you can look at some really cool blogs and meet new people.  It can be as time consuming as you want it to be.   I'm kind of embarrassed because the only link there is mine, to start it off.  So won't you help me with my Blog Hop??

Today is "Follow Friday"!  That means anyone over 40 are encouraged to visit other blogs and "follow" them and then they return the favor and "follow" you back.  Sound fun?  :0)  Click on this link to visit the blog that started this tradition: "Never Growing Old"   

OK, on to other things.  My neuropathy pain has much improved with the extra Neurontin, however, it makes me so darn drowsy!  My aunt took it for the same reasons - shooting pains from her back to her legs and it really zonked her out, she told me.  I'm going to continue it, though, because the benefit I get from it far outweighs the risks.  The "fire" feeling in my feet is basically gone.  I'll get a twinge here and there, but definitely much better.  I always have "pins and needles" sensations, those are no problem. I just can't stand it when my feet are on fire!!

Today my hubby and I are taking a practice-run out to the hospital in Gilbert where the bariatric surgeon is.  We thought it best to do this because we are always running late and then stress out about where to go.  But not this time.  We will be armed with the GPS and we can take our time getting there and back.

Nothing else is going on, thank Heavens!  We've had enough to last a life time!  I heard from my dad in Michigan today and he sounds like he is doing very well.  Met a very nice lady online (just like Frankie and I met!) and is planning a trip to Oklahoma to visit her.  He sounds really excited about it. I'm happy he's found someone to fill at least partially, the loneliness hole in his heart that mom left behind.  It is strange thinking of him with some one else besides my mom, but I'll get over that in time.  Mom would want him to be happy.

Alrighty, that is it from my corner of the blogosphere!  Hope I get some people to sign up their blog on my linky's free! And fun!!  Although I'd have more fun if people would sign up....hint, hint! :0)

Have a blessed day!
Until next post,


  1. Hah! I was able to do the link thing! Woo Hoo! Usually whenever I try something like that I get an error message or something LOL. I see you are Halloweening the blog. Looking good! I was on Neurontin and it made me very sleepy too and that was at the starting dose. My pain was not horrendous at the time so I got off of it. But if it helps the pain... good to know it is worth another try if I need to. Patti

  2. Yes, Patti, it definitely has helped my pain! I WAS halloweening the blog, but saw this design that I liked more, but it was a template and it, at first, messed everything up! Long story short, I sorted it out and I think it looks pretty good. Hope everything is easy to read.

    Have a great day!


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