Saturday, December 4, 2010


Greetings, everyone!!

Are you a "Choco-holic"?  Do you dream just about chocolate?  Do you think chocolate should be included in the food groups?

If you answered "yes" to any of the above, you are NOT alone!!  Whether you are a secret closet eater or do it out in the open, we've got you covered with new (to the United States) European Premium Bubble Chocolate!!

"Bubble Chocolate" is made with premium chocolate and is sold in 2.8oz bars of either creamy milk chocolate (which is 38% cocoa) or delicious dark chocolate (which is 60% cocoa). "Bubble Chocolate" is so different from its competitors in that it offers a mouth-mattering sensation that tickles your tastebuds.  It has a unique "airy" texture that promises a consistent balance of smooth, all natural, premium chocolate.  To fully enjoy your chocolate, break off in small squares (which are pre-cut for you! ) and place into your mouth.  Allow it to dissolve on your tongue (usually takes just a few seconds). Gently start chewing, which will activate the bubbles to form in your mouth.  This unique texture of light and airy "bubbles" sensation is absolutely AWESOME...which is MY point of view!!!  Ha!
So if you are a chocolate lover, head on over to Bubble Chocolate.  From what the manufacturer tells me, it is a HIT in the UK, but not in the USA.  So let's change that!  It REALLY IS absolutely delicious.  I can't wait for y'all to try it out...whether you buy it or win it.  

Here is how to WIN ONE SET OF BUBBLE CHOCOLATE:  (One set consists of one bar of dark chocolate and one bar of milk chocolate.)  TO ENTER:  you must do the following stuff:

You must "follow" me on "Google Friend Connect.
Then, write a comment you are "following" me along with your email address or where I can get your email address so I can contact you if you win.  Please keep reading on.......

Now, if you have either a Facebook or Twitter accounts, it would be nice if you could do the following and let me know via separate comments and that will count as TWO ADDITIONAL ENTRIES TO WIN!!  :0)

You  "like" Bubble Chocolate on "Facebook"

You can "tweet" Bubble Chocolate on "Twitter"
They are advertising their own contest "Win One Year of Bubble Chocolate."  Man, imagine that!

The giveaway will start now (Dec. 4th) and end at 11 : 59pm PST Dec. 18th.  I will randomly chose the winners and I will notify them via email.  PLEASE NO P.O. BOXES AND ONLY CONTINENTAL USA WINNERS.


  1. I followed you and if I win leave me a message on my facebook account as I don't want to post my personal email account. You have a great blog and can wait for you to post more! Thanks, Sharon Ballentine

  2. I can answer yes to all the questions. OK I already consider chocolate a major food group and one of life's necessities! And I follow you via GFC!

  3. Hi Missy,
    You know I am already following you and I just tweeted Bubble Chocolate and will now be posting on my Facebook! I hope you are feeling better and having a restful weekend!

  4. Following you on GFC


    Fellow Blog Hopper:)

  5. Liked Bubble Chocolate on Facebook


  6. Tweeted!/gracegives/status/11266492783923200


  7. Oooo I am a total chocolate lover! Neat contest! I already follow you on Google Connect, does that count? :)

    Mmmm sounds yummy!!

  8. Oops... and my email is rochellelearning at gmail dot com.

  9. I am now following them on Facebook and Twitter, I liked their Facebook page.

  10. And I just followed them on Twitter and Retweeted their 'win a chocolate for a year' contest :)

  11. Hope Chocolate can help the blues away for me ;)

    hugs n love

  12. I'm following you - it's been a tough month... some chocolate sounds AWESOME!

  13. I like Bubble Chocolate on Facebook. :)

  14. Liked bubble chocolate on face book..

  15. I am following you on google and network blogs Ü

  16. I follow you ...Email can be found on my FB acct
    Elaine Svoboda

  17. I'm following you. My email is


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