Monday, December 13, 2010

It's A Holly Jolly Christmas!!

Howdy, fine friends and a family!!

I hope you guys and gals are having as much fun as I am with having my grandma visiting us from College Station, Texas.  I haven't seen her since my mom died in July 2008.  We have done nothing but giggle and catch up way into the night.  Almost as if we were teenagers again!!  We have remembered all the funny things my mom did as a little little girl and have laughed our little butts off about it.  I wish my mom were here with us to have as much fun as Grandma and I are having!!!  Knowing her, though, she would have been having her own brand of fun up in Heaven!!

Nothing much going on so far, this first week. Jackie has been an absolute HANDFUL by wanting out every time the bedroom door is open or when when the hall gate is open.  I've yelled at the poor kitty so much this week I'm surprised he hasn't wanted to pack his bags and head for the hills recently!!!!

I finally got two pictures of my grandma and me and my grandma and my husband.  Wanna see my is my grandma and I:
Don't joke too much at me as "jobba the hudd"....Man I wish I would lose a lot by Christmas!!

And here is my hubbster with Grandma.  Aren't they a cute little pair?  Here they are:
So far, all we have done so far has been look at Christmas lights.  Oh, man, have they had so many lights to be hold!!  A few days ago we went to the west valley and the lights twinkled so brightly, we barely knew which way to look.  I took the camera with to capture all we could could on one session.  I'm so glad I have a great camera to capture both photo and video with sound.  You just can't beat it!!!  Here is one of four series .  Enjoy it!!

Hope you enjoyed the videos of our Christmas light night out.  We will we be posting more to come.  Hope you all have a great holiday season and spend time with all those of you whom you love the best!!
I know Jackie is having the time off his furry life by having our guest in town.  Everything morning he takes the opportunity to skittle out the gate and out the doggie door.  Poor Frankie has to go after him in his bare feet and grab him back inside. I don't like him going outside due to he has no front claws and he is so curious, I'd be afraid he'd wander too far away from home and I'd lose him!  Although he has an ID chip implanted, I just don't want anything bad to happen.  And I just spent $55 on his grooming and he loves to roll around in the dirt!  What a cat!!!

This is our first giveaway and only 4 people have signed up so far.  So please, sign up for some free chocolate.  I would greatly appreciate it!!  All ya gotta to is go to over to "archive" list and pick on "For Chocoholics" and follow the instructions.  That's it!!  Not so hard, is it?  Please help me out!!!

Already, this is it for now.  Hope you all have a great day and have fun Christmas shopping.  Also have fun signing up for the chocolate contest!!!!!
See ya next post!!!
God bless ya!
  (Thanks, Gina!)


  1. I am so glad you and your Grandma are having a great time. I have been wondering how it was going since she arrived. I can just picture you two talking all night long. That would be me and mom for sure too. I am so glad she is staying for a few weeks with you.

    Take lots of pictures to post! I hope you have a great Christmas!

  2. I was just about to sign off the 'putter and saw your post!! Good to hear from you, I have been thinking about you and wondering how your visit was going! Thanks for sharing the pictures, have a great night!

  3. OH Missy hun your blog is absolutely wonderful. I enjoyed the lights very much. Glad your visit with Grandma is going wonderful.

    Hugs n Love
    Gina n Dad

  4. hi missy, gina and i saw you video...on your christmas lights out, and it was beautiful. they were all very pretty to look at. the pics of grandma and franklin were kewl. i am happy your enjoying your visit with grandma, and glad your having a nice time. gina and i sends you many hugs and we love ya. please tell grandma hello for me.
    bob and gina

    PS Missy (this is gina) Your blog today is wonderful. I am looking for a special award for Christmas Blogs :)

  5. I just started to follow your blog and am excited to continue to do so. I am trying to get the word out- My Mom has suffered with fibro for over 20 years, she has had anxietye, fatigue, depression, pain etc- you name it: She started using The Elite Sheet and it has done wonders for her- could you please help forward information about the Elite Sheet onto other's who have a hard time getting sleep at night: I have listed there facebook account and there website and blog, Thanks for allowing me to comment, I need to go and check out the chocolates Ü

  6. Missy thank you for the lovely comment ;) I didn't get what your dad had thank throat was sore from the weather change Sunday it was only in the 20's. Hope you continue to enjoy visit with Grandma ;) we will call you later tonight.

    Hugs n Love


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