Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Howdy, everyone!!

Hope you all are having a very happy Christmas season!!  I sure am, with looking at all the pretty Christmas lights and having my grandma here with me.  We are having so much fun, talking about old times and laughing at all our silly adventures.  Here is one of the pictures of some of the pretty lights:
I never dreamed how many lights and ornaments on the houses in Phoenix.  They certainly have outdone themselves!!  Grandma, my hubby and I have had so fun going around town shooting videos of all the pretty decorations.  I'll show you some in future posts.  Right now, though, this post is all about:
                              ANOTHER GIVEAWAY!!!!
It's another premium chocolate giveaway, where 5 winners get two big bars of chocolate supplied by Bloomsberry chocolate.  They sent me a sample to try out and let me tell you, it is chocolate at its finest.  It's made of decadent milk chocolate and also deep, dark chocolate (which is good for your heart!  A good health reason to eat chocolate!!)  It was created in New Zealand, but now it has been tantalizing tastebuds here in the USA.
The bars are wrapped in paper of all kinds: humorous, holidays, ect.  Here is what the two bars that I got looked like:
They offer so many wrappings, there is something for everyone.  And the chocolate is absolutely decadent!!!  Wanna win two bars?  Follow the rules below:

1.  You MUST be a follower of my blog via Google Friends and/or Network Friends.  Please let me know in the comment section that you are a follower of mine.  I will follow you back! :0)

Optional:  You will get two additional entries  if you do this one thing.  Please add in separate comment that you have done this.  Thanks!
1. Visit their website and tell me which design you like the best.

That's it!  That's all you have to do.   I hope I get a better turn out than the last giveaway, which is still in progress.  Just go to my archive and poke on the post "For Chocoholics."  You can enter both giveaways at go for it!!  This giveaway will end December 30, 2010.  My first giveaway will end December 18th, 2010.   Sorry, NO P.O. Boxes and continental USA only.

I'll post again soon!  Hope you all have a blessed and happy day!!
God bless,


  1. I follow you through facebook so not sure if that counts as "google friends" but love your blog anyways :) Happy Holidays !! Elaine Svoboda

  2. I like the magic fairy wrapper since I collect fairies ! It's adorable :) Elaine

  3. I follow you!!!!! Please enter me in the chocolate giveaway. Love the picture of winnie the pooh on the lawns. I just have a little tree and one piano decorated in the house. I hope you and your family are having a good time. My best friend comes to town on Sunday for the day. I am excited about that. I have friends coming to town too to visit their relatives.

  4. Missy hun I am following you now through network blogs I am going to their site right now...I hope I can figure it out this time LOL

    hugs n love
    gina n dad

  5. I am a GFC follower from Http://funbeingfrugal!

  6. I like the choc. emergency holiday bar.

    I love your blog--great content.

  7. I'm your newest google follower, glad to have found your site!

  8. Haha! I loved their 'about' page. Their 'peace; bar is my favorite and all sold out, but i also like the Boyfriend Bar and the "Emergency Chocolate Bar.

  9. I'm following you on both google and networked blogs. I like the emergency pink the best.

  10. Missy-I like the miseltoe bar best

  11. Hi!!! You are ONE OF MY WINNERS!!!! Please send me your shipping address so we can get your prize mailed out. You can email me at: You have 72 hours to notify me before another winner is picked. Thank you!!


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