Sunday, December 19, 2010

I Have Some Winners....

Howdy, ho, friends!!  This will probably be the shortest post in the world as I am just dead tired and will be going to bed soon.  I went to Walmart with my husband and searched the whole store twice trying to find measuring cups!!  My feet are killing me and so is my back!!  It's time for my new heated massaging mat......

OK, before I close, I just wanted to relay the lucky winners of my Bubble Chocolate Contest.  I have five of them and I have notified each individually by email.  They have 72 hours to notify me and if they don't, then I will pick another winner.  Hopefully that won't happen!!!

Here are the winners:
1. Sharon Ballentine
2. "Answer Is Chocolate"
3. Shawn Becker
4. Grace Matthews
 5. Rochelle

CONGRATULATIONS!!!  And remember, to the people that didn't win, you can still join my second giveaway with a different chocolate company by going to the post "Another Giveaway" in my blog archive.  I have lots of openings in there, so I need you to join!
Thank you!

Hope you all have a great day (or night) and I will post again real soon.
Hugs to all!
God bless ya!


  1. Missy hun hope your massager mat helps ;) I am still lost on the giveaway...maybe Ill understand some day.

    Hugs n love
    ps your dad is the best

  2. Missy, I sent you an e mail , just want to tell you Thanks..I can not wait to taste the chocolate..YummY!!


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