Saturday, December 4, 2010

HOT Blog Hoppin'!

Howdy, friends!

Yesterday I told you all a little bit about the blog hop that I have been spotlighted in (WOW- twice in ONE week!) and now I have the code for the blog hop to put in this post so you all can blog hop around with me.  Try it - it's great fun and it's a wonderful way to meet fabulous new friends!  Here is how YOU can participate and if you have a blog, you just might be picked to be spotlighted, too!

PS-Before you start hoppin', let me tell you one more thing.  I cannot do the review or giveaway yet, I still have unanswered questions that I have written to the product manufacturer. Sorry I got ahead of myself.  Forgive me?  :0)


(Feel free to copy and paste these rules)

* 1. Copy and Paste the 'Keepin' Company Thursday" button and write a blog post about it on your page, explaining to your blog followers how it works and how to join.

* 2. Follow the first two blogs, which are the hostesses, Heck of a Bunch and Traci66. They will follow back.

* 3. Follow the "LUCKY" #3 spot winner.

For this hop to really work you'll need to follow the 'honor code' and help us spread the word about Keepin' Company Thursday.

*4. Go to as many blogs on the list as possible and follow them.

*5. Leave them a comment saying. "Hey! I'm a new follower from "Keepin' Company Thursday" Check out my blog too! Thanks!" They should all follow you back because that's what this is all about!

*6. If you get a follower via Keepin' Company Thursday please follow them back.

*7. Add your blog name and the URL to your Keepin' Company Thursday Post to the linky below

* You can also grab the code below to add to your post if you want the thumbnails to appear in your post.

How to get to be in the #3 spot
* If you add the Keepin' Company button to your sidebar or post and leave either of the hostesses, Heck of a Bunch or Traci66, a comment letting them know where to find it. They will randomly draw a blog to be in the #3 spot next week. They would really appreciate if you did this step so we can spread the word about Keepin' Company Thursdays.


Have fun!  :0)
God bless,


  1. I'm a new follower
    Copper Llama Studio

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog today. I'm following you now too.

    PS Mom Reviews

  3. Missy hun you deserve this so much CONGRATS again

    Hugs n love

    hope you feel better soon
    Gina & Dad

  4. Hi! Thanks for following, I am your newest follower! Happy Holidays to you too!

  5. Hey Missy, it's Kim again (hehehehe). I just wanted to let you know I have started my own blog @ gina's suggestion. Just wanted to give you my blog info. Oh do you mind if I put a link into one of my posts to your "what is Fibromyalgia" page? I love the page, Lyria is a horrible drug, Cymbalta is not that great either (in my humble opion), I wish I could find something that would work for me.

    Hope your having a pain free day,

  6. Duh, I forgot to give you the link....Blonde moment (is what I call them, or brain hiccups),



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