Monday, December 20, 2010

Can You BELIEVE It's Almost Christmas Again?

Howdy, fine friends!  As my post states, can you believe the holiday season is fast approaching and pretty soon we will be in the homes of our loved ones and friends, wishing everyone Christmas cheer and good fortune for the coming year.  My blog is not a year old yet, not until May, but I have gone so far with it since I first started blogging.  Looking back at all my posts, I see myself in many different lights....cheerful, frustrated, happy, the whole capult of emotions!  But I am so thankful for all my friends and family that words cannot adequately express it.  And I am sooo thankful that all my blogger friends STILL read my blog!  I was afraid of boring everyone, so I try to think of fun things to do instead of just dwelling on how my leg is killing me and my back is atrocious.  I find that blogging helps me forget.  And for that, I am very grateful!!!  And I thank the good Lord above, too.  Always and forever.

Today we have to brave Walmart again to return my digital frame key chain that won't work on my computer.  It keeps seeing it as a CD player (it's a USB hook-up) and no matter how hard I try, I can't change that.  So I'm gonna change it out for another one that hopefully works!!  Those digital frames are sooo neat.  I'd love a big one for our bedroom, but those are over $100.00.  Our budge just can't support that.  So hopefully I can find a digital photo key chain that works!  Wish me luck!!

I LOVE having my grandma here with us.  She has been such a joy and a blessing.  We are having SO much fun going out to eat, looking at lights, talking and just being together.  I'm gonna start taking pictures with my new camera over Christmas, so be looking for that.  We'll be going over to Frankie's sister's house and it should be absolutely devine and Barbara is a fabulous cook.  I'm very excited for Christmas to come this year.  I can't remember the last time I had Christmas with her.  She would always spend it in Texas when we all lived in Yuma.  So it definitely is time for a switch-a-roo!!

Jack is doing good, he's not bothering Grandma like he did when she first came.  I think he has gotten the hint that she is just NOT a cat OR dog person.  I have a few new pics of my boy that I'll post.  It works out great that she sleeps out on the couch (and says that is perfectly fine for her - it's comfortable) and we keep Jack in with us and he can lay on our bed like he's used to, so he hasn't thrown any further fits!  What a silly kitty!!!
My two men.  One happy, one grouchy....that would be Jack! He hates the flash of the camera in his eyes. The next pic is of Jack all sacked out on our new quilt and sheets. I don't know why we even bought him his own kitty bed. He rarely sleeps in it!!  Maybe if I got HIM a new sheet set he'd sleep in it? :0)
 My zany granny doing her "swine flue days" imitation!  This was her way of hiding her so-called wrinkles.  Heck, for 87 years old, I think she looks great!!!  But there is NO convincing her!  I wanted a picture and this was the only way of getting it!!  :0)

Now on to the contest winners.  I've heard from THREE of you, I need the other TWO names and addresses before I can send them on to the company that is sponsoring my giveaway.  So please drop me an email soon.  Let's get them addresses out to the company.
If I DON'T hear from the two remaining names, I will be picking more winners in two days.
Thank you!!!

That's all the news so far.  Hope you all are happy and healthy this holiday season.  I'm so happy to be spending it with all my new blogger friends!!
God bless,


  1. Missy Hi! Do you know I was ALREADY following you! I also had referred your blog to a friend who has fibromyalgia (I bet I misspelled that and I am sorry!)

    I just saw Jack and he is HUGE!! Wow!! He is an adorably handsome boy!

    So nice to meet you!
    Cat Chat Love from Caren and Cody

  2. Tell Grandma that she is gorgeous and to put down the napkin..who would think that she is 87 years young!
    Loved the picture of Jack, he is such a handsome kitty!

    Merry Christmas,

  3. Missy hun, your blog is awesome as always.
    please (enjoy Grandma for me too) OMG I miss my grandparents esp at Christmas time, but knowing them too they are the life of the party in Heaven, they are probably celebrating with your mom.:)

    Jackie is so cute, does he like it when you get him groomed? pepper dog loves getting Groomed.
    Caz-caz is sitting on top of the chair like he owns it OH WAIT HE DOES!!! Its his house and I just occupy it.

    Your dad is absolutely the most wonderful person in the world. OOPS hes reading as I'm typing but he already knows how I feel.

    Hugs n Love
    Dad & Gina

    ps thanks for the support with my blog

  4. Missy, you have such a cute your holiday header!
    May you, your Hubby, Mom, Grandma and JACK have a very blessed Christmas!!


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