Saturday, December 18, 2010

Hurry Up!

Howdy, folks!  Just wanted to let you know that if you hurry, you can still enter my chocolate giveaway by midnight, PST.  I will be picking winners and emailing them to let them know they are a lucky winner.  I get to choose 5 winners...and I've got plenty of room left for you to sign up if you haven't done so.  They can make perfect stocking stuffers if the company sends them out in time....I'm sure they will!!

Hope you all are having a great Saturday.  I'm still having a horrible time with my right leg/calf and can hardly walk on it.  I'm nervous about my upcoming hearing for the disability.  If anyone has been to a disability hearing, if you don't mind sharing your story I'd love to hear it.  My lawyer says I don't have much "paper evidence" so maybe seeing me in person and how badly I get around will help.  I hope so!  And she said I can get on Medicare in two months as I've already done my time waiting to get the hearing!  That is what I was worrying about..the standard two year wait for Medicare.  I would lose my state benefits if I got a check monthly and I can't lost my medical insurance.  That would be a nightmare!  OK, I'm finished with venting!!!

My grandma is so sweet....she got me a new camera for Christmas.  It was on sale and boy is it a beauty.  I took the videos and picture in my last post with the new camera.  We are having so much fun just yakking around and enjoying each other's company.

OK....time is of the essence....sign up NOW for my giveaway by going to the "For Chocoholics" post in my archive.

God bless!

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