Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Lap-Band Seminar

Howdy, fine folks!

Hope everything is A-OK in your world on this "hump" day of the week!  When I was in school, I liked Wednesdays as it meant we were half the way there to Friday. I liked Fridays EVEN MORE, as that meant the weekend and sleeping in.  Ahhh, thinking back to my youth always makes me think hard at how so many things I considered "problems" then are just a little bump on the road of life.  I didn't have the fibro then, or the arthritis. I was healthy - a little on the plump side - I've battled the bulge for many, many years now. I only took an aspirin if I had a headache, which was not very often.  Problems then consisted of a run in your nylon or no chap stick or lipstick on your teeth that you didn't discover until the END of the day!  The problems of now are so much more serious (our crumbling economy, unemployment is up, famine, earthquakes, you get the picture!) and I am no longer the picture of health.  In fact, my medication list is as long as my arm! When I fill out new patient forms and they ask what meds I'm taking I always say "see med list" as I carry a med list with me all the time.  It makes life so much easier!!  I highly recommend that everyone make out a medication list and stick it in your pocket or purse. You won't believe how handy it is to have!

OK, I'll get off my soap box now.  Last night my hubby and I went to Banner Estrella for the lap-band seminar.  My hubby has been enjoying getting out into the open air and has been coming along with me on many of our errands. I think it helps to build up his strength more.  He can hide the drain under his shirt and nobody would even know he has a drain.  Anyway, there were about 10 people who attended and the marketing lady who was doing the seminar. She said that unfortunately, all the bariatric surgeons were busy last night and could make it to the seminar.  Of course! Just my luck!  The marketing lady (due to fibro fog I can't for the life of me remember her name!) did an excellent job of explaining the various surgeries. The Lap-Band, gastric bypass and something called a "gastric sleeve" which is almost like the bypass, but they don't do anything with the intestines like the bypass does.  They cut a portion of the stomach and make it into a pouch that serves as the "new stomach." This pouch is shaped like a banana.  I want the Lap-Band procedure and ONLY that. No surgery to re-route my intestines. There's a lot of risks and complications to that (like dumping syndrome because food is rapidly shunted to the small intestine from the stomach and causes terrible cramps, sweating, fainting, ect.)  The gastric sleeve, even though it leaves the intestines alone and your body has normal digestion, it is non-reversible.

Now for the bad part. Money. The lady collected our forms that we had to fill out for insurance coverage and she was going to have them processed to see what our individual coverage would be, if any.  I should be getting a call within a few days to go and have my initial appointment with a bariatric surgeon, dietician and psychologist and they would go over my insurance and financing.  NOT counting the surgery, there are costs that are out of pocket.  To enroll in their program, it's $500.00.  The psychological exam is $400.00 and the three year diet and exercise program is another $1000.00.  So I'm very, very nervous that I won't be able to do this.  The lady said that for the severely, morbidly obese with a BMI over 40 (mine is 54), the life expectancy to 65 years of age is only 35%.  I'm scared that this is my only option, as I've been dieting for two years now and my weight loss has stopped.  I've even GAINED weight. And my feet are tree trunks.  I just need a miracle!!  I may be seeing my mom sooner than I think in Heaven!

There are financing options available, but with my husband and my bankruptcy and credit history, that option IS history.  Nobody is going to loan us money.  I'm just every scared and nervous and anxious that everything costs so much and I've got nothing!!  I think I'm starting to hyperventilate!  OK, calm down, Missy.  I'll just see what happens.  Please God, do your miracles!

Hope everyone has a good day and I really appreciate all the kind and loving support you have given me.  I value each and everyone of you!!  :0)

God bless ya,
Until next post,


  1. I am sorry about the cost of all this. Sometimes life feels like you are stuck between a rock and a hardplace. I will keep you in my prayers that something works out for you to the good. And that Frankie continues to heal and regain his good spirits. Love you!

  2. Thank you, Lorie, for your comment and your prayers. I'll need all of them! :0) Love you, too!

  3. I hope you find a way to get the surgery. I had considered it as I am, as you put it, on the plump side with the legs too. However, I am not able to go this route because of my blood disorder. Just letting you know that blood clots is one of the very serious side effects. I have had a blood clot and I nearly died because of my age and no reason to have one they only did a CT scan on the chest because they didn't know what else to do. Turns out I had a blood clot in my left lung so now I am on blood thinners so that leaves me out. I did get a new DVD from Richard Simmons that is an exercise DVD for those of us who have limited mobility and it is really good. I can't stand or walk very well, so doing a regular DVD is not possible. Maybe it would work with you. It's called Sit Tight. His website is

  4. Hi, Heather! Thank you so much for your comment. I got a call today setting up the initial appointment to go over what my insurance will cover. This will happen September 15th. So keep your fingers crossed for me! I had a blood clot, too, in July of 2009, that extended my whole left leg. I was in ICU on a new clot buster medication that worked within 24 hours. Now, there is no evidence that I EVER had a clot in that leg. I had a follow up ultrasound not too long ago because of the feet swelling and that is what it showed. No clots. So the cardiologist I had to go to thinks my swelling is a "gravity" problem due to my weight! Everything is always about weight, isn't it? :0)

  5. Hey Missy, have you checked out other hospitals in the area? Maybe there are other doctors/hospitals with different fees and criteria. Don't give up yet! Good luck, Patti

  6. Thank you, Patti! That is an excellent idea. My insurance (the state's medicaid program) only covers where I went to. They are so strict about who you can go to. I received a call yesterday from the Lap-Band coordinator and she ran my insurance and I have an initial appointment set up that will go over what is covered. Keep your fingers crossed that everything is covered! :0)


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