Friday, August 27, 2010

A New Day Has Come

Hello, my good friends!

I want to start this post out by saying I'm sorry about yesterday's post - or "whine fest" as the case may be!  I just was having a lousy day both physically AND mentally so I thought blogging might help, it usually does when I'm in a mood or upset about something.  Even when I'm happy, I love to blog.  OK-now that we all know I love to blog, I'll continue....

I'm very fortunate and thankful for one very basic, yet important thing: a beautiful roof over my head!  A big thank you to my husband's parents, Frank & Carol, for having us for two years and counting. Hopefully we haven't worn out our welcome yet!!  I am so thankful with how my mother-in-law has taken me in as one of her own and always has comforting advice when I panic or haven't thought things all the way through.  My husband and I are both very impulsive, so it's nice that SOMEONE has the brakes somewhere!!  My in-laws were away this whole week on a gambling retreat, so she wasn't here yesterday to talk to me.  But I'm glad they had a fabulous time-out from real life.  Maybe Frankie and I can do a short little day trip somewhere and get out of the house for awhile.  We've been cooped up because it's been so hot out and after Frankie's surgery ordeal, it'll be nice to go to Flagstaff or the Grand Canyon to cool off.  I'd LOVE to go back to San Diego, but that is a little more expensive trip we'll have to wait on.

Anyway, I'm also very thankful to have such wonderful people to lean on - and it keeps growing every day.  I 'meet' people on Facebook and through blogging and it's very therapeutic and helpful to find people like me, who have fibro and even those friends of mine who are fortunate NOT to have it, everyone has been really understanding and caring.  All those things are so much more important than STUFF (as I referred to in my last post).  My mom would come down from the skies above if she saw that post and kick my butt to kingdom come!  She'd tell me what the most important things are and it's NOTHING money can are so right, Mom!

I received a beautiful letter from one of my childhood friends that I recently discovered on Facebook (God, I love Facebook!) and she pointed out all I just said and scriptures and that made me feel myself again.  Thank you, Lorie.  God put you in my life a second time around now and I hope we can remain friends and keep in contact forever.  I love ya, girlfriend!  :0)

I'll close this post by adding a video that always make me smile, and I hope it will you, too.  My mom, grandma and I would go to San Diego every three months for our rheumatologist appointments and we'd always stop by Mission Beach park and feed the birds.  I'm even going to try and add a video, too and see if that works.  It's of my mom and grandma feeding the birds our stale bread!  Thank goodness they aren't picky......

We ADORED our San Diego trips and called them "Girls Weekend Out."  We'd leave the manly men at home to fend for themselves and we'd take San Diego and the surrounding areas by storm.  Okay, now I'm gonna try the video. It was shot using my older camera, so there is NO sound to it - thought I'd tell ya that so you wouldn't spend all day thinking your speakers weren't working!  This is my first time, so if it doesn't work, please forgive me.  Here goes:

Hope you enjoyed watching that.  I have other ones from our travels I'll show in various upcoming posts.  I hope each and everyone that visits my blog has a great day and upcoming weekend.  Do something FUN with your family. Cherish those around you. I know I will!  :0)

God bless,
Until next post,


  1. I love you too, girlfriend. I am just sorry that we lost contact for so long. I hate when that happens, but it seems to do so sometimes.

    I am sorry if my letter sounded a bit 'preachy' cause that was NOT my intention. I just know so well what it feels like to be in the pits, and I know that you CANNOT allow all that negative talk needle it's way into you. I am always reminded of the 'good' angel/'bad' angel on your shoulder you see in cartoons. When I get to feeling 'the mean reds' (Watch Breakfast at Tiffany's for the reference), that is when you have to flick that 'bad' angel right off your shoulder and cling to the two things that and hope.

  2. I don't know who was having more fun, the birds or you mum & g'mum. Too cute. You need to vent what's trouhleing you. You'll go half bonkers if you don't. I'm sure no one minded!! Hugs. Tammy

  3. Thank you, gals for your sweet comments. I really appreciate them, you two are too kind!! We sure did enjoy our San Diego times and feeding the birds. They would swoop down low around us to eat the bread!


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