Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Aye-yi-ya!!!!!!!  That about sums it up!  The man who always is constipated up to his eyeballs and requires enough stool softeners to choke a horse (seriously, before the surgery, he used to take eight (8) stool softeners a day and he STILL would require something more like Miralax to get things going!) has opened up the "colonic" flood gates and we had quite the mess this morning. I don't need to get graphic, nor do I want to re-live the experience again.  You get the picture.  I think one of the antibiotics Frankie received in the hospital has given him diarrhea.  He's gone twice yesterday and once so far this morning.  This morning was the worst.  The poor guy had to completely strip and hop into the shower, abdominal drain and all, to clean up.  My mother-in-law is so nice, she helped me clean up the mess in the bathroom. She mopped the floor and is now in the process of washing clothes.  We leave pretty soon to go to the doctor and I'm a tad worried about what to do if he has to "go" in the car.  I'm taking plenty of towels and padding him down!  Unless anyone else has an idea in the next hour or so!!  I've already given him 2 anti-diarrheal pills.  I hope I don't, in the long run, end up constipating him again.  I'll drive down that road later, though.

We finally got the blood pressure problem licked, I think. I've been taking it every four hours and he's had a good reading ever since he came home from the hospital.  And NO temperature.  Poor guy, he probably feels like he's back in the hospital with me hovering like a helicopter over him!  I can't help being a mother hen, though.  And a nurse mother hen at that!!!

Other than what I've described above, we've have a good first night home.  I was nervous all night and didn't sleep a lot, and I kept making sure Frankie was still breathing (that nurse in me, again!) so today I'm paying the price for not sleeping.  I can't wear my TENS yet until I get new electrodes, so after we leave the doctor appointment, we'll stop off and get some at Active Forever.  This morning I was sooooo stiff, I had to sit at the side of the bed for 45 minutes to "loosen" up enough to go to the bathroom, and then Frankie had his diarrhea episode then so I couldn't use our bathroom anyway!  I had to use my in-laws.  Thank goodness for two bathrooms!  My right leg is getting worse with the numbness, pins and needles and pain.  I don't think my medication regime is working anymore, so we'll have to "tweak" it when I see my doctor again.  I don't know what more we can do, but there has to be something!!

As soon as I get "humpty dumpty" Frankie put back together again and STAYS  put back together, then I'm going to go to the lap-band seminar required by the bariatric doctor.  I can't even see him until I attend the seminar first.  So I'd love to get that going, but I want to make sure Frankie is OK first as I can't go through two big things at once right now.  I'm so run down from him being in the hospital for so long and this whole ordeal.  Frankie and I have started on B vitamins to help with energy.  I wish I could strap a motor on my back or something to help me get going...wouldn't that be nice?  I just want to get the lap band procedure done and over with and start losing weight.  I'll bet I'll feel tons (excuse the pun!) better and maybe won't even need surgery.  I hope so!  And I can get back to work again and my husband and I can rent an apartment and be out on our own again.  That's my game plan, anyway.  I hope it works out like that.  So far I haven't had a good track record with things working out with plan A.  It's always plan B or C I have to rely on!  Then again, sometimes plan B or C is the better plan anyway. :0)

Alrighty, gotta run (again, excuse the pun....me, run?! That's NOT a pretty sight!) and get ready to take Frankie to his appointment.  Hope you all are happy and as pain free as you can get.

Thank you so much for all your love and support, everyone.  I've gained a lot through my blog sessions; I hope you have as well.

God bless!

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