Monday, August 23, 2010


Well, we just got back from Frankie's surgery appointment and unfortunately, the doctor felt it just wasn't time to remove the drain.  Even though we prepped ourselves on the way there to NOT get our hopes up, I could tell that Frankie was terribly disappointed.  And he will have another appointment in two MORE weeks and then the doctor said for sure he will remove the drain.  He promised us!!!  While I hate seeing Frankie disappointed, I am glad that the surgeon is being safe about the whole thing.  If he takes it out too soon, the fluid will accumulate in the abdomen again and Frankie would have a lot of problems.  We don't want that.  So, I told Frankie, maybe if he called his drain a name and personalized it some, it would be a funny joke and having it wouldn't be so bad.   Hey, I'm desperate here!!  So Frankie's drain's name is "Charlie."  Isn't that cute for a drain?  LOL.....I think I've finally gone off the deep end!!!

When I checked my email awhile ago, I got a pleasant surprise! Wellsphere Healthcare Bloggers site emailed me and gave me their "Top Healthcare Blog" badge to put on my blog....along with other little goodies. They told me my blog is an excellent addition to their fibromyalgia community! Check out the health tip for the day and the medical search box. And my new badge is proudly displayed on the right side panel.  :0)

That's all the news so far.  I am still very stiff and sore and my heel is killing me. Whatever the foot doctor thought it was the last time, I can assure him it's foot hurts more than it did before!  So tomorrow I'll call the foot doc back and see what the heck is wrong.  It feels like that plantar fascitis.  I don't know if I can get another injection so soon into it, as with steroids you have to be so careful not to get too much.  I'll just see what happens.

God bless you all!
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  1. I pray your honey gets to feeling better very soon. You as well. Be sure to stop by my blog for a GIVEAWAY. Take care. Tazzy


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