Sunday, December 5, 2010

Can I Have A Do-Over?

Howdy, my fine friends!

I thought I'd start my post with a nifty title like that!  I think I can speak for ALL of us in the Schranz household that this morning was the morning from Hell!!  Even our sweet kitty, Jack had a rough's a pic of him upset with us for taking him from the groomers.  But he soooo needed to go.  If we would have waited anymore on it, I could have taken Jack outside, sprout some roots and call him a little bush.
Doesn't he look a bit "upset" with us?  LOL...he does make a really good kitty bookend, don't ya think?  This morning was terrible for him.  He puked twice in our hallway and had diarrhea to match, except he went into his litter box for that.  Good kitty!  Cleaning up puke is far more better than diarrhea in my book!!  Right now he is crashed out in his kitty bed.  I am right near him in the computer room.  For some reason, he has to be near my hubby or me at all times.  At night time, he loves to crawl on our bodies with those hard paws of his and then he finds the perfect spot right in a "craddle" made of my husbad's arms.  Mind you, it takes him quite a while to find the perfect spot and he is purring so loud he could wake the dead.  But, I look at that cute, furry lil' face and big, expressive eyes of his and I know I'm just SUNK.  He has me wrapped around his shaved "palm-tree" tail of his!!
I always have the groomer shave everything off, EXCEPT for the end of Jack's tail.  There is always a little "plume" on top and I think that looks really cute on him.

The "human" part of the Schranz Ranch had a terrible start of the day, too.  My father-in-law has a cold along with a nice sounding cough, so he has been staying in the bedroom so he won't spread it to others.  My mother-in-law has a terrible neck in that it has the same nerve compression that I have, it's just in her neck.  She has a Lidoderm patch on her neck and right now as we speak she is in the pharmacy aisle at Costco with my husband, asking him if he would give it out as a gift.  Usually Costco sells things as gift quality and if it is, then get it.  We shall see what he drags home.  :0)

My hubby spent the morning bending over, with his head in the toilet, puking his guts out.  He went to his friend's house as he always does and his friend offered him a cold drink.  Frankie said "sure."  He completely forgot about his new life rule that he can't eat cold food or drink cold liquids For now His stomach and intestines are so delicate from the surgery, it is difficult to give a a result right now.  Life's a bummer sometimes!  Good things really DO come to patients who wait patiently.  

I opened my eyes this morning and just knew it was time to close them immediately!  My lower back hurt so bad I thought I had sprained it some how.  My legs are soooo bad, with shooting pain from the nerve compression areas that I can't even express it with words.  I am using my TENS unit to try and get some relief somehow.  My feet are no better, my big toes are kinda red and very sore.  Probably from the store and walking around so long.  I just can't walk around in stores anymore.  Not until I lose weight and a lot of the pressure is gone from my lower back.

Well, tomorrow I go to the pulmonologist and see if anything is wrong with my lungs.  I thing everything is right from that (lung) point of view.  But you know how the insurance's point of view is.  They are sure and very precise about things.  I hope that everything is alright.  :0)

Alrighty, well, I'm gonna make a simple dinner and go to bed.  I hope that everyone is doing well and is enjoying the last little bit of fall.  Can you believe that winter is almost here? December is almost gone and January is almost here?  Love ya both!!!  Stay warm!!
Until next time,


  1. Missy...
    I feel like we are kindered spirits. I have a slipped disc in my lower back, fibro and a cat lover.
    I too can NOT walk the stores anymore. I have been using the ride on carts for probably 6 months now. I LOVE them. I can NOW enjoy going to the stores. Before it just caused too much pain to deal with, there was nothing worth the pain of it.
    My sister and brother in law just gave me a used scooter, like the ones at the stores but no basket. I am sooo excited for spring when hubby starts softball again. Now i will be able to go more often and really enjoy the time and not be hurting. He goes to 1-2 and sometimes 3 day tournements. I can usually go half a day and then i am down for 2-3 days to rest and recoop. NOT ANYMORE!!!! :)

    I love your Blog. Take care of all of you, wishing you all better health and reduced pain days.
    HUGS HUGS HUGS, Denice

  2. Missy your dad was tired 20 hour trip. I am worried about him he looks frail. I think he just needs rest! He was up till 4am sat morn. Then said he only slept about 2 hrs this am

    Ill keep u posted

    Love you


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