Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Howdy, everyone!

STILL NO NEWS from the hospital.  Frankie is still there, still bored and still hasn't had any food.  He tells me he definitely is hungry and all they show on TV is FOOD!!  Isn't that just life?  Same goes for when you are on a diet.  EVERYWHERE you look is food of some sort.  He is supposed to have the upper GI test today and if all is normal, my boy is comin' home!!  So please pray that will be the case.  He's had every test known to man and they all are coming up clean, so he might as well come home and we'll start over again.  But this time, I'm going to make sure he eats smaller, more frequent meals and doesn't move around too much right after he eats.  He tells me that is when he gets nauseated.  It will work out perfectly if he is released today, as he has his primary care doctor appointment tomorrow.

You noticed how I named this post "PRAY"?  Well, yesterday, I received a call from Banner Bariatric clinic and guess what?  They have ALL my records.  FINALLY!!!  After all the calling and visiting of doctors to have them fax their reports to the clinic has paid off.  So the next step now is they are going to submit my records to the insurance agency to see if they will approve the surgery.  This is where I need your help.  Please pray with me and my family that they will approve the surgery.  I told my hubby that the NEXT person in the hospital is going to be ME.....for my surgery!  Sooooo.....if the insurance approves, then I have to go to the educational class about what to expect with the surgery and life AFTER the surgery.  And I've also got a whole page full of tests to do....labs, upper GI and doppler studies to make sure I don't have a blood clot again.  I already had the IVF filter placed (to prevent blood clots in my lungs) when I was in the hospital with the blood clot in my left leg in 2009.  That was so much fun having that sucker placed, too.  I kid you NOT!  I'm just glad it's in and I decided to keep it in, as you can have it out in 5 weeks after it is placed.  I chose to keep it in.  I went through hell getting it there, it's staying!

I'm so nervous.  And scared.  And excited.  So many emotions swirling around me.  I keep thinking, this is so drastic, removing 85% of my stomach.  But it has to be done or the statistics aren't looking too good that I will make it to 65 yrs old if I don't lose this weight.  And I'm excited in that I can take "belly" photos too, like I see on the pregnancy blogs.  Except in MY case, we all clap when my belly goes DOWN, not UP!  Lol..... no, don't worry, I won't gross you out.  I'll just show before and after pics.  :0)  With me clothed, of course!  And, of course I'm scared.  Who likes surgery?  But I tell myself this is just one moment in time.  I keep going forward and with the good Lord above watching over me, I will be OK.

Well, gotta run.  (I wish!)  Shall I say, gotta move?  I'm not moving too well these days due to the fact I'm on just 10mg of prednisone a day.  I used to be on 20mg.  I have to get down to 5mg for surgery.  Man, this is a bummer!!  Anyway, before I go, wanted to share with you a cute pic of Jack.  He is underneath my computer desk and I was just typing away, not a care in the world, and I go to put on my massager slippers and I'm having a problem putting my feet into them.......
I swear, there is NOT one thing in this house he has not laid his furry body on!!!  What a cat!
Oh, and before I leave, please notice my fancy new guest book below.  Please sign it!  I'll love you for life!!  OK, don't wanna scare you.  :0)  I would appreciate it, though.  Right now I feel like a dork because the only entry there is mine.  I'm signing my own book....reminds me of high school!!!

Have a great Tuesday, everyone!
God bless,
Thanks, Gina, for my nifty siggy logo! :0)


  1. Hi! Thanks for your nice comments. You also got a nice blog and I follow you back now.

    I am actually so glad you found me. My mom has fibromyalgia; she has been diagnosed 2 years ago, but unfortunately, because doctors around here don't know much about it, they are not giving her any treatment.
    She also has bulging lumbar discs, and she actually underwent surgery couple of years ago, but will most likely have to undergo another one soon. So I know your pain. And I hope you can get that fixed soon.

    All the best,

  2. I hope he comes home today for you! Glad to hear all your records are finally at the doctor's office. I do hope the insurance will cover this for you! I hope you are feeling better today!

  3. Thanks, Heather! I appreciate your thoughtful comments. You are a great blog buddy!

  4. Missy, thank you for the update :) we are praying for you. don't you think the kitty (Jack) has such a rough life? don't they all? we will call you again on Thur.

    hugs n love
    Gina & Dad

  5. Will be praying for your medical needs. God is the Divine Physician! Hope all goes well.

  6. hi missy, i just had to come back and see that silly cat jack again.....what a life!! lol reminds me of gina's cat (caz) <smiling they are both adorable, and i think that's why they know they can get away with everything huh ...anyways, gina and i are keeping you and franklin in our prayers and we will be talking you soon.
    (((((((missy))))))) hugsss
    we luvs ya both
    dad n gina :)

  7. hi missy, Sorry for the previous post, I am not sure what happened so I will try again.
    had to come back and see that silly cat jack again what a life lol reminds me of gina's cat *caz*
    <smiling. anyways they are adorable and that is why they can get away with anything
    gina and i will be keeping you in our prayers and hope that franklin keeps getting better
    ((((missy))) hugsssss we will be talking with you soon
    we luvs ya both
    Dad n gina

  8. OurCrazyLittleLife {Kenna}September 15, 2011 at 8:28 AM

    Thanks for following my blog! Glad you like it! Yours is awesome & very informative thanks for sharing your story. I am now your newest follower:)

  9. Good luck... you're in my prayers!

  10. Don't worry, Dad. I can still read it! Thank you! :0)

  11. Thank you so much for sharing. I appreciate it! Hope your mom is OK. Fibro really is a big bummer!!!


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