Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Howdy, everyone!

Sorry this update is a little late.  I've been enjoying my hubby's time at.....HOME!!!  He came home yesterday from the hospital.  Unfortunately, we didn't get the answer we were seeking for in why he is always nauseated and vomiting.  I think it's just going to be something we have to live with - like his leg and muscle pain from taking his cancer drug, Gleevec.  He couldn't have that upper GI test again due to there was still too much barium inside his system.  So the doctor said he could have that as an outpatient and said that if he could eat some regular food and keep it down, he could go home.   So they sent him up a tray with a chicken salad sandwich (which he wouldn't eat....he doesn't do "salad") and replaced that with a ham and cheese sandwich and some chips.  It was between lunch and dinner, so he had to take what he could get or wait around for supper.  I didn't want that....I wanted to get out of there!  So did my husband.  He said that earlier that morning, in his old room, his new room-mate flipped out and it was really quite scary.  Security was called and they had him in restraints.  So they moved Frankie out to another room.  With a much nicer room-mate!

So far, so good.  No vomiting since he has been at home.  He found that if he takes his nausea pill with the Reglan, before he eats, he is OK.  He's had sandwiches, some Pop Tarts, iced Tea, chicken and soup.  I'd say he was a little hungry after four days of nothing!

I'm just glad he's home!  My shoulder is killing me after lugging that damn walker in and out of the trunk.  My hubby is so kind to take care of that for me.  But when he's in the hospital, it's all me!  I tried going up to his room on the 6th floor without the walker and regretted it so much.  I was in even worse pain, because of my lower back.  When I use the walker, it helps keep me "aligned."  If I don't have it, I hunch over and with having all my weight on me, it really hits my back something awful!

Well, that's about it.  I better get off the computer and put my feet up before they start swelling.  I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow and don't want to go all swollen up!  I have enough problems to deal with!  Hope you all have a great day and thank you for your thoughts, prayers and comments.  And please do sign my guest book down at the bottom of this page.  I LOVE seeing who stops by!  :0)

God bless you all,
Until next post,


  1. Hi
    Just stopping by to say hi and I'm a new follower

  2. Thanks, Dad, for your sweet replies. I appreciate it! And I'm glad you like Westlife....although, technically, you ARE "borrowing" ANOTHER ONE of my groups!!! Remember Air Supply? I introduced you to that music, too!! LOL....
    Love ya!! (And Gina, too.)

  3. I found you on the weekend Blog Hop at Closer To Lucy! I followed you, was wondering if you could follow me back? Sorry to find your page while you are under so much stress. I hope the best for you and the hubby!

    Z's Space

  4. Missy hun. glad that Franklin is home and no more vomiting for now :) yayyy.
    Keep us posted on the dr's appt tomorrow. Your dad says hi and he is glad Franklin is doing better. (we are on the phone as I was reading your blog to him) he (your dad) is doing good.
    a little ornery(ier) than normal.....but in a good way.

    Hugs n love
    Gina n dad

  5. Hi Missy, It is good to hear that Franklin is home. I will keep you in my prayers still. I hope all goes well with your appointment tomorrow.

  6. hi missy... i just thought i would say hello again, and am glad frankin is back home again. i am on the computer talking with gina, and were listening to your westlife music. they are awesome! gina
    really loves them and we talk and listen to their music. a real good choice of music miss <smiling
    i know we are westlife fans...ask gina lol we also love the way they sang (air supply) and (uptown girl) we are praying for both of you and tell the shranz's we said.
    (((((((((((missy)))))))))) hugsss
    we love ya,
    dad n gina :)

  7. Missy, I am so happy that your Hubby is doing better. Keep us posted on any new developments related to your surgery.
    Sending love and prayers,

  8. Thanks for becoming a follower of my blog, I am stopping by to return the favor


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