Saturday, January 22, 2011

Here We Go AGAIN!

Hello, everyone!!

Well, as the title of the this post reads, HERE WE GO AGAIN!  Back to the hospital for Frankie.  Ever since he had his surgery in June (for all you that are newbies to my blog, you can read about all his surgery complications in the June and July posts in the archive) for the AVM in his intestines, he's had problems with severe nausea and vomiting.  At first, it just was every other week or something like that.  Nothing too serious, I thought, as he is on a lot of medications that can cause some stomach upset.  But this past week, it has been very severe and he has been vomiting after every meal.  And I don't mean a little heave....I mean a GIANT heave and I'm cleaning it off our bathroom wall and floor behind and around the toilet.  I don't know where it all comes from, since there can't be too much more down there!  He can't keep anything in!  And his blood pressure was low, lips pale and very dry, he showed all signs of classic dehydration.  Sooooo.....we called Cigna, his insurance and they sent us to their urgent care.  I brought along my camera to break up the boredom as we have been down this road so many he is in the urgent care.  As you can see, he looks just thrilled to be there!  LOL....
I even took a little video, too, of the experience.

I hope nobody thinks I'm goofy or anything....just a little something to break up the time.
We waited for quite awhile in the urgent care and then saw this really nice young doctor that told us there wasn't much he could do there.  Even if he got a CT scan right there, he'd have to send him to the hospital anyway if it found anything.  So off we went to the hospital.  We went to the same one where he had his surgery in June, since they had all the records there.  It was a zoo in there!!  I knew we were in for quite some wait and I was right.  I took another picture of him when we finally got a room.
Doesn't he look all nice and comfy with a heated blanket, TV remote and nurse call button planted in his right hand?  Meanwhile, poor wife is in the corner shivering and snapping pics and videos like some kind of maniac!!  LOL!  To make matters worse, my diabetes decides to act up and what do I have in my purse?  Sugarless gum!!!  So Frankie was a dear and asked for some juice and crackers for me.  The nurse wasn't real thrilled with this and I only got two packages of crackers and one very small juice.  Oh, well.  I treated it like it was a rib-eye meal!  Neither of us had eaten in quite awhile and I completely forgot to stock my purse with some sugar candy for when my sugar gets low.  I hate diabetes!!!  I hope, if I ever get the bariatric surgery, that the diabetes will go away.  It has been known to happen with a lot of people who have the surgery.

Anyway, Frankie had blood work, an IV placed and then he had to have some yummy contrast for a CT scan of his abdomen.  The contrast was berry fusion and he wasn't too excited about it, as he hates fruit.  I took another pic of him and his "cocktail."
Look at how thrilled he is!!!  :0)  I had to coax him every "sip" of the way!!  And he had two bottles to guzzle down.
He finally got the contrast down and then waited for a really long time for the CT scan. It was getting to be very late (around 11pm and we had started this adventure at 3pm) and it felt like my rear end was one with those comfy plastic chairs!!  My shoulder and legs were killing me.  I think what saved me was having my Literati e reader there and while Frankie watched TV, I read my book on my reader.  It was soooo nice!  And really did make the time go a little quicker.  

The ER doctor was really nice, too.  He stuck his head in at one point and said that even if the CT scan showed nothing, he was still going to be admitted because his heart enzymes were elevated.  He thought it had something to do with all the vomiting.  I'm glad he told me that plan, as Frankie was falling asleep and I was exhausted myself.  So I left him like this:
He looks so serene in this picture, don't you think?  He's in good hands.  I kissed him good-bye and left.  I actually could find my way to the front lobby without any instruction!  The ER is like a rat's maze and I usually get so lost!!   I found the car, hefted my walker into the trunk and I zoomed off.

When I got home, it hit me.  I missed Frankie already.  Do we know how to ring in 2011 or what?  I hate this so much, I could scream.  I want them to FIX MY HUSBAND NOW!!  And have it last forever!!!  I want my surgery NOW and lose 150 pounds.  I want to go back to work NOW and get money so we can move out on our own.  I want so many things, yet it seems like we keep landing in the same spot.  Nowhere!  Anyway, my sweet mother in law met me at the door with a nice bowl of soup and a grilled cheese and ham sandwich.  She is so sweet to me! :0)

Jackie was really confused to have just me in the bed.  He laid on Frankie's side for almost the whole night.  While I was gone, though, he got "mad" and bored and climbed on top of the computer and my desk and knocked over our external hard drive and left kitty litter trail on my keyboard.  I may have to close Mr. Jack out of the computer room while I'm gone!!  So then he wanted into the towel cabinet and the second I opened it for a towel, he rushed in.  I went to scold him and he looked at me with his cute, killer face and I ran for the camera instead!
The little stinker wouldn't look up when I called his name....he knew he wasn't supposed to be there!!  But he looked adorable, all the same.

Frankie called me this morning and said he didn't get into a room until 3:30am last night.  And the CT scan was normal.  So the gastro doctor came and they are going to put the camera scope down his throat and into his stomach and see what's up...or down!  He'll have that tomorrow.  They have the poor guy NPO (nothing by mouth).  I'll be going to see him soon, so I'll close this post.  Please keep us in your prayers and I will do the same for you.

Hugs to all!!
God bless you,
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  1. Oh Missy!!!!!! I'm so sorry Frankie is having problems. I'm keeping you guys tight in my heart and in my prayers.

    Your kitty is a lot like my Darcy, she never looks up when I have a camera. She's a turkey

  2. oh my Missy! I do hope they fix this problem with his poor tummy! I hope he comes home soon. What a roller coaster it has been for you!

  3. Oh Missy, I wish I was there to give you and Frankie a big hug. Better yet, I wish I was Frankies nurse so I could be his advocate.
    Hang in there, my thoughts and prayers are with you.

  4. hi missy, i hope they can finally find out what is wrong with frankin's stomach. gina and i will call you soon, and we are both praying for you miss.
    we loves you (((((((((missy )))))))
    Dad and Gina :)


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