Thursday, July 21, 2011

It's Good To Be Back

It's so great to be back online again!!!  I have had a very rough time of it these past few weeks.  I felt so miserable, I didn't even have the energy to make it to the computer room, let alone keep up with my blogs.  I think I had some kind of flu bug, since when I went to the hospital last weekend, they couldn't find anything wrong to explain my horrible nausea and dry-heaving.   I had a CT scan and everything was OK with my surgery.  They pumped me full of IV fluids and Zofran for the nausea and sent me home.  It took me another two days to keep anything down.  I couldn't even turn my head, the nausea was so bad!!  I hope I never go through that again so soon.....if ever!!  And to think I had a flu shot, too.  But those don't cover EVERY strand of flu virus.  Leave it to me to get one that it doesn't cover!!

Anyway, the nausea has slowly left me and I can now go back on my protein drinks and liquids.  I seem to be stuck on liquids.  Every time I try to eat something like chicken or something solid, it just sticks in my throat and won't go down.  I have to "chase" it down with milk or applesauce.  Since April, when I had my surgery, I've been on soups, yogurt, protein drinks, milk, Crystal Light, puddings and Jello.  When I got weighed at the hospital, I lost another 13 pounds, so I'm down to 269!!  I was happy about that!!  Before I got so sick, my hubby and I were going to the gym and to my sister-in-law's pool.  That was so much fun.  Hopefully we can start that back up.  I feel weak as a kitten after this recent ordeal!!

I sometimes regret having the bariatric surgery.  It seems like since I had it, I've had so many problems with nausea and advancing my diet.  I don't know if that is normal and it's only been three months since the surgery, so maybe I am hurrying things.  I miss taking pills the way I used to....with a glass of water.  Now I've got to take them with yogurt or applesauce.  When you take as much as I do, you can get very tired of both of those!!  But what can I do?  I also miss taking a big bite out of a hamburger!!!  But then again, those bites of the past is what got me into trouble with my weight in the first place!!  So I guess the surgery was the only way to go to save my life, since nothing else was working.  It's just hard to get used to my new way of life.

My fibromyalgia is acting up, too. I guess it felt left out!  I've had sinus headaches to beat the band.  Of course, we had a horrendous dust storm the other day and that got everyone's allergies all in an uproar!  

I hope this post finds everyone happy and healthy and trying to stay cool.  It's a balmy, lovely 110 here in Phoenix!!!  I can't wait for fall to arrive!!  I decided to keep my blog decorated like it is for the month of July, then I'll re-decorate it in August for fall.  I think it looks cute with the firecrackers on it, don't you????

Before I leave, here is a new picture I took of myself this morning.  My hubby is in it, too, as he was doing his hair and wouldn't move out of the picture...guess he wants to be in the limelight, too!  Ha!  I'm wearing 3x clothing now, which tickles me pink, since before the surgery I was a prisoner of 6x clothing.  Not bad for three months, huh?  90 pounds lost and 3 shirt sizes!!!  Pretty soon I'll get back to the gym and strive for more weight loss.  Wish me luck!!  Hope you all have a good rest of the week and weekend.  I'll be posting again soon.



  1. Glad to hear you are back on the road to recovery, just keep plugging along and things will turn out. The pool is open again, we finally got it all cleaned up from the big dust storm on Monday night. Just give us a call first to make sure we aren't in the middle of anything. 

  2. I am glad you are back.  I have been wondering how you are doing.  I am so sorry that you have been ill.  Perhaps you will be better now.  I certainly hope so!  congratulations on the weight loss!

  3. Missy :)
    love the post today, glad you are feeling better!!!! keep up the great work.  

    It is a balmy 107 + index here today :( your dad is in the heat wave as well its close to 100 there!  

    Hugs n Love
    Gina n Dad

    PS  your dad says hey!!! his keyboard is still goofy!!


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