Monday, January 17, 2011

Oh, Better Day!

Good day, my friends!

I can happily report that we are having a better day today.  No vomiting for Frankie in two days (of course, I probably just jinxed him really badly now!), but he does complain of an occasional pain in his stomach.  I think he just is constipated!!  Luckily, I KNOW the cure for THAT!  LOL.....

As for myself, physically for me I'm a nightmare.  I think it's easier to list what I DON'T have than what I do.  But I learned well from my dear mom in Heaven about living in pain and still surviving. (My mother-in-law, too, is a phenomenal lady with living with Juvenile Arthritis for over 6o years.) And she would do it with such grace and always a smile, no matter what bad news was coming up.  And it always did....I'm so glad she's in a comfortable place, but God, do I miss her badly!  I think of a million things I want to say to her but I can't.  It's just not fair!!!  OK, better get off this subject or I'll be needing my Kleenex again.  I've been nostalgic like this all weekend.  When Grandma was here and got me the camera for Christmas, it came with a coupon for a free 8X8 photo book from Shutterfly.  I compiled up my favorite photos with mom, dad & Frankie.  It came to me in a beautiful 20 page hard cover book in which I named "Down Memory Lane."  I am a new believer in Shutterfly!  So if you are looking into a special gift for someone, photo books are always GREAT!

It's been two full years without my mom and I can't begin to tell you the ways my life (and my husband, father, Grandma and in-laws) has changed.  It's just amazing how the absence of ONE person just completely threw us all off track.  For my whole life she has been there, protecting me, shielding me from trouble (as much as what a mom can do, anyway!) She took complete care of my dad and made sure that all our needs were met before her own.  I could never lie to her and tell her I was OK when she knew I wasn't.  Boy, she REALLY should have consulted with us before just taking off into the while blue yonder!! I will be talking to Mom about that when I see her in Heaven!!!  Anyway, I was looking through some photos and found a little video of Mom playing with Jack in her favorite recliner chair.  It has no sound, as I didn't have a fancy camera back in 2003, when we very first got Jack.  My mom so loved Jack, and he loved her (and all the attention.)  I've never seen such a sociable cat!  He could be the greeter at WalMart....nah.  Make that Petco..."where the pets GO..."  OK, I'm being weird now so I'll see if I can upload that video clip into my blog.  Sometimes the 'net is my friend and others it is my worse enemy.  So here goes:
I titled this clip "No Biting" because here she was trying in vain to stop Jack from biting her hands.  He has good teeth and he knows how to use them!!  Below is a precious picture of my mom and Jack.  Gee, I'm so glad I decided to change the subject!!  Hehehehe.....
Jackie came to live with us after our beloved Toby died at the age of 12 due to kidney failure.  He was a BIG cat and the vet told us they tend to have more kidney problems.  But they can't lose weight too fast, or it will hurt their liver!  What can ya do????  Anyway, the day Toby died we were bawling like babies over the phone when I called the vet to see how he was doing.  They gave him IV's overnight, but when they came in the next morning, he had died.  My dad said, "well, if we are gonna get another cat, let's get one now."  I was determined to name whatever cat we got "Jack."  I just liked it.  A nice strong, boy's name.   We trooped down to the Humane Society and they have only five cats, and Jack was up on his first day of adoption on the day we came to get a cat!  Because he was found on the streets, they always hold them for 30 days to make sure he isn't previously owned and just lost.  But nobody came in, so he was ours!!  The vet attendant picked him up out of his cage and said, "You will LOVE Jack.  He is AWESOME!"  We just could NOT believe it!!  The odds of a stray having the same name that I was going to name him are probably a million to one!!  Since my husband and I cannot have children, we adopt our "furry" kitty sons...we always got male cats for some reason.  I'd love a female kitty one of these years....

Well, gotta close and get ready for a busy afternoon.  Hubby has a psychiatrist appoint he has to go to and then we are going to return the webcam.  I was using it the other night and the damn base broke off of the camera.  So now it's just sitting on top of the monitor.  One little movement and its off the monitor!!!  It has a receipt. so we'll just exchange it.  Should be no problem.  I LOVED talking with my dad and Gina over the webcam the other nice.  It was like they were right in the room with me.  To bad I couldn't reach over the web lines and give my dad a big hug!!  I haven't seen him in almost two years now.
Gee, does that make me an orphan?  :0)

Hope you all are well and happy.
God bless ya!
Until next post,

Thanks, Gina, for my new siggy logo!

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  1. I am glad Frankie is feeling better. I would like to think my Mom and your Mom are up in Heaven watching out for us. I have a feeling your mom met my mom when she got there. And yes, I do plan to ask her while she let so soon when I needed her so much too. I hope the rest of your day goes well!!!!!!


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