Saturday, January 8, 2011

Goodbye, Holidays!

Hello folks!!!

I always find this time of year very depressing for me.  Even though we didn't do much in the way of decorating, it still is sad to see all the decorations go back to their hiding places until next year.  A lot of houses down our street were very festive, and then, last night when my husband and went to Walgreens to get my prescription, we noted that almost all the houses are dark  Boo!  It's over with!!  Now comes the snowy, cold winter we all love and know so well.  Even though here in Phoenix it doesn't snow usually, we still get cold!  It was down to 27 degrees last week for quite some time.  Who knows how the produce will be for next week.   And then poor Flagstaff always gets dumped on with lots of snow.  But, they have a few major ski  resorts up there that are making a lot of money!!  My husband and I went up to the Snow Bowl when we were dating and I loved the scenery.  Neither he or I tried skiing.  I was absolutely HORRIBLE in high school when our gym class took us out skiing.  I was last in line and my poor class had to wait an hour for me to show up with all kinds of bruising on my arms and legs.  My legs were so heavy, I couldn't even lift them.  As you can guess, I never went skiing again.  The following day, I felt like someone had beaten me and I looked even worse---like I had fallen into a tree.  So NO skiing for me!!!

Anyway, back on point.  Christmas is such a magical time of year.  For just ONE day you can feel like all your problems have melted away.  Your family and friends are close by, you are eating great food with NO regrets over calories and fat today and you can frolick with your friends and families over what they are doing now, past Christmas', and so forth.  My grandma thinks Christmas is mainly for kids, but I disagree.  Either that or I'm a BIG kid.  I've ALWAYS loved Christmas!!!  We had such a fabulous time over at my brother and sister in law's house that I took oodles of pictures.  I'll put a few more up for you to see.
I figured my grandma wouldn't be able to kill me since she is back in Texas!!!  :0)  She got gifts from both the Sr.'s and Barb and Jay.  She said to me, "Great!  I didn't get gifts for anyone and I told them that!!) She is so funny about things like gifts!!!
Jay, with a little kitty helper watching, to keep the tree together.  :0)  Looking good, boys!
Mr. Santa Schranz here earlier that usual to spread out the presents under the tree!!
Barbara with her kitty babies.  She rescued them from her shelter, Sun Valley Animal Shelter.  She helped get her parents two dogs that are just adorable....Tuffy and Jingles.
Here is Grandma and her "new friend" Tuffy.  He would be so funny in the morning.  He would do his business outdoors, then come galloping in and slam right into grandma on the couch.  She was a good sport though, and didn't say too much.  :0)
Isn't this a good photo of Grandma?  Even she couldn't complain about it.  She even had me send it to a few a of her friends!!!  You can't beat that!!  :0)
I guess Mr. Jack here thinks he should be paid to lay guard over my purse!!!  Yeah, right!!
Jackie and his new buddy, Frankie.  He's been laying with us like that for a few months now.  I guess he thinks it's his bed, too!!!

Well, that's pretty much all I gotta report with this blog.  I'm bummed about the Social Security Disability, but my lawyer has sent a letter to the court that someone will testify in my behalf.  OK, like who? She never lets me know this ahead of time.  And like I said before, she is the "phantom lawyer" as I never have met her face-to-face.  That is grounds for dismissal, I think!!!

Okay, everyone have a great weekend and enjoy taking your decorations down.  Just think....we can do it all over again next year and still have the magical feeling....I hope!!!

God bless ya all,
PS...My sweet hubby and I figured out how my new Literati reader works and boy is it a beaut!!!  Only $79.00 plus tax and shipping free.  All for a reader with a 7' color screen, a key board and storage for ooodles of your favorites.  You can even add more storage with a SD card up to 8GB.  Sweet deal.  I found mine online and at Boscov Department Store in Pennsylvania had a sweet deal on it.  So if you love reading, this is for you!!  :0)


  1. Grandma's are the greatest things EVER! I still LOVE Christmas too and my grandmother is a huge part of why I do. She always made it so special for all of us! It's rather depressing and bare here too as we finished un-decorating, we just start looking forward to this year!

  2. That sounds like a great idea!! Whether it's your grandma, mom or sister...the hurt is real. Happy 2012!!


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