Sunday, January 23, 2011

Testing Day

Hello, everyone!

Just thought I'd give a little update on my favorite "patient."  Frankie just called me and they are taking him down for the endoscopy of his esophagus and stomach.  I bet they find some strictures there (narrowing of the esophagus or stomach) and hopefully the scope will widen the blocked areas up so food can pass into the intestines and NOT remain in his stomach!  Won't that be nice?  So I'll keep ya posted as soon as I know things.

My mother-in-law goes to this neat accupuncturist and he taught her some massaging techniques that ACTUALLY helps fibromyalgia pain!  She has started doing the techniques on me and I feel better pain-wise.  I mean, I still have pain, but a least it's not so debilitating that I can't go see Frankie and wrestle around with the walker, too.  Heck, I got the walker down pat.  I heft it up into the trunk all in one smooth motion.  It doesn't do much for my shoulder, but I'm wearing one of those lidoderm patches on my shoulder.  That helps to soothe it.

I slept like the dead last night.  Took me a long time to fall asleep, as I hate being in the bed alone.  Jackie, the little turkey that he is, slept in his OWN bed last night.  I guess because Frankie is gone, there's no need to sleep on the big bed!!!  Little turkey!  I could have used his furry company.  Cats are so funny.  And Jack has gotten used to his sleeping with Frankie every night.  Oh, well.  I put the "Weather" channel on and it droned me off to sleep after awhile.

Well, I'm gonna be off to the hospital soon, so I'll close this post.  Hope you all have a good Sunday.  And thank you for all your thoughts and prayers for my husband and me and my family.  God bless you all!  :0)

Until next post,

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  1. I do hope they find out what is wrong with Frankie! have a good visit.


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