Monday, January 3, 2011

Yes, I'm Still Alive!

Howdy, everyone!!

Sorry it has taken me FOREVER to blog.  I really love it, it's just that I am having really big problems sitting up recently.  My back and legs are just killing me.  I can stay up for max, 15 minutes, then my back starts up and it seeps down into my legs.  And then the neuropathy starts up and ends in both feet.  It feels like I've got someone down there with a fire torch or something.  It's just miserable!!!

I miss having my laptop in times like this.  I had one for years and then a year ago my laptop motherboard decided to take a hike.  We didn't have the money to replace it, so I had to let it go to the "laptop graveyard" in the sky.  We have a beautiful desktop model, thanks to my sweet brother and sis-in-law, but unfortunately I can't use it in bed how I am used to with the laptop.  Maybe someday I can get another one.  Or, even better, maybe someday my back and legs will stop hurting and I can use the desktop in total comfort.  Which do you think will happen first?  :0)

I hope you all had a great new year's eve.  My hubby and I did nothing but lay on the bed and watch "7th Heaven" on DVD.  We just purchased the final season, so we have a complete set now.  I love that show.  We began watching it together 3 months before we got married.  So it's a special show for us...."our show."  OK, I'll quit being a dork.  :0)  Anyway, we fell asleep shortly after midnight, to the sound of illegal fireworks shooting outdoors.  The sub freezing temps didn't deter them at all from doing the fireworks!!  The following morning, it was 27 degrees here in AZ.  I expect that up in Flagstaff, NOT here in Phoenix.  We even had a tiny flurry of SNOW!!  Yikes!!  It was warmer in New York, than here in Phoenix!  It is now starting to warm up a bit.  But we had a historic new years day with those temps being so low.

We got some money for Christmas, so I decided to order one of those electronic e-readers.  I ordered a "Literati" e-reader from some department store in Pennsylvania.  It was very cheap at $79.99 and it is in color!!  I couldn't pass up on that!!  My problem remains with Fed-Ex.  The damn thing, to this day, still has NOT come and they haven't updated their website since Dec. 27th.  It shows still being in Pennsylvania.  My hubby called them up today to see what the deal was.  The lady there stated that it is on ground and won't be "scanned" in until it reaches a major checkpoint.  She said I should be receiving it tomorrow.  I better!!  I've NEVER had this problem with Fed-Ex before!!  I can't wait to get that reader.  I even have some money left over for some e-books.  :0)

On an earlier post I said I'd tell you why I fired my Social Security lawyer.  Well, to make a long story short (plus my back is starting to really hurt again!) she insisted on trying my case on the premise that I am majorly depressed.  She didn't want to hear at all about my bad back....I've even got proof with the MRI....but she shrugged it off and went on about how I'd need to get a psychiatrist and all that jazz.  I'm NOT depressed!!  AND, I've never seen the broad, either!!  She insists on doing things by phone and letter.  Well, I was talking to her the week after Christmas and again, I tried to tell her about my back.  She wouldn't listen.  I told her I was NOT depressed, so therefore, NOT getting a psychiatrist.  She went into a tizzy and then when I asked her the chances of getting disability with this case, she said it wasn't very good.  So why do it?  I've got the bariatric surgery with all its tests and appointments coming up and that is a major stress for me.  I can't do BOTH in January!!  I was still talking when the lawyer just up and hung up on me.  SHE HUNG UP ON ME!!  I hate that!!  So bye, bye lawyer from Hell.  I can't work with someone I can't talk to!!  So I don't know if I will pursue disability or not.  I really want to return to work after I lose weight.  We shall see.

That's it so far.  And I really have to go lay down with my heating pad again.  My damn back!!  I think it's this cold that is seeping into my bones and making me feel worse.
I hope you all are doing well.  I will visit blogs tomorrow, when I can use the computer hopefully pain free again.

Have a great day!!
Hugs n' blessings to all.....


  1. Missy, I am sorry you have not been feeling well. Do you have any idea when you will be having your surgery..are we talking weeks or months?
    Love the look of your blog and I think you like decorating as much as I do!
    Take care and keep the faith,

  2. Thank you, Shawn, for your sweet post. I'm not exactly sure when the surgery will be, I'm thinking probably in February. I still need to complete the tests and take a bariatric class. It seems like time is standing still at this point!! :0)

  3. I've seen the Literati in stores. I hope you like (once you finally get it!). I have a Kindle and I'm very happy with it!

  4. I am so sorry you have not been well. And that lawyer deserved to be fired. Doctos and lawyers irritate me to no end. But that is another story for another time, LOL.

    I keep yoy and Frankie in my prayers. I am just believing that God will turn this around for you. ((hugs)) *gently and with love*

  5. Hi there Missy...

    Blogging is addictive if you will agree but the point here is that you will gain more strength from others who shared their thoughts and victories over this fibromyalgia.

    Your blog is indeed inspiring to me!

    God Speed!

  6. Hi there Missy,

    They say winter time is the most unpleasant time for us with the illness of fibromyalgia. It is in fact, hard to accept to have this condition.

    But, blogging helped us release the pain through the sharing of victories over this battle. We tend to forget the pain specially this season.

    Your blog indeed inspire me!

    Visit my site also,


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