Thursday, January 20, 2011

Me? Self Confidence?!

Hello, everyone!

I want to apologize for the totally depressing post I left on my blog yesterday.  But I guess that is what a blog is for, right?  Getting it all out on your chest.  And boy, do I have a big chest....ooops, maybe I said that wrong!!!  LOL... I have A LOT to get OFF my chest!  There we go.  Anyway, among one of our wonderful Christmas gifts we got a web cam which I love playing with.  I still learning the very basics and have signed up with Skype and Google Talk and Yahoo Messenger.  I talked with my dad and his girlfriend like that the other day and we had a blast.  So I'm gonna like this web cam, I believe!!

Any hoo, I've been doing self portraits and found that I can add flowers or finger prints around the border of the photo.  I LOVE the finger print one (I can't believe I'm saying this about a picture of ME!!) and will post it here on this blog.  I've already gone and used it for my profile photo on all my things...blogger, Yahoo, Google.  It feels good to be true to yourself and I do believe the prednisone is helping by not making my face as "roundish."
Here is the picture in question, in all its glory.......
So for all you "web cammers" out there want to connect on the web with me, I'd love it!  So far I've only talked to my dad.  If so, drop me a comment or email (found in the "about me" section in the side bar) and we'll set up details.  I'm so excited.  I hope my friends Lorie Bronson and Ellen Barttells has a web cam.   So please let me know if you want to join the fun!!!

I also got another great Christmas gift from checks my in-laws gave to Frankie and I.  It's called a "Sharper Image Literati E Reader" and I am totally in love with it.  For one thing, it's in color and has a gorgeous full 7 inch screen.  It doesn't play music, but I wouldn't want that anyway.  I find music very distracting when I'm in the middle of a good book.  The only thing is, I can't use the wireless here in the house because Qwest's code is too long for the Literati to understand.  So we have to go out to the Library or someplace that offers free wi-fi.  Bummer!  But I've bought about 7 e-books so far and all went in without a problem.  I'm about half way to having my full Janet Evanovich collection into the reader.  It just is sooooo, soooo cool to have my whole library at my fingertips.  I've seen the negative reports, but frankly, people are awfully picky.  We all want different things.  And so far, the Literati meets my needs.  I just need to figure out how to have the computer write to the SD memory card so I can get more room in the reader. I purchased "The Guinness Book" and that takes up almost all the memory space on the Literati!  So I took it off and am now trying to figure out how to save it to the SD card so I can play it on the reader.  If any of you are a computer buff, and would like to help, thank you!  :0)  Here's some photos I took of my new "gem."
The box is most unique I've seen...a gigantic book!!
Here is the Literati itself.  It even came with its own leather case.  Wow!
So if you are like me and love to read, but don't have the $240 dollars for a COLOR Nook from Barnes & Noble OR even the $139 NO COLOR Kindle from Amazon, then this is for you.  It cost me $79.99, plus shipping. I ordered it from Boscov's Department store in Pennsylvania and they were very quick to get my order out.  Thank God!  I about assaulted the Fed Ex guy when he delievered it!!  :0) Can't beat a fantastic deal like that!!!

Now on to some somber news.  I called the Social Security Disability court to cancel my hearing for the 26th, and I have to write a letter to the judge and let her know and why.  I stated my reasons being about the bariatric surgery (which is going NOWHERE again!) and that I have no lawyer at present because I fired the last because we couldn't see eye to eye on everything.  No even eye to NOSE!  LOL!  I just couldn't let it go on my records that I am severely depressed and needing psychiatric care every month....I would never get another job as a nurse no matter where I went!!

AND, Dr. Wigal still hasn't sent her part of the records, so I had to play phone tag again.  First with the bariatric clinic to see if they, HA-HA, got anything.  Then if not, I'd call her butt again and see what the hold up is.  Good thing - I see her next Thursday, so I can get things moving in person, hopefully.

I will end this post with a very favorite song of mine, sang by a very favorite Irish boy band of mine named "Westlife", that raises my spirits every time I hear it.  So go away depression and don't come back any other day!!!!!!
Hope you all have a great day!  :0)
God bless!!
Siggy bar by Helena!


  1. Missy,
    Never apologize for your feelings. We use our blogs for sharing the good and bad. I am so happy you are having a better day. I have tried to tell myself that "Every Day Is Good, Some Days Are Just Better Than Others!".
    Tell me, where you are on the surgery, are you making progress?

    I have a camera on the computer but I would need to sign up with Skype, I will keep you posted sounds like fun.
    BTW, love your beautiful picture!

  2. Missy Your blog today is great...and yes your blog is a place for sharing our feelings...good or bad :) God will never put more on your plate than you can handle (my grandmother always preached that to us kids) I am always here for you any time and any day. we (your dad and I) anxious about our next web cam meeting...please hun be careful with accepting webcam invites from people you do not know.....I just don't want you to get hurt...I've been on the net along time. Just a heads up please.

    Hugs n Love
    Gina n Dad

  3. No need to apologize. We all have bad days and if we can't share those down moments with others who understand, who can we share them with.

  4. i just love your blog. i have one little picky request tho. the flashing balloon with the penquin is a bit distracting. i too have had trouble with the self-confindence the last few months. my second husband of 14 years after a separation of over a year wants a divorce. i have been blessed with 3 daughters ages 30, 29 and 24. i am living with the youngest in minnesota currently and feel very lucky. my mom, dad and younger sister (today is the 11 anniversary of her death) have all passed away now and like you i miss them terribly. i have found the anxiety and depression go hand in hand with the fibro. i have good and bad days. they seem to revolve alot around severe temperature changes. take care. kathy

  5. i really like your blog.

  6. Thank you for sharing with me. I appreciate it! :0) I hope there are better days for all of us in store! :0)

  7. I thank you, Shawn, for being such a great blog friend. I LOVE your comments and I would love to talk with you on Skype. Keep me posted! :0) Love ya!

  8. You are going to love your eReader! I have a Kindle and I just love it! I took 30+ books to the beach with me and it weighed hardly anything and took up no room in my suitcase!

  9. I totally feel you on the self-confidence thing! It's sooo hard. I cried and cried last night after coming home from a work event feeling all fat, frumpy, and ugly. :( Ughhh.

    Ohhh man, so sorry to hear about all that stuff going on!! You are in our prayers!!


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