Thursday, January 6, 2011

Wordless Wednesday with Mr. Jack!

NOW this is the life!!!  Mr. Jack relaxing on MY massager mat!!


  1. lots of dog and cat photos this week!

  2. Too funny!!!!! Jack is no dummy! Is it heated too?? lol

    Cat Chat

  3. I wish I had a "cat's life" my kitty sits in my lap, no matter where I am at, if at the desk he butts heads with me, then goes to the litter box, cries when it gets dirty, we gots to love our children. This is a great photo of Jack.

    hugs n love
    Gina * Dad

    missy, gina is right....her cat (caz) and mr. jack sure do have the life of a king huh? lol when i was looking at the pics of jack.....memories flashed before my eyes, how easy both of these cats have it. talk about ..made in the
    i know your taking real good care of jack, and gina's cat (caz) reminds me of jackie
    all the time. they are two adorable cats! you have a real neat blog..way to go!

    love and gina :)

  4. No, I never keep it on while Jack is on it. He may not move in time and burn his cute lil' body. So I keep it unplugged. I just make him believe it's on and he is none the wiser!! :0)


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