Wednesday, June 23, 2010

14 Caps Of Miralax On The Wall....

Ooops, think I got the song wrong.  Should be BEER on the wall, and 99 of them!  My husband would sure enjoy that!  He's not looking forward to drinking 14 caps of Miralax mixed in Gatorade. But he starts that in a half hour from now. He already took the 4 tablets of Dulcolax at noon. We have towels on the floor and plenty of toilet paper in the bathroom because when it hits, it's gonna hit hard and we are NOT taking any chances!!  I feel so bad for him. Bowel surgeries suck. You have to do this atrocious prep, poop your brains out all night, go in for surgery and then wait in the hospital until your bowel sounds return and you pass gas (yes, this is the ONLY time I wish my husband would fart!) and can keep light foods down.  But I will play "Nurse Ratchett" and have my patient up and moving around. He will NOT get an infection, bed sores, or pneumonia!

I'm also taking care of me, too. I'm taking my proper medications, getting enough sleep when I can and I am eating healthy. Except for that YUMMY German chocolate cake, but hey, it's my birthday so it doesn't count. The calories automatically disappear into the ozone layer!!

My husband saw a pamphlet at the hospital yesterday about a program where you can have one person stay with you throughout your hospitalization and even go to tests with you. So I'm going to check out the, can I have a cot to sleep on, what do I do for meals, ect. It would be great if I could just stay with Frankie and not do the back and forth thing in this drastic heat of 108. That is what is so taxing. And it'll be good for him, too, to have a friendly and familiar face around. :0) Although he may not like my "Nurse Ratchett" mode.....

If they don't have any sleeping arrangements for me, though, then I will have no choice but to come home at night. I don't do sleeping in the chair. I can never get comfortable enough and I wake up in strange positions and so stiff I can barely stand. I remember many a nap I took in my mom's hospital room in the "chair from Hell" when she had her hips & knee replaced. I stayed with her for 16 hours a day and we'd eat pretzels from the barrel (we got soooo sick of pretzels we could have turned into one!) and critiqued everyone that walked by the room. It would be a hoot if they had color clashing clothes or funky hair! Mom would even count how many times the same person walked by the room and you'd be surprised how high that count could get!!  :0) But, I was younger then and didn't have the medical ailments and disabilities I have now.  Now, walking down the hall for over 5 minutes completely taxes me out!!!

Alrighty, guess I'll close and finish up my other computer duties before I turn it over to my hubby to use. After all, this is his last computer day for awhile.....poor guy.  I really DO feel for him.

Hope you all are happy and healthy.
I'll keep you posted on our progress.


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