Monday, June 7, 2010

The Saga Continues!

Good afternoon, everyone! I hope this post finds you all happy and as pain-free as possible. I woke up with a lot of numbness in my right foot, alternating with "pins and needles."  The numbness was so bad it felt like I was touching someone else's foot.  VERY weird indeed!!  I also had that happen when I sat on the toilet for too long yesterday. I was so tired, I fell asleep right where I was. It was quiet, dark and I must have been reasonably comfortable to have fallen fast asleep. I woke up with that numbness problem and had to bang my feet on the floor to "wake" them up. I was calling for my dear husband, who was in the next room (our computer room) but he couldn't hear me over the computer.  Go figure! Now who's more important? The wife or the computer? Don't answer that!!!  LOL....

Anyway, true to my word, I'll continue my story where I left off last night. I hope it helps others out there that face the same challenges that I have to face.  It's not easy to have a chronic illness for which you take medications for and then your dad takes that medication from you.  I love him, but I'm just so frustrated with him right now for doing that to me all the time and making me feel guilty or a "bad daughter" if I don't do what he asks. He's very good at pressing my "buttons."  And I fall into it every single time!!

Things DID go good for awhile after Frankie and I moved in and shared expenses with my parents. Sure, there was an adjustment period as it's difficult to blend two families into one and I think my mom and dad were jealous of Frankie at first because of the time he spent with me was time away from them. But we made it work because we had to. My mom couldn't live on just her check and we couldn't afford to pay for two households, let alone our own!  We all cracked down and got used to each other's habits. No use wasting energy on fighting about who left the towel on the floor in the bathroom, or the toilet seat up when we were dealing with much more heavier issues.  My dad.

My dad came from a dysfunctional family. If you look up in the dictionary the term dysfunctional, you'll see a family portrait of the Karchunas klan. IF you could get them all in one room together and have them NOT try to kill each other!  They have lots of mental issues that go way back that I can't even begin to describe it.  My dad has four brothers & one sister and each one has some sort of problem. My dad's dad was a blazing alcoholic. When he died of a pulmonary embolus at age 47, they searched his automotive garage and found beer tucked up all over the place. I can't say I blame him in some grandma Karchunas was some kind of woman.  She never worked a day in her life, never learned how to drive and she actually told me once that her main purpose for having children was so they could grow up to wait on her. Nice.  She was a very paranoid person, kept looking at you out of the corner of her eye. When my mom first met her, she started doing that and mom just looked right back at her.  She was a user, to say the least. When mom would come down from college to see dad, grandma K. would get to her first and ask if she could make a quick run to the bank for some money. Then after the bank, the store. The list went on until mom told her flat out she came here to see her son, NOT her. Mom was called a hussy and kicked out of the house. Dad had followed mom out, carrying a container of chocolate milk and grandma K didn't like that and she followed them out to the porch with a broom and was bonking dad on the head with it.  What a family.

The eldest son did the smart thing and when he graduated from college, he got the hell out of Dodge, so to speak! He lives in Florida to this day. My dad is the second oldest, and he got hooked on pills when he hurt the muscle group in his back on a die cast machine at work. Of course he always would say it was mom's fault for having those types of medication at home after her surgery (hysterectomy.)  Well, excuse her for wanting pain relief after a major abdominal surgery!!!  One of my two uncle's is a raging fact, I'm surprised he's still alive after all these years of boozing and taking pills. My other uncle is very spastic and neurotic. He walks around taking his pulse every two seconds and always talks about how everything is "hassles" and more "hassles." And then my poor aunt....she could have been saved, I think, if she would have been taken out of that unhealthy environment and sent off to boarding school!!  My aunt has two children, both with the same father, aged 13 and 22. It's anyone's guess if they will inherit the Karchunas genes and either be mentally ill or chemically challenged!!

That's my dad's family in a nutshell. A very small nutshell. Like I said, he has a very complex family and no one paragraph could sum them up. Heck, a whole room full of paragraphs couldn't sum them up!!!  So you can see why when we were broke we could never rely on them for help. It would have been nice, since we'd put up with their crap over the years, but I guess we still have to follow the protocol of praising grandma K and making sure her needs came above everyone else's.

Well, my hubby's turn for the computer has come upon me, so I must close and continue again tomorrow. The good, juicy parts are coming up next! It's almost like a mystery novel, isn't it? :0)  Hope you all have a great night and I will continue on tomorrow with the "saga."

Big hugs to everyone one,

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