Saturday, June 12, 2010

Fibro Fog Ramblings

Good evening, everyone! WOW! I cannot believe that my lil' ole blog has grown to have 31 followers on Netblogs and 6 on Google Friends. Thank you so much for taking an interest in my "ramblings." I try not to get too boring, but one thing I've learned with having fibro is that when you have foggy moments, you never know what you are doing or saying! I hate that feeling, as I'm sure all of you that have fibro feel the same way.  If there were two things I could take away from having fibro it would be this: the fibro fog phenomenon and the shin tender points. I don't know about anyone else, but those shin tender points are the WORST!!  When I went to the cardiologist, he does his examination and looks down at my swollen feet and then presses in on both shins, at the same time, with both his thumbs. I about hit the roof! That is sooo tender! Ah, I wish someone would find a cure already for this blasted disease! My life was sure much more simple without it...and cheaper, too. Although I can't complain too much as the state takes care of my medical needs.  Speaking of which, it's my favorite time of year...filling out applications to renew my state insurance plan! Oh, joy, oh bliss....but at least I can do it online now. No more hunching over page over page and filling out the same stuff I filled out last year.

Hope everyone is having a good Saturday. Mine started out with my TENS machine going on the blink. I think it has a short in it, probably all the times it keeps falling out of my pocket. Anyway, I have to keep pounding it in order for it to work and stay working.  Looks like I'll have to get another machine when my husband gets paid. Unfortunately, my insurance isn't covering that part of my treatment, and of course, it's the part of treatment that REALLY works!  But I have no choice but to wait until he gets paid at the beginning of next month to think about getting another one. Drat!  Why do I always have drama surrounding me????

My dad called me this morning and he sounded good. He has his own apartment now and he called Social Security all on his own without me having to remind him to change his address.  He's so proud of his own place and his own furniture. And to think he set it up all on his own.  Maybe Mom and I shielded him too much from the world and it set him back decades. We never trusted him enough to do things on his own and my mom, God bless her soul, was NOT a patient woman. She wanted to do things her way all the time, so sometimes Dad got left out in the cold. MAYBE, just maybe, now that he is on his own, and doing things for himself, that will raise his self esteem and his drug addiction will be more controllable. I hope so. I truly do. He deserves to have some happiness, too, after such tragedy of having Mom just die and leave us so soon, without warning.  In some ways, the end of her life marked the beginning of ours.  We ALL are learning new things, things that Mom always did for us, but now we must do for ourselves.  And that part is good. So there is good that can come out of bad situations.

Nothing much going on this weekend. Our computer is still holding up after the CD shatter disaster that happened the other night.  My sister-in-law is trying to contact the manufacturer to see if they can send the new drive first so we can put that in and take the old one out, only having to open the computer ONCE instead of two times. I think it makes perfect sense. And luckily my sis-in-law can be very persuasive. So give 'em Hell, Sis!!

My hubby and I have the whole house to ourselves for awhile as his parents are away on a casino holiday in Laughlin and Vegas. Sounds fun, doesn't it? And they deserve it, too.  My hubby and I are having fun, too, having time to ourselves and "playing house." We are taking care of their two cute dogs, who miss them terribly and haven't eaten yet for us.  My mother-in-law said that they love scrambled eggs, so we may have to whip up a batch so the doggies will eat.  Boy, oh boy....would they like sausage or bacon with that?  What a life!

That's it for now. We haven't heard from the surgeon yet about Frankie's upcoming surgery. But it's early and he hadn't looked at the films yet taken at the PET scan.  Once he has a "surgery plan" mapped out, he'll set it up and let us know. It'll be good to get this chapter behind us and move on to the next!

You all have a great rest of the weekend and thank you again for following us on our life trail blog.  One thing about life...ours in usually it's always got something going on!!

Stay happy & healthy!
Until next post,

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  1. Bless you, you have alot of inner strength and a talent for writting, maybe you should write your own book :). To an percentage i can understand the daily battles of trying to "do something to make myself feel worth something or to be proud of. Its SO easy to overdo, although my issues are not the same as you, each day brings challenges. Keep the faith. hugsss


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