Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Hello, my dear friends!

Yesterday was such a bomb for me. It all finally came to a head and my poor body just CRASHED!  All the previous week's worries and stress equaled one very, make that exhausted....girl!  I could barely keep my eyes open that when my mother-in-law came in the afternoon to visit my husband at the hospital, she suggested I go home and just go straight to bed. I guess I kept nodding off in the recliner chair and at one point, I just put my head on his bedside table and nodded off there, too.  I THOUGHT I was getting enough sleep at night, but I would come home, get on the computer and start blogging or researching on the 'net or answering emails and get carried away to the point it would be midnight before going to bed. And then with getting up at 5 am, that only gave me 5 hours of sleep. Funny how the body has a way of letting you know when things are NOT enough!! LOL....

So I came home and filled my pill container for the next day, made some fresh Crystal Light drinks for the next day, had a bowl of cereal for dinner, took my pills and went to bed until 9pm. Then I thought, heck, I'll go on the computer for awhile and catch up.  Well, initially I started out alright, but then my mother-in-law was waking me up at midnight as I had fallen asleep at the computer desk!  So I just now woke up at 6am feeling a lot better!  I'm not so cranky now, so that should make my husband's day!!
Speaking of which, yesterday he looked totally FANTASTIC! I took his picture sitting up in the chair to post on the blog, he said that was OK with him if I do that. So here is my keep in mind, he still has the nasogastric tube in as he hasn't passed gas yet. That is ALL we are waiting for. So I guess I have a strange prayer request....for my husband to fart!  Ok, Ok, here is the pic of my brave hubby:

This was taken after his 4 units of blood over the weekend.  Doesn't he look great? I could be a tiny bit prejudiced, but who cares.  I'm just so happy he's sitting up in the chair and out of bed!  He even resumed his walks yesterday.  Today we'll see if he can walk a little farther. It will help to stimulate his colon into working and he can get rid of the nose tube!  Here's another cute picture I took BEFORE his surgery of Jackie and Frankie. They got into this morning routine of snuggling together. I'd wake up to this loud purr and look over and see Jack craddled in Frankie's arm. I couldn't resist a picture. So here is that pic:

Isn't that just precious?  Where do I sign up for Jack's life??????? Thought you might enjoy seeing the two men in my life, as I keep talking about them, it's always nice to have a face to a name.

That pretty much is it so far. Hopefully I have better luck today finding a parking place at the hospital. Yesterday I circled around the lot like a shark about 6 times and couldn't find ONE spot, handicapped or otherwise. Just a few for clergy, and I didn't think I could pull off being a priest or anything, so I resorted to parking on the other side of the hospital near outpatient surgery and hoofing it over to the patient wing of the hospital.  It was quite a walk and by the time I got to my husband's room, I was all red faced and my hair a soggy, sweaty mess.  First thing I told him was, "You have GOT to get OUT of here!!!!"  I may have been a bit crabby.....LOL!

You all have a great day and stay healthy and happy.
Love ya all!
Until next post,
Missy new support group is going FANTASTIC!  We are up to 111 members so far and it's only been about 24 hours since I opened it. I have room for everyone, so if you haven't joined yet and want to, just click on the facebook badge underneath Jesus up top of my page and it will take you right to the support group page. Then you can click "join."  That's it!!!


  1. Hi Missy,
    I am so glad to learn that your husband is doing so much better. Hopefully you can get some rest and start feeling beter as well. I know how hard it can be to go for days at a time not getting enough sleep. Have a wonderful day!

  2. Thank you, Sarah, for leaving a comment. You have a wonderful day, too! :0)

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