Thursday, June 10, 2010

Frankie is A-Okay!!

Howdy, all! First of all, I want to thank each and everyone of you that has sent your prayers & well-wishes to Frankie during this difficult time. He greatly appreciates it and thanks you all for thinking of him.  What happened today at his doctor's appointment was nothing short of a miracle. Isn't God great??

Anyway, we got to his appointment on time, but we waited and waited for about an hour before we got to see Dr. Gordon. They were wheeling some guy out on a stretcher who looked in pretty bad shape, so we thought maybe that is what had him tied up for a while. So we waited some more. Finally, the secretary took some pity on us and lead us back to Dr. Gordon's office area to find out what the problem was. Come to find out, his medical assistant flew the coop and didn't tell anyone where she was going, so Dr. Gordon had NO clue that Frankie and I were waiting to see him! Dr. Gordon comes into the exam room all flustered and apologetic and explains the story to us. We completely understood....and come to find out, the medical assistant had a family emergency with her son. She could have told someone about it, but what do I know???? LOL...

Dr. Gordon takes the PET scan results out of an envelope and Frankie and I both gulp and look at each other. The moment of truth boiled down to a piece of paper inside an envelope!!  Never had such a piece of paper been that important to us!!  Dr. Gordon read the report and showed us the pictures and said that NO new areas were identified on the scans. So only the one centimeter growth was shown as "red" on the PET scan. We breathed collective sighs of relief. No spreading or anything, which is what we feared the most.  Dr. Gordon also stated that Frankie may be able to come off of the Gleevec post-op, depending on what they find out at the time of surgery about what kind of tumor it is. He may need to continue for another year and then go off. But to go from being told back in 2003 that the tumor is huge and he would be on Gleevec forever to now....where the old tumor is NO longer seen on the scans as if it were never there at all...we both didn't know what to say or what to do!!  So now we just wait to hear what the surgeon has in mind and when the surgery is.  I'll keep you all posted.

We come home to have a phone call from my cardiologist telling me that the doctor I had been seeing is NO longer seeing patients in the office, only in the hospital now. So I have to start over with a new doctor!  Oh, well,  I only saw the one doctor once and he left notes in my chart along with my test results, so hopefully everything will work out OK tomorrow for me. Let's keep our fingers crossed and prayers flowing again!!!

Tonight we had a very odd thing happen with our computer. Frankie put in a music CD to listen to and it was just a playing along and all of a sudden, we heard a shattering sound inside the CD drive!  At first we couldn't get the door open, the button was jammed. I jimmied it with a tool, and then we couldn't get the damn door to stay closed! The drive kept coming in and out, each time spitting out chewed up CD onto the carpet. It's all inside the drive, though and it no longer works. So Frankie called tech support and of course, it was after closing hours, so they will give us a call tomorrow. Hopefully not at the same time as my appointment!! What are the chances of THAT?  All it needs is a new drive replaced and it's good as new. So hopefully we can have that taken care of here at home and real quick. I don't want to have to send it takes forever to come back!!!! :(

Well, my eyes can no longer focus and my feet are big as houses, so I'm gonna go to bed and get my feet elevated on my special pillow. Hopefully I'll have a computer to use tomorrow to report on how MY tests and appointment went, but I'll keep you all informed as soon as I can. Hope you each have a happy and well rested night!!!!

I love you all!
Until next post,

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  1. Sharon BallentineJune 11, 2010 at 4:54 PM

    So glad to hear the GREAT news about your husband...Hope this is the start of good things for you both!!
    Thinking of you,
    Sharon Ballentine


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