Saturday, June 19, 2010

Saturday Blahs

Hello, everyone! Today has just been a total wash out for my husband and me.  I totally crashed at about 1pm and took a nap until 5pm. I got up at 6am this morning, but couldn't stay up like I always do, so I had a nap then, too, until 8am. So I've had two naps today and still feel like crapola!  My back is acting up, my right leg has the usual pains going down it and when I put weight on it, that's a whole new level of pain today. My TENS unit is on the fritz...I have to scotch tape it together in order for to work but because I have the tape over it, I can't close the cover, so it looks just absolutely trashy!  I can't wait until my husband gets paid....then I can get a new unit that I don't have to use tape to tape the battery in. I think that is where the short is, at some point where the battery connects to the machine.  Oh, well, at least I'm not banging it on the desk to get it working like I was before.

My husband has NOT been sleeping well at all. We went to the surgeon's appointment yesterday and it was short and sweet. The doctor explained he is going to open Frankie up (using the same incision as the previous three other times...ouch!) and investigate around and get the tumor that is growing there and send it to lab for analysis. We then asked if it would be tested for the mutation markers of GIST and he said that Frankie's oncologist would be in charge of that part of the case. The surgeon said the surgery could go very easy or very hard, depending upon the amount of scare tissue and adhesions from his previous surgeries, last one being in 2004.  So hopefully it will go as planned. He said Frankie would be in the hospital for 7-10 days. I will miss him! But we are going to see if I can stay with him, as a lot of hospitals now are incorporating family into the care plan and allow them to stay in the room on a cot. Frankie did that with me when I was in the hospital last year with that mammoth blood clot!  I found it very comforting, as I had never been in the hospital before and I was put through some radical treatments to get rid of that clot.  It's always a welcome site to have a friendly face waiting for you when you get back to your room.  He was such a sweetie (as usual) to me during that time, that I'd be thrilled if I could help him out in that way, too.  He really IS scared and nervous about this. But at least this time, he is going into the surgery healthier than he was before. Before he had a blood count of 3, multiple transfusions, and was bleeding out quicker than they could put it back in.
We both just can't wait until it's over.  So during that time- the 24th of June to the 4th of July-when he gets out, I may not be able to update the blog as much as I'd like. But I will keep you posted as soon as I possibly can.  I promise!!

My fibro has been feeling this stress and tension, no doubt. My thighs are stinging, I'm just exhausted that even walking to the bathroom tires me out, and I've been sleeping so much and getting no where.  I'm taking all my medications, but they are not helping right now. I think it's just tension and stress. I want my husband to be OK.....I waited so long to meet him, love him & marry him, I will fight for all I'm worth to keep him with me on this Earth! Sorry if I sound morbid, that is just how I feel right now!!!!  Nothing, not cancer especially, is taking Frankie away from me!!

So we both have been walking around at night like two ghosts, not sure what to do, but knowing we can't sleep at this time. I keep trying to get him to talk to me, but he says he's "fine."  Men! They sure aren't like women....most like to talk about everything under the sun! 

We did absolutely nothing today. Last night I fiddled with my blog again, trying out new lay-outs and looks and I keep coming back to the same one.  Well, the wallpaper has stripes on it instead of bursts of color bars, but other than that, it's the same. I changed my page hit counter, too. As I visit other blogs, I see what they have on theirs and think, "hey, that sounds like a great idea!" and then investigate the "widget" and try it out on my blog.  I'm very competitive, aren't I?  Hehehehe.......

Hope this post finds you happy and healthy and enjoying your weekend. "Fibromites", hope you don't have a flare-up this weekend. I hope you can enjoy what life hands you. I hope the pain is what you can bear and no more. For my other friends that don't have  FM, keep happy and healthy and understanding of those of us that do have the disease. That is half the battle right there. We need your support more than ever and it is a true blessing to get it from a valued friend or family member without having to even ask for it. :0)

Until next post,


  1. Sharon BallentineJune 19, 2010 at 8:41 PM

    Sorry you're having a bad time right now and hope that you're both able to find a way to let go of the worry and get some much needed rest. I know-thats easier said than done and I've been there myself. Just know that I am one of many who are thinking of you and sending healing prayers your way for both of you. Soft hugsand strong prayers to you both. Sharon

  2. Thank you, Sharon, from both me & my husband. We appreciate your prayers & support. God bless you!

    Missy & Frankie

  3. Hi Missy,

    Thank you for stopping by my blogfrog community. I'm now following your blog. I'm sorry to hear that you're flaring...but (please forgive me) I'm kinda glad to know that I'm not the only one. I have been thinking that is was just me, just doing too much at the same time. I'm working (about 30 hours a week) at a local restaurant (insane, I know) and besides that my husband and I are house hunting. We've been married a year and a half, and have lived most of that time with his parents. It is finally time for us to be on our own (the sooner the better). So, needless to say, I'm exhausted, and in more pain then I care to admit (my boss/owners don't know that I have fibro). Ok, I'm done whining now...I'm so glad to "meet" you, and am praying for you and your husband. soft hugs and lots of prayers!

    Amy (aka. Éimí)

    feel free to check out my bloggy homes

    Much Love!


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