Wednesday, June 16, 2010

It's Been One Of Those Days...

Howdy, ho, everyone! Before I start in on today's happenings, I just want to say one thing.....WOW! And I'll say some more things.....THANK YOU!  I'm talking about my new Facebook blog fan page I started just yesterday and already, I've got 101 fans. Yippee! I never dreamed it possible that people would actually come and read my utterings and actually enjoy them!! So thank you everyone for your support of my blog and now my blog's fan page. I had NO clue, absolutely none, when I started the fan page how to do it. But Facebook made it relatively painless and all I did was supply the information for the page and they took care of the HTML coding and so forth. Thank God!  Because had that been left up to me, well, let's just say the page would be floating out in cyberspace somewhere, invisible to the human eye!!  And, I just want to say that ANYONE is welcome on that page. Share your stories, photos, links, videos, anything appropriate that you like. It's not JUST for "fibromites" but also for related diseases. And it's a place where caregivers can vent and "fibromites" can meet others like themselves and not feel alone. I remember just being diagnosed with this stupid disease that I couldn't even pronounce, let alone begin to understand, and just feeling like I was the only person that understood what I was going through.  Although we all are different and may suffer in different ways, we can all be alike in sharing how we feel about how we feel.  Does that make sense?  It's been a long, hooooooot day!!

I had my doctor appointment with my primary care doc today and I told her my sad story about the profuse sweating. With summer on top of us and it being 104 today in Phoenix, I thought it appropriate to see if there was anything she could do for me, besides hose me down every five seconds! LOL. I told her I met a person on Facebook that has profuse sweating and she was started on some medication that was supposed to work with that. She said she would let me know how it worked. Haven't heard back yet from her, but it doesn't matter now because when I told my doctor, she said yes, she has heard of the medication (wouldn't tell me the name, darn it...she knows me too well!) and no, I couldn't take it. She explained that with my health history and having the diabetes and hypertension, she WANTS me to sweat. She said I would run into a lot of problems if I DIDN'T sweat. Damn! Wouldn't you know, I have to put up with this sweating on purpose!!
I also told her about what the cardiologist said and he recommended the lap-band procedure and would send medical clearance to her for that. So that is what I have next, is the lap-band procedure. As soon as clearance comes on that from my insurance, I'm set to go. I'm hoping that as I lose a lot of weight, I won't need surgery on my back. Wishful thinking, huh? Well, everyone has to have a dream......what's YOUR dream?

After the appointment we turned in my prescriptions to Walgreens and headed for the library to turn in what was left of the music CD's we checked out and to explain the story why one CD was missing as it's in a zillion shattered pieces inside the computer's CD drive. My dear, sweet brother-in-law and his beautiful wife (yep, that would be my sis!) came over last night and so kindly took out the old drive. When he moved it around, you could hear the shards of CD roll around inside there. The drive was TRASHED!  My brother-in-law tried to get the computer manufacturer to send the new drive now so he would only need to open the computer take the old out and put in the new...but no, that just would be too simple. Plus, they were going to charge him for it until they got the old drive and then credit his account back.  He said no way and I don't blame him. So our computer is CD driveless right now. Poor baby. My sis is going to mail the drive in for us at her work. Isn't she the sweetest? :0) And at least the rest of the computer is workable. Our world would just end if we didn't have a computer!!!  We are both so hooked, it's unbelievable!!

After the library, we picked up my prescriptions and then stopped for some milk. By the time we got home, my feet were screaming at me and swollen, my calves were all tight and I looked like I came from SEVERAL showers and didn't towel off for any of them! I love summer in AZ...why did I move from beautiful Lake Michigan to desert lands and temps that probably rival hell????  It just makes NO sense to me. I'm a water baby and haven't been swimming in so long, I couldn't even tell you where my suit is. Probably in San Antonio with the rest of our crap.  When we finally get our stuff back, we'll need to hire a cleaning crew to get rid of the giant sized dust bunnies that are probably all over our stuff! :0)

So, I sit down at the computer to write this entry, and the 'net is acting funky. The pages half load if they load at all, and my photo slide show underneath the title picture on the first page of this blog doesn't download. I hope it's just a temporary thing. I'll check it tomorrow and if it still doesn't download, then bye-bye slide show!  I think I'll go and put my swollen feet up and read for awhile. At least with a book, you're pretty safe in assuming that you won't have problems downloading the pages or having it crash on you....unless if you fall asleep and it crashes to the floor. Can't tell you how many times I've had that happen!!!

Hope you all are cool, happy & healthy. We still haven't heard about Frankie's surgery yet, but I'm not too worried about it yet. I'd rather him have it when his parents are back from Las Vegas. And so far, it looks like I'll get my wish. Finally!!

Until next post,

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