Saturday, June 26, 2010

An Even BIGGER Ouch!

Howdy, everyone!

I just got a phone call from my husband from the hospital and he sounded so scared and lonely.  He's got the nasogastric tube in, so it's kind of hard to understand him. He sounds like he's talking under water most of the time. He says the tube irritates his throat. No doubt about that!  They can't take the tube out until his bowel sounds return, which can take 3-5 days. And his colon is slow anyway because of the previous three bowel surgeries, so it may take even longer for him. They just removed his urinary catheter, though, so he is moving up in the world! He's hooked up to an IV and a pain pump. They had to increase his pain medications yesterday because the pain is just still so bad for him.  And they added the pain pump, so he can take care of "dosing" himself by clicking a button. Pretty nifty, huh? So no waiting for the nurse to give him his pain shot. The surgeon had to remove a lot of scar tissue remaining from his other surgeries and then cut through the six groups of abdominal muscles, so no doubt he feels like he's been sawed in half!!!  I just feel so badly for him, I wish I could take it on for him.  I truly hope this is the last surgery for him.  No more GIST, no more AVM, please, God!

I'm going to go up to the hospital even earlier today and stay all day with him. I debated staying the night last night and even though there's a nice recliner in there, it isn't THAT nice where I can get a good night sleep. And I wouldn't be able to use my pillow wedge, so my back would be killing me. So my hubby and I decided I would stay with him in the day and come home at night to sleep.  That way I can be more of a help to him when he's up walking and his activities of daily living.  I can't be of any help to him if myself is in flare-up!  So I am taking care of myself by taking my meds, drinking lots of liquids and getting some rest.  I wouldn't say plenty, but I am sleeping some.  What fibro patient gets plenty of rest? LOL.....

Just wanted to update you all on Frankie's progress. He did get two walks in yesterday, so today we'll try for three. He's slow going, but doing well despite the pain and nausea he sometimes gets. 

Thank you for all the well-wishes, thoughts and prayers. We really appreciate it!  I have never, ever found such a sweet group of people as you guys and gals.  Love ya all!!!!

Until next post,


  1. Prayer for you and frankie. geesh, think its about time you both get some good news. Iam sending you some strenght as i know you can use all you can get, please take care of yourself to missy we dont need you feeling worse! gentle hugs from a distance, your in my thoughts. bless you both, speedy recovery frankie, you got one hell of a women!! R0se

  2. Thanks, Rose, for your kind comments. You are right, it IS time to get some good news for a change! :0)
    Hugs back at ya!
    Missy & Frankie

  3. Hi Missy,

    Came in from BlogFrog..The very intention of your blog is so touching and inspirational. Thank you for writing down everything!

    My prayers with you and your family. And heartfelt good wishes to you all :)


  4. Well, thank you, Pavithra! I appreciate your comment. I hope you enjoy my blog! :0)


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