Thursday, June 17, 2010

We Have A Date....

.....a surgery date, that is!  I wish it could any other kind of date, but unfortunately for the past 7 years this has been our life. My husband and I are being shuttled off from doctor to doctor and procedures and surgeries to boot!  Out of ALL the days in June they could have chosen to pick for Frankie's surgery, guess which day it is? ON MY 40TH BIRTHDAY!! So on June 24th I'll be sitting in some surgical waiting room with my family waiting for the surgeon to come out and tell us how it went. Oh, sigh. It wasn't like I had a big party planned, or any for that matter. I just was feeling a little low because my mom is not here to celebrate my 40th with me. It's like a milestone and she is missing it. I think the hardest thing for me to deal with regarding her death is that the fact that her life stopped July 8, 2008, yet mine must go on without her. For the most part, I'm over the bad grieving I went through right when she died. I think of all the happy memories we had now, instead of how sick she was when she died. I can look at pictures of her and listen to songs she loved. But every now and then....something creeps up, like my 40th birthday fast approaching, and my heart aches so badly because she is gone.  But, on the positive side, my in-laws have so completely filled the void inside me and made me want to live again after my mom died. I can't thank them enough for being patient with me and guiding me along the right path...and for giving me a home to live in!!  So many thank you, Schranz family...ALL of you for all you have done for me. My mom would definitely be smiling down from Heaven at all the nice things you've done for me.

OK, so I got so totally off the subject!!!  Sorry about that! Tomorrow at 2pm Frankie and I go to the surgeon's office to talk about what will be done. I'm very anxious to hear and have lots of questions. I want to make sure they test that tumor for everything they can test it for. And hopefully the Gleevec is still working. My husband and I have a hard time with stopping it altogether. We will be having lots of talks with the oncologist about that one!  The oncologist in Tucson a few years back told us that if he ever stopped the Gleevec, the tumor would not only return, but be MORE aggressive!  So I definitely have a lot of questions!!!  I'll let you know how the appointment goes tomorrow.

Hope you all are having a good rest of the week. I'm gonna go get my feet up. They are sooooo swollen, I can't even bend them. So walking is definitely a challenge, I tell you!  My toes look like 10 fat little piggies!!  I hate this swelling and to think I'm on 40mg of Lasix a day. If I didn't take that, who knows how bad my feet would be!!

Have a good night and I love ya all!
Stay happy and healthy!
Until next post,


  1. You do a wonderful job. You really put your heart into it and into everything you do. Your loving husband, Frankie.

  2. So everyone doesn't think I commented on myself, (LOL!) just wanted to let you know that my husband did the comment and didn't log me off first. :0)

    Thanks, hon. I love you, too!!


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