Friday, June 4, 2010

A Little Good News This Time

Howdy, everyone! Just wanted to write real quick and let you know how Frankie's test turned out. We've had a really long day and both of us are exhausted, but it turned out OK. The surgeon came out and talked with me while Frankie was in the recovery area and he said that his stomach was completely clean, didn't see a tumor or mass anywhere. This had had happened once before, when we very first got to Phoenix after my mom died. Frankie was having some problems swallowing and he told the primary doctor, who then referred him out to the gastro-intestinal specialist who then did an EGD...the test where they take a scope that has a camera on the end and put it in your mouth, down your throat and into your stomach and portions of the small intestine.  At that time, he had a CT scan that showed a "shadow" in his stomach, so they did the EGD to confirm as we thought the GIST was coming back. BUT, at that time like this time right now, it was a false alarm and they couldn't find anything then, either. Thank God above!!!!

Now we wait for the PET scan results and then he will be scheduled for surgery to have the little tumor removed from his small intestine and biopsied for cancer. Keep your fingers crossed that Frankie will dodge the bullet again and miss having a relapse. That would be absolutely fantastic!!!!

Oh, and I drove us home without glitch....after my mother-in-law and I  found him! We were told the wrong suite number, so when we came, we parked in the lot by the outpatient clinic. He was going to the endoscopy lab, though, and we had to hike it to the hospital and of course, my walker was at home as I forgot to put it back into the trunk after our shopping expedition last night!!  I made it, though, and when he was ready to go home, my mother-in-law and me hiked it back out through the hospital and the outpatient clinic and got the car. Then, we couldn't find the main entrance. After a little comedy of errors, we did find Frankie and as I went past, he was in the wheelchair waiting for us and he gave me a little wave.  He's so sweet!!!

My legs are killing and it's Frankie's turn for the computer so I'll close this post. I hope you all are doing well and are happy.

Until next post,

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